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Carl’s Jr.’s Newest Burger Is Using Garlic Bread For Buns

Carl’s Jr. has low-key dropped a Garlic Bread Thickburger on some select menus in Southern California as part of a new garlic-themed lineup the chain appears to be testing.

Photo: Elie Ayrouth // Foodbeast

Foodbeast Elie Ayrouth spotted the burger at a Carl’s Jr. location in Orange, CA. The Garlic Bread Thickburger is part of a garlic-centric menu that also includes Cheesy Garlic Fries. It can be made as a single, double, or 1/3-pound option, and comes loaded with “Garlic Crisps,” tomato, Swiss cheese, mayo, and grilled onions.

The bread used on the burger is similar to the sourdough bread topping other sandwiches on the menu, but comes brushed with what appears to be a garlic butter on top. A unique addition is the “Garlic Crisps,” which taste like they are made out of Parmesan cheese and add a nutty, savory note to the burger.

The Cheesy Garlic Fries are dusted with a garlic powder and topped with a simple shredded cheese blend. They cost $3.49 for an order, while the burger’s pricing starts at about $4.45 for a single, with the double burger combo (with standard fries and a drink) costing about $6.95.

Both the fries and the burger appear to be a Carl’s Jr. test in the Southern California region, with at least two other locations confirmed to be selling both. We’ve also reached out to the Carl’s team to see where else the burgers are being sold and for how long, but they did not immediately respond for comment.

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Photo: Peter Pham

It seems Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s locations are taking some inspiration from one of our favorite childhood breakfast cereals. Their newest dessert features one in the form of Froot Loops Mini Donuts.

Guests of the two chains can order them in sets of five, with each donut sporting a different color (Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow) resembling the iconic cereal. The donuts are said to actually taste like Froot Loops too, you just won’t need to douse milk all over them. I mean, you can, you just won’t need to.

Photo: Peter Pham

The Froot Loops Mini Donuts will be available at participating Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s locations nationwide beginning Wednesday Aug. 29.

We haven’t seen anything this colorful come from a fast food chain since Taco Bell launched those icing-filled Cap’n Crunch Bites. In a time of social media dominance, this Instagram-friendly new addition, paired with that hint of ’90s nostalgia, might just be the winning combination for Carl’s Jr.

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Carl’s Jr. Creates Triple-Stacked Slider As Part Of New Mini Burger Lineup

Carl’s Jr. just dropped a lineup of massive snack-sized burgers into their menu, including a triple-stacked slider that has as much beef as a regular hamburger.

triple-stacked slider

Photo courtesy of Carl’s Jr.

The new Charbroiled Sliders come in single, double, or triple patty versions. Meant to be a new snack option for Carl’s, the largest slider can actually be a meal on its own. That’s because each patty weighs in at 1.3 ounces, meaning eating a Triple Slider is basically the same thing as downing a quarter pound burger. Except it’s about triple the height, which means I’m gonna have a hard time loosening my jaw to get around the whole thing.

The sliders are definitely on the cheap end, and appear to be Carl’s Jr.’s foray into the fast food ultra-cheap value menu wars. The single slider is just $1, the double slider costs $1.50, and the triple slider is $2. Each one gets topped with classic burger fixings: American cheese, mustard, ketchup, pickle, and diced onion.

You can also get the sliders in a $5 Box, which comes with two double sliders, fries, a 20 oz. drink, and a chocolate chip cookie.

Carl’s Jr. is also debuting a “Happy Hour” that just involves the double-stacked sliders. From 2-5 pm daily, their price will drop down to a buck. It does seem like a small discount, but if you take advantage of the “Happy Hour,” you’re basically ordering single sliders and getting double the meat. It’s all about the gains, y’all.

All of these offers involving the sliders will be around until April 24.

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Buffalo Wild Wings Acquired By Arby’s For $2.9 Billion

Rumors have been circulating over the past few weeks that Roark Capital, who owns major fast food brands like Carl’s Jr. and Arby’s, was looking to add Buffalo Wild Wings into their arsenal. Those murmurings can now be put to rest, as the investment firm has officially acquired the sports bar icon.

buffalo wild wings acquired

Photo: Mike Mozart on Flickr

An initial offer was reportedly made at a value of $2.3 billion, or just over $150 per share according to CNBC. The final terms of the deal, however, elevated that price to $157 per share, or $2.44 billion, USA Today reports. Roark Capital will also assume Buffalo’s debt as part of the acquisition, bringing the final price to $2.9 billion, according to Nation’s Restaurant News.

For Roark, the deal could not come at a better time. While Buffalo Wild Wings has been suffering from factors like a major chicken wing shortage, the price of America’s favorite bar food has dropped about 20%, meaning that the cost of the restaurant chain’s namesake is about to get a lot cheaper. Additionally, the chain’s boneless wings deals and delivery options have been bolstering it in an era where casual, sit-down dining is hurting.

With Buffalo Wild Wings acquired, Roark will be adding another 1,200 restaurants into its conglomerate food empire, bringing its total to 29,000 locations that bring in $27 billion across it’s vast list of owned brands. Bloomberg reports that the investment giant will slot BWW in as part of Roark-controlled Arby’s Restaurant Group. While Arby’s CEO Paul Brown will be in charge of the ubiquitous sports bar, the brand will remain independent from Arby’s.

Roark’s first task will likely be to improve on food and operations, a Bloomberg analyst claims, so you can definitely expect some culinary changes to come to Buffalo Wild Wings once the deal officially closes, which will likely happen early next year.

