This Photograph Of A Dirty Potato Sold For $1.5 Million


Potatoes rule. You can make virtually anything with one. This includes hash browns, french fries and even electricity. Because the potato is so cheap, you can pretty much get them in bulk for a low price. So a photo of an uncooked potato should go for even less, right?

Turns out, one potato picture sold for more than $1 million.

World famous photographer Kevin Absoch took a photo of a lumpy Irish potato. While the potato itself is pretty basic, the photograph is pretty stunning. Set to Absoch’s signature style of a single light source upon a black background, the potato almost looks mesmerizing.

The Sunday Times reports that Abosch was having lunch with a businessman and after a few drinks said he wanted to buy Absoch’s starchy picture. A payment of $1.5 million later and the businessman owned one of three copies of the photograph.

Abosch’s credentials include 21 Jump Street heartthrob Johnny Depp, Hook’s Dustin Hoffman and the late-great King Koopa Dennis Hopper.

Fast Food

How Domino’s Thanked A Customer For Returning A $1,300 Mistake


We all make mistakes sometimes, especially when working in the food industry. A Domino’s driver in Berkeley, CA, left two stacks of cash totalling $1,300 in a chicken wings box he had planned to deliver to the bank. Instead, the box was mistakenly given to a customer.

The customer, Mike Vegas, took his order of pizza and wings inside to snack on. After about a slice, he was full and decided to stow his food away for later.

While at work later that night, Vegas began to notice that his phone was ringing nonstop. Because he was working, he didn’t answer the numerous calls. Upon his return home, Vegas opened his fridge and was met with $1,300 in cash.

Guess who kept trying to call him?

He immediately took a picture and posted it on Facebook to hear the opinions of his friends and family.

When you order Dominoes Pizza and instead of wings you get cash…..#doihavetogiveitback #ihavetotakeitback #karmatest #dominoespizza

Posted by Mike Vegas on Saturday, September 19, 2015

Ultimately, Vegas returned the money to the Domino’s store. So what reward could merit such honesty?

Because he returned the money, the store manager of the Domino’s gave Vegas free pizza for a year. That’s gotta add up to $1,300 if you play your cards right.

Photo: Facebook


Why 2013 is the Year to Do Away With ‘Cash Only’

There has been more than a few times in my life that I stepped up to a counter to order food only to find out that they only accepted cash. Is there anything more disappointing? So much of a good meal is the anticipation that comes with it. Waiting in line to order, watching your food cook in a pan, sitting with your friends salivating over everyone else’s order. But all of that anticipation can be turned to disappointment at the sight of one of those god-awful “Cash Only” signs.

So, do I think the movement for some food establishments, like TRU Deli and Wine in North Carolina, to stop accepting cash and only cards is a good one? Sure I do. And here’s why: Nearly everyone who chooses to go out to eat carries some type of card, whether credit or debit. Will it alienate some potential consumers? Maybe, but probably not. Even if you show up and learn that they are card only, you’re not left high and hungry like being cashless at a cash only debacle.

TRU Deli’s owner, Dwight Debree, chooses to use the San Francisco based company Square as his company’s card reader, and says that not using cash has sped up the ordering and serving process. He also says that though there is a fee that goes along with only using cards, the money is more than made back through the increased efficiency.

Will all restaurants adopt this trend? Obviously, no. But should they? Hell ya! Carrying cash is so 2012.

H/T QSR + PictureThx ROQBOT