This Humble Deli Is Also A Living Sketchbook Featuring Artwork From Famous Cartoonists

Nestled amongst some of the film and entertainment industry’s most celebrated animation studios, lies a deli that exalts the illustrators who bring to life many of the beloved cartoon characters seen on televisions all across the planet.

Moore’s Delicatessen in Burbank, CA, offers a canvas for these artists to express themselves through their natural talents — by letting them draw directly on its walls.

The deli is run by Robert Moore, a former executive chef for Dodgers Stadium and the Staples Center. During his time as an executive chef, Moore found that working with huge customer volume and millions of dollars in sales burnt him out.

He wanted to start his own smaller, more intimate, enterprise.

“I always wanted my own deli, and I came across a picture of Moore’s Delicatessen that my grandparents owned back in 1946 in San Francisco,” he said. “Then this opportunity came along and now my dream had come true.”

That opportunity was a space in Burbank, and after scraping the money together, Moore opened his own Moore’s Delicatessen, inspired by his grandparents’ former business.

Walking into the dining area of Moore’s Deli, guests are immediately transported inside a magical sketchbook: The walls of the deli are garnished with drawings from animators who hail from neighboring studios, illustrating characters they’ve put on television or simply a creative doodle they want to share with the deli.

“Originally the walls were just white,” Moore explained. “We used to be open in the evenings, and the animators from Adventure Time would show up and they’d watch their new episodes air back in 2011.”

Moore recalled he would see the professionals doodle on napkins and had the idea to give them some Sharpies and let them draw on the walls. With those literal strokes of genius, Moore’s infamous cartoonist wall began gradually evolving into a living sketchbook over the course of the decade.

Even the late Stephen Hillenburg, creator of the prolific animated series SpongeBob Squarepants, would frequent Moore’s Deli about once a week.

“He loved the tempeh sandwich,” Moore recalled. “He always ate very healthy.” One of the wall’s earliest sketches was from Hillenburg himself, an illustration of Patrick Star.

Moore’s always open to artists and animators adding more to his wall, though he has just one condition before you put pen to plaster.

“You have to get a paycheck, probably,” he laughed, explaining that he would prefer the wall space be reserved for professional animators. Moore says that parents would come in and let their kids draw all over the walls in the earlier days, and he would have to paint over it in order to keep the professional aesthetic.

Today, artists are still frequenting the deli from nearby studios and Moore says that one of his favorite things about coming into work is finding additions to his wall. He welcomes all to visit and take in the creativity that flows through that dining room.

The pastrami reuben is pretty good, too.

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90s Cartoons and Cereal Pairings: A Classy Affair

Cartoons and cereal are sacred to any kid. They’re the closest thing little, funny human beings have to cuisine and culture. Now, consider the art form that is blending, enhancing the ultimate experience of childhood. Here now are cartoon and cereal pairings to class it up a bit.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles / Fruit Loops


Photos: Pinterest and Foodbeast

This celebrated study of color and individualism exemplifies what it means be unique while working well as part of a group. Cherish the component and the whole in this brilliant pairing of singularity as a means of teamwork.


X-Men / Crunch Berries


Photos: The AV Club and Walmart

Among the bland beiges of life, there are fascinating, extraordinary pops of added color and extra flavor. Experience the theory with nearly all your senses and philosophize what would be if only the feverish humans of this series could see the beautiful balance and perfect harmony of this cereal. The pairing makes for a delicious metaphor.


Rugrats / Honey Nut Cheerios


Photos: PRI and Soap

A cereal your parents also ate for a show your parents also watched, this combination explores the relationship of parent-child. A fragile dance of senses, it bounces with enough flavor to be a treat, but mellows with enough restraint to be sensible.


Doug / Life


Photos: Huffington Post and Serious Eats

Elevate your nature with a character study that essentially asked you to understand the intricacies of life. The show’s muted color palette and healthy outlook pairs well with this thoughtful, mature cereal, making it a pairing for the ages.


