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Chipotle Debuts Carne Asada Nationwide

Photo: Omari Allen

Chipotle Mexican Grill has announced the long awaited arrival of Mexican food staple, carne asada. Having tested the new menu item in Fresno and Cincinnati to amazing results, they’re now launching it nationwide for a limited time. It took two years of research and development by Chipotle’s Director of Culinary and Menu Development Chad Brauze in order to nail the perfect recipe. I had the opportunity to sample their new protein and am pleased to say that it hits the mark in terms of flavor and consistency. 

Chipotle’s carne asada is thinly sliced and grilled with lime juice, cilantro, coriander, cinnamon, and cumin, giving it a distinct taste next to their usual steak option. Citrusy hints mingle with aromatic flavors further enhanced by a kick of spice. The consistency is tender and buttery; a lighter steak alternative with a fresher finish. It manages to maintain the carne asada experience one would experience at a tried and true spot while elevating the typical Chipotle experience. Moreover, keeping in line with their commitment to quality assurance, the new carne asada is Keto, Paleo and Whole30 compliant.

Photo: Omari Allen

For those that live in Dallas, Detroit and San Diego, Chipotle is also testing out a new sauce to pair with your protein. It’s called Queso Blanco and is made of Monterey Jack, white cheddar, serano, chipotle, and poblano peppers mixed with various spices. I had the pleasure of sampling it and can confirm that it’s cheesier and creamier, with a spicy whisper at the end which makes it stand apart from their current queso. It can be used as a dipping sauce or a perfect compliment to your burrito or bowl. Depending on reception, the Queso Blanco sauce may soon join the Chipotle menu officially. 

Photo: Omari Allen

Chipotle’s new carne asada is now available at all locations nationwide for a limited time.

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One Of Instagram’s Most Hyped Mexican Spots Just Debuted Carne Asada Cup Noodles

For some of us, our first introduction to cooking could very well have been preparing our own Nissin Cup Noodles®. The process was simple –– boiling water, pouring it into the cup, and letting the noodles sit for a few minutes.

Josh Torres, owner of Cali Tacos in Orange, California, still remembers waiting in anticipation for that hot cup of steamy noods as a kid.

Now as the owner of one of Southern California’s most well-known burrito spots, he’s adding his own spin on the classic recipe.

Cali Tacos is already well known for their stuffed, oversized tacos and burritos – like the Angel Burrito that weighs in at almost a pound, and is packed with fries, shrimp and carne asada.  

So, it was only natural for Torres to use juicy carne asada, shredded cheddar cheese, cabbage, pico de gallo, and cotija cheese in an exclusive Cali Tacos collaboration with Nissin Cup Noodles. His creation is topped off with Cali Taco’s signature Cali Sauce, making this colorful meal an instant classic.

For anyone that loves a steaming hot Cup Noodles – and some of the most incredible Mexican cuisine in Southern California – get ready for the Carne Asada Cup Noodles, only available at NOODS NOODS NOODS presented by Nissin Cup Noodles.

Photos by Pete Pham

Created in partnership with Original Cup Noodles

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The Extravagance Of The Torta Cubana Is A Sight To Behold

While the famously known Cubano sandwich is the product of Latin culture, originating on the East Coast, the Torta Cubana sandwich is a product of Mexican culinary practices, originating in Mexico City, Mexico.

While there are similarities in the name, and both are undeniably delicious, there are several differences between Cubanos and Torta Cubana sandwiches.

Today, the legacy of the traditional Torta Cubana sandwich is being kept alive at a vibrantly colored taqueria located inside MainPlace Mall.

Cancun Juice, a well-known  hot spot for burritos, tacos, tortas, smoothies and agua frescas, has introduced the Ultimate Torta Cubana sandwich, a torta piled high with fresh carnitas, grilled pineapples, onions and tomatoes, topped with a heap of jalapeños, chorizo and breaded steak.

But true Torta Cubana fans know that’s not all.

Cancun Juice then adds hot dog, ham, turkey, melted provolone, and a creamy avocado dressing to complete this Mexican-inspired culinary marvel.

If you’d like to experience the Ultimate Torta Cubana yourself, find it at Cancun Juice at MainPlace Mall.

