Someone Recreated The Nasty Patty From ‘Spongebob’ And It Went Viral

Fans of SpongeBob Squarepants may remember the first appearance of the Nasty Patty, a disgusting burger designed by the titular SpongeBob and his boss Mr. Krabs to fend off a fake health inspector trying to score free food. A creative individual decided to turn the grotesque menu item into a real-life burger, complete with the same visually nauseating aesthetic.

SpongeBob fan Danny Jay Do posted on his Facebook a side-by-side shot of his Nasty Patty. Do made a turkey burger he crusted in pea snap crumbs and topped it with a goat cheese and garlic aioli, a pea turkey gravy, Swiss chard veins and leaves, and sandwiched everything in between cranberry brioche buns baked by his sister.

Definitely a far cry from the original set of ingredients: Volcano sauce, seahorse radish, toenail clippings and fried with old gym socks.

Posted last Friday, the image went viral, garnering more than a thousand reshares through the platform. Do even went as far as shouting out viral YouTube pop culture chef Binging with Babish hoping the creator would have eyes on the sandwich.

Fingers crossed, my friend. Wonder if this talented young man has any other burger creations in the books?

Feature Image Courtesy of @DannyDoIt

Subway Worker Created An Animated Video Detailing His Experience There And It’s Amazing

Anyone who’s worked in food definitely has stories to tell. Between interacting with customers to all the their stuff that happens on a late-night shift. We’ve yet to meet someone in quick-service food that doesn’t have at least one good tale.

YouTuber theodd1sout comic created an awesome video narrating his experience as a Subway Sandwich Artist. The hilarious animation chronicles his day-to-day tasks and a few stories of some of the crazy things that happened to him while he was working a shift.

Check it out. Hopefully his sequel that’s solely bad customer interactions comes out soon.

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New Animated Carl’s Jr. Commercial Feature Adult Swim’s Rick & Morty


When season 2 of Rick and Morty ended, we had some major withdrawals from the popular Adult Swim cartoon. During the finale of the second season, it was addressed that fans wouldn’t see the third for at least a year change.

Adult Swim, apparently partnered with Carl’s Jr., released this 30-second commercial highlighting the fast food chain’s line of burgers. Specifically, the new Tex-Mex Burger.

The burger features a charbroiled Black Angus beef patty topped with fire-roated poblano peppers and onions, tomatoes, lettuce, pepper jack cheese and Applewood-smoked bacon. It’s dressed with a spicy Santa Fe sauce and served on Carl’s Fresh Baked Buns.

For those itching for a brand-new season of Rick and Morty, however, this short burger commercial might be the closest thing we’ll get for a while.


This Is South Park’s Controversial Song About Yelpers [NSFW]

South Park Yelp

Love them or hate them, Yelpers have established themselves as talked-about figures in the restaurant industry. In last night’s episode of South Park, the restaurant-reviewing community became the highlight of food heavy episode.

The ever-growing supply of Yelpers became a major concern for the restaurants in the recently flourishing mountain town. Leading the charge of Yelpers, of course, was none other than Eric Cartman.

We won’t give away any more, but this one was definitely worth watching.

The episode concluded with a controversial song that’s sure to become a legend in the history of the series. Needless to say, it’s definitely not safe for work.


Adorable Short Illustrates The Relationship Between Coffee And Poop


Have you ever wondered the science behind drinking coffee and having to go to the bathroom soon afterwards? Discovery News created an adorable cartoon short detailing the relationship between coffee and bowel movements.

Essentially, coffee helps release gastrin in the body which stimulates the colon. The video, however, will explain the rest in a much more whimsical way.

Check it out below.

Why Does Coffee Make You Poop?Coffee is a great way to wake you up, and it’s also a great way to keep you regular. What’s so special about coffee that it makes you poop?—–For a collection of all our videos, check out TestTube Video!

Posted by Discovery News on Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Sailor Moon Tortilla Chips Are the Perfect Snack for Fighting Evil by Moonlight

sailor moon chips

Your favorite Sailor Scouts just got snackified.

Japanese snack company, Koikeya, has teamed up with the Sailor Moon franchise to create Sailor Senshi-themed tortilla chips. Japan is known for its unique palate when it comes to snacks, so it’s not too surprising that this inner senshi-licious lineup features flavors such as Avocado Cream Cheese, Bagna Cauda (an Italian hot dip made of butter, garlic and anchovies) and Balsamico Grilled Pork.

The tortilla chip packaging will feature the latest reboot of the 20-year-old anime, Sailor Moon Crystal, and features each of the five scouts and Tuxedo Mask. Collectors, this means there’s a total of 18 bags that you can try to get your hands on.

With over 200 episodes, 18 volumes of manga and new Sailor Moon Crystal episodes premiering every other week, we’re sure these themed snacks are the perfect way to watch your Sailor Moon and eat it too.

H/T RocketNews 24 + PicThx Eater


Serving Size Be Damned

serving size all 4 me

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The Last Meal


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