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KFC Will Be Selling Plant-Based Chicken Nuggets In China Next Week

On Monday, KFC announced that it will be selling vegan chicken nuggets in China from April 28 to April 30, as it continues its expansion into the plant-based market.

The fast food giant said that the nuggets will be sold in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou, and will be manufactured by Cargill Ltd. 

This comes after extremely successful plant-based product testing in multiple countries, which showed enough consumer demand to expand the dishes into more locations in the US. Notably, the company is using a different manufacturer for the Chinese launch, as they tapped Beyond Meat in the US and Lightlife in Canada, respectively.

This isn’t the only way in which the brand’s Chinese release differs. Customers will have to purchase a pre-sale voucher for 1.99 yuan that entitles them to five chicken pieces, according to the company’s official Weibo account. 

This is an interesting path to take, as KFC surely looks to avoid the expansive line that occurred during the high profile Atlanta launch of the company’s plant-based fried chicken. It’s reminiscent of the pre-sale lotteries and raffles that many sneaker companies have done to avoid real-life lines and online crashes during hyped shoe releases. 

We’ll surely be keeping our eyes peeled for any visuals of the new nuggets, as well as any potential plant-based nugget voucher resale market, so check back soon.

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132,000 Pounds Of Ground Beef Are Being Recalled Following Deadly E. Coli Outbreak

If you’ve been saving some ground beef in your freezer for a bit, you may want to check it out right now. It may be part of a massive recall of over 132,000 pounds of meat following a deadly E. Coli outbreak.

Photo courtesy of the USDA on Flickr, CC 4.0

According to the USDA, 132,000 pounds of Cargill ground beef have been recalled. This follows a reported outbreak that has sickened at least 17, causing 1 death.

The causal contaminant was E. Coli 026. It’s similar to the infamous o157:H7 strain of the bacteria in that they both produce similar toxins that causes diarrhea (often bloody) and vomiting for 2-8 days. On rare occasions, it can turn into Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS), a type of kidney failure that can be fatal.

Cargill’s meat was produced in mid-to-late June and shipped out to retailers nationwide, so the entire country is affected by this recall. A nationwide list of locations that carried the meat will be listed once the USDA is able to create it. In the meantime, if you see a USDA sticker with the code “EST. 86R” on it, it is part of the recalled lot of ground beef. You can also check any of these labels to see if they match anything on your product.

If you think the ground beef you have may be part of this contaminated amount, the USDA recommends you throw it out immediately. Since the meat was produced 3 months ago, there’s a good chance it’s in the freezer by this point if you still have it, so make sure to check that as well.