Created in partnership with MainPlace Mall

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Del Taco Gets Wet With Two Saucy New Burritos


When we’re rushing to get from one location to another, a burrito usually does the trick to fill us up on our long commutes. If we actually have the time to sit down, we’re gonna indulge ourselves just a tad with a wet burrito. Nothing beats the heartiness of a fat burrito after it’s smothered in a thick sauce.

Del Taco just announced the addition of two new wet burrito meals customers can devour once the cravings set in. The fast food chain is calling them Platos.

The new Chicken Verde Wet Burrito features slow-cooked pinto beans, marinated and grilled chicken, tangy green sauce, and spicy jack cheese wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. The chicken burrito is wrapped in a flour tortilla and topped with more green sauce, jack cheese, and avocado slices.

Steak lovers have the Carne Asada Wet Burrito to enjoy. This beefy burrito is filled with pinto beans, marinated and grilled carne asada steak, a zesty red sauce, and cheddar cheese. It’s wrapped in a flour tortilla and topped with red sauce, cheddar cheese, and sliced avocado.

The Chicken Verde and Carne Asada wet burritos cost $6.49 and $7.49, respectively. You can find the new wet burritos at any Del Taco chain.

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3 Unexpected Ways To Use Avocados On Game Day [WATCH]

Avocados on Game Day—not a want, rather, a necessity. A delicious, delicious NECESSITY.

In fact, it’s expected that Big Game partiers will consume over 139 MILLION pounds of fresh avocados during the week’s festivities! That’s a lot of necessity.

But with great avocados comes great responsibility, and even greater possibility, so just how do you plan on eating yours? Sure, you could mash ‘em up into guacamole and chip-n-dip to your heart’s content, but after checking out the recipes below, you’re going to rethink every avocado you’ve ever laid eyes on.

Here are three unexpected yet totally Game Day appropriate ways to eat up those pretty green babies.

Avocado Fries with Carne Asada


What’s a potato? These fries from Josh Scherer (Culinary Brodown) are made from 100% pure avocado and loaded with marinated carne asada, refried beans, Mexican crema and queso fresco, and a ‘liberal squirting of Sriracha.’ I’ll take twenty.

Avocado and Bacon Deviled Eggs


With Josh Elkin’s recipe for Avocado and Bacon Deviled Eggs on the playing field, the Easter Bunny’s definitely getting a run for his money—sorry, man, we prefer our eggs to be filled with creamy avocado and bacon-infused yolks, not expired Tootsie rolls.

Avocado Frito Pie Bombs


These insane Avocado Frito Pie Bombs from Amy Erickson (Oh Bite It) are lethal, but in the best possible way—exploding with flavors of baked avocado, chili cheese, and Frito chips, they’re dangerously delicious.

Created in partnership with the Hass Avocado Board


Avocado Fries With Carne Asada Are The Best Thing You’ve Never Tasted

Big Game Avocado Fries & Carne Asada | Foodbeast Kitchen

Introducing: AVOCADO FRIES topped with CARNE ASADA

Posted by Foodbeast on Thursday, February 4, 2016

The other day I was flipping through a dictionary and was astounded after coming across this definition—let me drop some knowledge on you real quick:

Avocado Fries (noun): crispy, delicious fries made from frying slices of fresh avocado. Best served with a topping of marinated carne asada, refried beans, Mexican crema, queso fresco, and Sriracha.

ex: After discovering Culinary Brodown’s recipe for Avocado Fries with Carne Asada, I made ten batches!

synonyms: NONE

Okay, obviously there’s a little bit of dramatization going on (there’s no way I’d just pick up a dictionary with Google in existence), but you get the point—avocado fries are Heaven-sent, and when you throw carne asada, beans, cheese, and sauce into the mix, they’re straight-up angelic.

10/10 WOULD recommend these Avocado Fries as a substitute for your usual greasy go-to on Game Day. With naturally good fats, no cholesterol, and of course, that creamy delicious taste, they’re a must.

If you’re ready to make a substitution from the boring ol’ potato, grab yourself a few avocados, heat up some oil, and get ready to make some green magic.


Photo by Pete Pham

Avocado Fries with Carne Asada

Serves: 4

Prep time: 15 minutes

Cook time: 20 minutes

Total time: 35 minutes


4 slightly underripe Hass avocados

1 cup flour

1 + 2 Tbsp cornstarch

1 ½ cups ice cold seltzer water

¼ tsp salt

1 gallon vegetable oil

½ lb marinated carne asada (flap meat)

1 16-oz can refried beans

¼ cup Mexican crema

¼ cup crumbled queso fresco

liberal squirting of Sriracha

1.  Heat 1 gallon of vegetable oil in a large, heavy bottom pot—use less oil if you don’t have a big enough pot—until it gets to 375 degrees.