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Carl’s Jr. Owner Wants To Buy Buffalo Wild Wings For $2.3 Billion

Restaurant investment mogul Roark Capital, who owns major chains like Carl’s Jr. and Arby’s, is looking to buy Buffalo Wild Wings to add another big restaurant player to its arsenal.

buy buffalo wild wings

Photo: Mike Mozart on Flickr.

An unnamed source confirmed to CNBC that Roark made an offer to Buffalo Wild Wings for over $150 a share. At that benchmark price, the company would sell for approximately $2.3 billion. BWW’s stock had been trading at $117 per share prior to news of the offer breaking, and has since flown up to $147.50 each.

Buffalo Wild Wings hasn’t had the best of years, having dropped 60% in sales in the second quarter of this year. On top of that, it’s had to combat a shortage of chicken wings, increased restaurant competition, and more consumers preferring to dine at home. While the chain has been able to overcome many of those obstacles, beating third quarter earnings expectations this year, a private equity buyout from a company like Roark could be useful in helping it rise above its rivals.

A buyout would also take Buffalo out of the hands of activist investor Marcato Capital. The firm has been demanding that BWW refranchise the 638 locations owned by corporate, leading to arguments that eventually led to CEO Sally Smith’s resignation. Marcato has since placed three nominees on BWW’s board to move forward with their vision. Roark’s buyout would prevent Marcato from refranchising the corporate-owned restaurants, but it doesn’t meant that Roark wouldn’t do the same thing as them.

If the deal were to go through, it would be Roark Capital’s largest acquisition in history. Considering that it owns companies like Carl’s Jr., Jimmy John’s, and Arby’s, that’s pretty impressive.

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Carl’s Jr. Tests Jolly Rancher Shake That Will Launch Nationwide Next Year

Burger King has made the news over the past year for some insane cereal-themed shake creations. In a bid to keep up with their fast food rival, Carl’s Jr. has incorporated a beloved candy into their latest drink with a new Jolly Rancher Shake.

jolly rancher shake

Photo courtesy of Carl’s Jr.

Currently, the dessert beverage is being tested in Southern California and near Birmingham, Alabama. It contains actual pieces of Jolly Ranchers mixed throughout the shake, with additional bits topping the typical whipped cream garnish.

Foodbeast was able to get their hands on a shake to try and were able to identify flavors like blue watermelon and green apple as the Jolly Ranchers included within Carl’s Jr.’s new item. While the drink is quite a bit on the sweet side, some of the more sour flavors of the candies inside do help provide some balance to the sugar rush.

If you’re interested and live in either of the aforementioned test areas, you can head to a local franchise now and try it as part of the limited-time test. Everyone else won’t have to wait long, though, as a Carl’s Jr. representative confirmed to Foodbeast that the Jolly Rancher Shake will launch nationwide sometime next year.

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Carl’s Jr. Wants Amazon To Buy Them And Is Letting The World Know Via Twitter

After scaring the grocery industry by purchasing Whole Foods, Amazon is getting requests to dominate another industry: fast food. Carl’s Jr. wants Amazon to purchase them in their latest, unorthodox Twitter campaign.

Once an hour for 24 hours over the weekend, Carl’s Jr. tweeted “Billion-dollar ideas” that could come out of their partnership with the hashtag #AmazonBuyUs. They’re all definitely realistic, but also pretty funny ideas. Some of the more hilarious ones include:

A self-driving restaurant. Because after self-driving cars, that’s the next logical step we take as Americans.

Carl’s Jr. restaurants inside of Whole Foods, because the blend of fast food and organic grocer totally makes sense.

And “Jalapeno Coppers,” which could technically be a safe-for-kids crime drama. If they got shot, cream cheese would just come out, right?

Anyways, you’re probably wondering whether Carl’s Jr. is for real right now or whether this is just all some strange marketing stunt. In an interview with CNBC, Carl’s Jr. Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Jenkins left it ambiguous as to whether the deal is something they really want.

“This is about generating a conversation around a partnership. The tweets are obviously a start to try and see where the dialogue goes …have a lot of fun with it, and see if they find the spirit of it as fun as we do.”

Regardless, Carl’s Jr. will be continuing with their pitches and proposals throughout the week. Perhaps in the future, we’ll see if Amazon actually gets interested in any of them and brings the fast food giant into their fold.

Considering how Sonic’s CEO feels about Amazon’s threat to the fast food industry, whether this acquisition happens or not is definitely something to watch out for.

#foodbeast Hit-Or-Miss Video

Watch A Carl’s Jr. Franchisee Owner Commit Multiple Atrocious Health Code Violations

If you get disgusted easily, you might as well go to another article now because the video footage above might get you thinking twice about your next fast food fix. By no means am I saying the industry as a whole is like this — because we would be downright sick as hell if this was the norm, but there are a small percentage of food handlers that get away with terrible practices. Take for example this Carl’s Jr. owner committing health code violations.

Jack Webb, an owner of a Carl’s Jr. franchise location in Alberta, Canada, has been caught on camera committing a multitude of health code violations inside his Carl’s Jr. kitchen. According to CBC News, multiple employees of the restaurant confided in the restaurant’s former manager, Andrew Minnes, about the owner’s apparent neglect.

The security camera footage shows Webb all caught up, clearly without a care about his customers’ well-being. He’s shown dipping his entire arm in a large container to mix BBQ sauce, pouring sauces from one container to the other using only his hands, potentially cross-contaminating items, dropping food on the floor only to pick it up and serve it, and other disgusting acts.

Since the surfacing of these violations, health authorities have temporarily banned Webb from the restaurant’s kitchen. Although this Carl’s Jr. owner committing health code violations shows a complete lack of responsibility, I should reiterate that this idiot is not a proper representation of the fast food industry’s diligence for safety standards.