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The Carl’s Jr. Car Wash Ad You Probably Never Wanted to See

carl ad

Some find Hardees/Carl’s Jr. commercials a little too sexual and unnecessary. This ad featuring Carl from Adult Swim’s hit TV show Aqua Teen Hunger Force might finally convince those who opposed the idea.

If you’re a fan of the show, you’ve seen some pretty disturbing things from Carl. I mean, he was once raped by a doggie named Hand Banana and even had a broom shoved straight into his rectum.

Now he and his one-of-a-kind body are going mainstream as he sensually washes his car while eating a Carl’s Jr. burger. He shows off his buns and Carl’s Jr.’s fresh baked buns all at the same time.

I’m terribly sorry for exposing you to this:


Artist Uses 1000 Cheetos to Create Portrait of ‘Carl the Minion’ from Despicable Me


What’s better than having Cheetos residue on your hands? Having it on your wall.

Jason Baalman, a greasy-fingered artist from Colorado Springs, Colo., immortalizes famous people with everyone’s favorite pseudo-cheese snack. He’s created Cheeto portraits of Rachael Ray, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Conan O’Brien and Cee Lo Green’s cat. His most recent venture is a 3’x4’ depiction of the Despicable Me minion named Carl, one of the movie’s most beloved characters.


The $500 masterpiece was completed in 50 hours using a hefty amount of glue and more than 1,000 crunchy orange larvae. Now, Frito-Lay North America is giving it away.

Last Monday, the Cheetos giveaway began, inviting fans to tweet #CheetosDM2 at @ChesterCheetah on Twitter. On July 3, one lucky cheese fiend with orange fingers and a greasy iPhone will be announced the winner of the Cheeto-fied Carl. Get the official rules here.