Rocko’s Modern Life / Reese’s Puffs


Photos: Polygon and Relish

Go beyond the scope of everyday humdrum with a show you couldn’t believe your parents let you watch and a cereal you couldn’t believe they let you eat. Together, off-the-chart flavor and just enough “out there” will have you feeling lifted, as if you’re getting away with something you shouldn’t.


The Magic School Bus / Alpha-Bits


Photos: Google Play and Wal-mart

Focus is key in this coupled adventure of tutelage. Improving our knowledge and revitalizing our senses is what we should strive for each and every day. Here, feed your stomach as much as your brain by learning while snacking and viewing.


Hey Arnold! / Chex


Photos: Hello Giggles and Wal-mart

Follow your spoon as an extension of your heart with this quaint reflection of urban upbringing. The show proved that no matter who you are, you are welcomed. Celebrate individualism by picking one of the flavors of the family — Rice, Honey Nut, Cinnamon, Wheat, and Chocolate among them — that best encapsulates who you are, where you’re going, and what you’ll be someday.


The Weekenders / Rice Krispie Treats


Photos: Disney Wiki and PicClick

A study in cool, this program carries every interest in you living up to the level of steez you’ve always known you had in you, whether on the surface or deep down. Triumph over any doubt by eating the cereal so cool that it’s just as good as a milkless snack.


Pokémon / Lucky Charms


Photos: Otaku Dome and PopSugar

Keep on the lookout for the best part of your world, whether it’s fierce creatures or marshmallows. There’s no such thing as kind of trying here. In this evaluation of what you have and what you want, you’ll investigate the satisfaction of (finally) catching them all.


Batman: The Animated Series / Count Chocula


Photos: Comic Vine and Cerealously

A moody pairing, these two celebrate dark tones and darker themes that you’ll be all too willing to embrace. These tasty concoctions make for a tastier combination that also makes you think. Welcome your most pensive nature.


Recess / Cinnamon Toast Crunch


Photos: Black Nerd Problems and General Mills

Matched with a structured audio/visual presentation of what we know to be childhood, this cereal was the quintessential breakfast choice of the cabinet or pantry. It was the one we could all agree on as kids, paired with a show that pointed out the wild subtleties of playground politics.

Celebrity Grub

This Is The Pizza Homer Simpson Prefers The Most


Which do you prefer: New York or Chicago-style pizza? The question has presented itself to many food enthusiasts over the years. Now, an iconic figure has decided to weigh in on the age-old pie question.

The Simpsons‘ very own Homer Simpson recently picked a side when it comes to the best pizza around. After years on the air, the long-running show finally did a live episode with different variations for both the East and West Coast.

Viewers were able to ask the animated character live questions and get responses in real time. One question, asked by East Coast fan George Quiroga, was whether Homer preferred Chicago or New York-style pizza.

His response, in typical Homer Simpson fashion, was:

” I prefer Chicago deep dish because I like Italian better than Chinese.”

Homer’s voice actor, Dan Castellaneta, hails from Illinois which is probably why Homer leans more towards the Windy City rather than the Big Apple.

We were always curious how the show would tackle a live episode. Now we know. Check out the clip from the “Simprovised” episode. The question starts at the 1:22 mark.

Cover Photo: FOX + YouTube


This Awesome Dad Uses Coffee Mugs To Turn His Kids Into Superheroes


Some dads just know how to have fun with their kids. Threadless’ Lance Curran uses coffee mugs with a collection of characters from popular culture to cover his kids faces.

In what he called his “Breakfast Mugshot” series, Curran turns his kids into iconic figures from comic books, movies and television. Characters include popular Marvel and DC superheroes and kids cartoon characters.

Check out some of the hilarious posts below or follow his Instagram for more.


A photo posted by Lance Curran (@wearecareful) on



A photo posted by Lance Curran (@wearecareful) on



A photo posted by Lance Curran (@wearecareful) on


A photo posted by Lance Curran (@wearecareful) on


A photo posted by Lance Curran (@wearecareful) on


This Stay at Home Mom Creates The Most Adorable Bentos You Ever Did See


We wish our mom was this cool. Singapore based stay-at-home mother, Li Ming, has been whipping up charabens, or character bentos, since 2011. She started packing these adorable lunches as a way to cheer up her older son when he started elementary school. Cue the “awws”.