2.  Prepare the tempura batter by whisking together flour, 1 Tbsp corn starch, seltzer water, and salt in a large mixing bowl.

3.  Slice the avocados in half and remove the cores. Make four vertical cuts from end to end in each avocado half leaving 5 slices of avocado. Use a large spoon to scoop out the avocado slices, making sure to keep them intact.

4.  Lay out remaining 2 Tbsp of cornstarch in a small bowl. Dredge the slices of avocado in cornstarch, then cover in tempura batter, and gently drop in the 375 degree oil. Working in batches, fry each piece for approximately 30-45 seconds, or until golden brown, then remove and let drain on paper towels.

5.  Sear carne asada in a hot pan, let rest for 5 minutes, then chop into small bits.

6.  Lay out fried avocado slices on a large dish, then top with carne asada, heated refried beans, sour cream, queso fresco, and a squirting of Sriracha.


Created in partnership with the Hass Avocado Board

Fast Food

A Beautiful Look At Everything On Del Taco’s Carne Asada Steak Menu


Look at this juicy chunk of meat—just look at it. It might just be one of the tastiest morsels you’ll ever have the privilege of consuming. 

The tender, itty-bitty piece of heaven you see above is a lil’ thang called CARNE ASADA STEAK, representative of Del Taco’s brand-steaking-new Carne Asada Steak collection. Featured in the collection are seven items—naturally, we had to get our paws on ALL of them, so we popped into the Del Taco down the street. Here’s what we got:

Carne Asada Street Taco


Freshly grilled carne asada steak, topped with Roasted Chile salsa, diced onions, fresh cilantro, and hand sliced avocado, wrapped in two warm tortillas. BONUS: much larger than your average street taco.

Carne Asada Combo Burrito


Freshly grilled carne asada steak, with slow-cooked beans made from scratch, hand-grated cheddar cheese, and zesty red sauce, wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. This thing is PACKED with protein, yo!

Epic Carne Asada Burrito


Loaded with freshly grilled carne asada steak, slow-cooked beans made from scratch, Fresca Lime rice, tangy guacamole, and handmade pico de gallo salsa, wrapped in a warm, oversized flour tortilla. When Del Taco says “epic,” they ain’t kiddin’.

Carne Asada Fries


Crinkle-cut fries topped with freshly grilled carne asada steak, hand-grated cheddar cheese, savory secret sauce, tangy guacamole, and diced fresh tomatoes. Take notes, y’all—THIS is how to properly dress your fries!

Carne Asada Breakfast Taco


Freshly grilled carne asada steak, hand-grated cheddar cheese, and hot scrambled eggs wrapped in a warm tortilla. The name is misleading—you should have this for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner.

Carne Asada Half Pounder


Loaded with freshly grilled carne asada steak, hand-grated cheddar cheese, and hot scrambled eggs wrapped in a warm flour tortilla.This baby is sure to get your morning started right!

Carne Asada Epic Scrambler


 Freshly grilled carne asada steak, diced fresh tomatoes, hand-grated cheddar cheese, and hot scrambled eggs wrapped in a warm tortilla. Again, when Del Taco goes for “epic,” they don’t mess around. Go bold or go home.

Photos taken by Pete Pham


This Carne Asada Croissant Burrito Could Be a Game-Changing Mexican Dish


By design, burritos are fairly easy to make, but if you want to take your burrito to the next level, try baking it using croissants. A Redditor who goes by the name of Jaymax makes his burrritos this way and shared his recipe.

He first prepared his meat, beans and rice, which would ultimately be the items impregnating this beautiful creation.

He then laid out a full sheet of canned, unbaked crescent rolls/croissants on a baking pan as the bottom/outer layer.

He stacked a layer of meat, rice, beans and cheese like you would with a regular burrito. Then he put a top layer of unbaked crescent rolls to cover it. He stuck it in the oven and made himself a giant, croissant burrito.


How it looks before being stuck in the oven:


And the end result after being taken out of the oven:


Maybe we could call it a Crorrito?

Full Recipe: Reddit