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A Schwifty First Look At Rick And Morty’s Ice Cream Pop-Up

It’s been brutal waiting for the fourth season of the cult animated series Rick and Morty to arrive. Luckily, fans of the franchise will have something to tide themselves over with until the Cartoon Network show’s inevitable return.

Immensely popular ice cream chain Afters Ice Cream has announced that December 1 will be the start of their Rick and Morty pop-up. The collaboration will feature two unique ice cream flavors based on the series, clothing, merchandise, and in-store decor at all 25 Southern California locations.

Here’s your first look at this weekend’s launch:

Caramel Portal Ice Cream

Boasts a Rick and Morty interdimensional portal. The green-colored caramel ice cream houses dehydrated marshmallow, and green apple popping isotope candy.

Dark Matter Brownie Batter

A black brownie batter that’s topped with brownie bites and black galaxy sparkle sugar.

Last August, Afters co-founder Scott Nghiem revealed on The Katchup Podcast, the plans to collaborate with Rick and Morty. If you haven’t given the most downloaded episode of the Foodbeast podcast ever, it’s a good one to jump into the series on.

The first 50 customers to arrive for the 6 p.m. launch and purchase the ice cream, will receive a free Afters Ice Cream/Rick and Morty T-shirt.

There will also be an interactive Rick and Morty experience, exclusive to the Pasadena location.

Not gonna lie, when we heard about this pop-up, we were hoping for a “Pickle Rick” flavor. Ah well, maybe at the next collab.


14 Instances of Bacon Pancake Foodporn


“Bacon pancakes, makin’ bacon pancakes” are five words that sing to my soul like a childhood lullaby. “Adventure Time” fans know this song all too well, as Jake the Dog made the concept famous after he put together a concoction with two of his all-time favorite foods, and gleefully serenaded his meal.

If you’re as excited as I am that Season 4 of “Adventure Time” was officially released on Blu-Ray and DVD Tuesday, you’ll find that one of the cooler things on the extras is a behind-the-scenes look at how “Bacon Pancakes” became a thing.

Hell, that was a perfect enough excuse for me to get to the newsroom, stare at bacon pancake photos for a good 20 minutes and eventually decide that I shouldn’t be greedy with my foodporn addiction.

So here are 14 of the most bacon-y, mouth-watering, Jake-inspired pancakes:


The Classics


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The Thin Strips


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Bacon Pancakes with Strawberry Syrup


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The Artists


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Bacon Pancake Cake


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Bacon Pancake Cupcake


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Chocolate Chip Bacon Pancakes


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Yes, These Are Vegan Bacon Pancakes


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10,000 Calorie Bomb is a Cheeseburger Inside a Cheeseburger, Held Together by Two More Cheeseburgers


Mister Eaters restaurant of Preston, Lancashire has taken the cheeseburger game to a whole new level with their ‘Ulti-Meatum‘ burger bomb.

Created by Mister Eaters co-owner Corinne Clarkson, this humongous sandwich was inspired by the ‘The Best Burger In The World’ episode on Cartoon Network’s The Regular Show. It features a cheeseburger within a cheeseburger, held together by “buns,” aka two more cheeseburgers, with lettuce and tomato somehow wedged in there.

Five pounds of meat, six slices of cheese and three big buns later, the Ulti-Meatum clocks in at a whopping 10,000 calories. Co-owner John Clarkson explains, “We always do extreme things. There’s no point doing something half-heartedly. You have to go to the extreme to get noticed.” Holy heart attack.


If you’re up to chow down on this meaty monster, it’ll cost you a cool £20. But you’ll earn a lifetime of mad respect.

H/T + Picthx Daily Mail