Ming draws her lunch inspiration from video games, books, and even movies. Besides character bentos, she also makes character based dishes such as Totoro Cream Puffs, Bear Pizza, or even the Spam Pig Pita as seen below.

Almost to adorable to nom on, these insanely darling dishes can be made at home with Ming’s tutorials found on her website, Bento Monsters. Peep more of Ming’s cute creations below.



H/T Laughing Squid + PicThx Bento Monsters


UPDATE: Real Life Krusty Krab Construction Progresses Beautifully


We posted a while back that a real-life version of Spongebob Squarepants’ Krusty Krab was being built in Palestinian city of Ramallah. Within a few weeks since their last photo update, the official Facebook has posted their progress and we have to admit, it’s coming along quite nicely. We now have a look at the inside of the restaurant closing in on its final stages of development.


In late June, the restaurant had only the signature framework of the iconic Krusty Krab along with a few other signature marks (flags and window net) that confirmed this was real. Now, the restaurant has come to life with color decor inspired by the television show it’s based on. From the red, yellow and blue tables to the cash register boat, the Krusty Krab is starting to look like it’s jumped out of the TV screen. Mr. Krab’s desk is even set up in the restaurant for what will probably be a photo opportunity for visitors.


H/T + Picthx Krusty Krab, SpongeBob Wikia


6 Terrifying Celebrity Frankenfoods

Bready-Murphy Danny-Dorito-Art Flanye-West-Art Okra-Winfrey Stephen-Colpeart Tuna-Fey

Picthx Scrotumnose


How the In-N-Out Double Double Ruined This Man’s Life [COMIC]


To say Mike Royer of Pickled Comics loved In-N-Out is an understatement. The love between this man and an In-N-Out Double Double became so great that Mike decided to create a cartoon chronicling the epic tale of his discovery of the California burger chain. What started off as a glorious encounter quickly turned obsessive and downright ruinous.

On the bright side, it makes for a pretty awesome comic that proves as a cautionary tale for those of you hell-bent on In-N-Out morning, noon and night. Check out Mike’s brilliant work below and keep reading on for a quick interview with Foodbeast.

DD 02


DD 03


DD 04


DD 05


DD 06


DD 07


DD 08


How much of this comic is based on your actual experience with In-N-Out?

Well the deep deep love for The Double Double conveyed in the comic is very real. But luckily, the burger has yet to put me out on the streets. Though, it is truly hard to not think about how many burgers I could get for the price of one movie ticket in Los Angeles.

Do you still eat In-N-Out or are you completely cold turkey?

I live in Los Angeles so the temptation is all around me. But when friends come to town I always use their visit as an excuse to drop in on In-N-Out. I guess I shouldn’t be calling them friends anymore. I think I’m suppose to call them enablers.

Are you still with your girlfriend?

She’s actually going to marry me now haha! I made sure the ring was big enough to distract her whenever I suggest In-N-Out for dinner.

When did you officially hit rock bottom?

I had some of my engagement photos taken at In-N-Out with my fiancée not too long ago. I think it’s safe to say some may consider that rock bottom.

When did you start drawing cartoons? What are your influences?

I officially started making Pickled Comics around the middle of 2013 but some of my best work resides in spiral bound notebooks from middle school. Page after page of little stick figures battling out to the death. Ok, so maybe not my best work. I grew up reading Fox Trot and Calvin and Hobbes. So Bill Amend and Bill Watterson have been a huge influence on my entire life. But in the end it was The Oatmeal and Matthew Inman that motivated me to start putting my work on the internet.

Have you’ve ever heard/had a Monkey Style Burger?

Does eating Animal Fries and a Double Double so fast they appear to merge into one entity count? The secret menu is my bucket list. It’s only a matter of time!


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