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Watermelon Pop-Tarts Just Became A Reality


Pop-Tart fans can expect a great start to the 2016 year. The Kellogg’s breakfast pastry is adding three new flavors to the line-up: Maple Bacon, Chocolately Caramel and Watermelon.

Stuffed with a maple and bacon filling, the Maple Bacon Pop-Tart is dressed with a white frosting and pieces of bacon-flavored bits.

The Chocolately Caramel boasts a chocolate crust with a caramel filling and topped with a chocolate frosting and brown icing.

Finally, the Watermelon features a plain pastry shell and filled with a watermelon-flavored filling. It’s topped with pink frosting and a green icing.

While the Watermelon and Maple Bacon Pop-Tart are only available for a limited time, the Chocolately Caramel will become a permanent addition to the menu.

Photo: Pop-Tarts Facebook

Packaged Food

Batman v Superman Cereal Is Here, And It Demands Justice


A few weeks ago, we Geoff Johns posted  photos of Batman and Superman cereal he received. The DC Comics Chief Creative Officer got an early look at the breakfast foods that General Mills was planning to sell early this year.

Now, the consumer foods company has officially announced a release date for the two cereals based on the two iconic heroes. In honor Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, General Mills has created two specific options for comic book fans to choose from.


The two flavor combatants are Batman Chocolate Strawberry and Superman Caramel Crunch. Batman’s cereal will have chocolate strawberry pieces in the shape of the Dark Knight’s bat symbol, while Superman’s cereal will be shaped as his emblem.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is hits theaters March 25. It will be the first time the DC characters Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman will be featured together in live action on the big screen.

You can find the at select grocery retailers starting Jan. 8.

Photos: General Mills


These Caramel Apple Fireball Shots Just Climbed To The Top Of My Christmas List


In the spirit of the holiday, Oh Bite It! created a caramel apple recipe to get us ready for some good old-fashioned holiday drinking. These Caramel Apple Fireball Shots definitely have us pumped to start our vacation.

What you’ll need are two large apples, about 40 small pieces of caramel, a 1/4 cup of (optional) liquid pectin and a cup of Fireball Whiskey.

Throw the caramel and Fireball into a double boiler and let it all melt completely. Then, add the liquid pectin to give the mixture a firmness.

Cut the apples in half and core them. Leave enough so that the halves are sturdy enough to hold the caramel mixture. Pour the melted caramel into the carved out holes in the apple halves. Fill it to the edges, but make sure it doesn’t overflow.

Pop the apples in the fridge for two hours so that the caramel hardens. Once they’re ready, you can slice them up and serve.

Photo + Recipe: Oh Bite It!


Milky Way Candy Bars Stuffed With Marshmallow Will Soon Be Hitting Stores


Fans of Milky Way chocolate bars will be pleased to hear that a new flavor is set to hit stores soon. Parent company Mars Chocolate announced that they’ll be releasing a Milky Way Marshmallow with Caramel Bar.

The new snack is made with marshmallow nougat and caramel. It’s then topped with milk chocolate. A typical Milky way bar is filled with a chocolate nougat instead of marshmallow.

Expect to find the Milky Way Marshmallow with Caramel Bars on store shelves this July. Each bar has a suggested retail price between $1.09 and $1.39. The snack will only be available for a limited time.


Starbucks Ran Out Of Ideas And Let Fans Create 6 Crazy New Frappuccinos


A while back, Starbucks asked its fans to create a bunch of wacky flavors for the coffee chain’s beverage menu. The company announced today the six winners of Starbucks’ Frappuccino Fan Flavors.

Taking existing combination ideas from regular patrons, Starbucks officially made these popular off-menu frappe hacks an official option for fans to enjoy.

Sure, our entry of Chorizo Maple Sundae was met with laughter. However, we can definitely live with these winners.


Red Velvet

The Red Velvet frappuccinos are blended with chocolate chips, mocha sauce, vanilla and raspberry syrup and topped with whipped cream.

Cotton Candy

Made with Starbucks’ standard Vanilla Bean Creme Frappuccino and blended with raspberry syrup, the Cotten Candy frappe is topped with whipped cream.

Cinnamon Roll

Taking regular coffee and blending it with cinnamon dolce syrup, white chocolate mocha sauce and vanilla bean; the Cinnamon Roll frappuccino is topped with whipped cream and a special cinnamon dolce sprinkle.

Lemon Bar

The Lemon Bar frappuccino is combines both the citrus flavor of lemonade with the rich flavor of vanilla in a blender. It’s topped with the staple whipped cream and a caramel sugar sprinkle.


Who doesn’t love a good cupcake? The Cupcake frappe is made with Starbucks’ classic Vanilla Bean Creme Frappuccino and blended together with hazelnut syrup. Wish there was actual cupcakes inside, though.

Caramel Cluster

Coffee is blended with toffee nut syrup and a dark caramel sauce. Once the whipped cream is added, the Caramel Cluster is topped with a mocha drizzle.


Each frappuccino runs averages about 350-510 calories for a grande cup and will cost you about $4.75. The drinks will be available at participating Starbucks menus for a limited time.


There’s A Bottled Drink That Combines COFFEE With JUICE


Coffee and…juice? Yep, it’s a thing! A new company has combined the robust flavors of coffee with the sweet taste of juice. They’re calling it Coffee Juice.

Using cold-brewed coffee, the beverage is combined with juice berries and cane sugar into one amalgam of caffeinated juice.

The beverage is available in four flavors. These include Original, Coconut, Sweet Vanilla and Salted Caramel. Coffee Juice is all natural, dairy free, non-carbonated and non-GMO. You can find them at Central Market locations in 16-oz glass bottles.

It’s literally the best of both breakfast drinks.

Packaged Food

Hostess Has New Sea Salt Caramel CupCakes And Zingers


Ah, Hostess. The popular snack brand is releasing two new items inspired by the innovative sea salt and caramel combination. The snacks will be available in both CupCakes and Zingers.

Hostess’ CupCakes will feature a yellow cake filled with caramel creme. It’s iced with caramel frosting, topped with Squiggle. The Zingers are filled with Hostess creme and topped with a ribbon of caramel. It’s drenched in a layer of chocolate. Both items will feature a sprinkle of sea salt.

The limited-time snacks can be found in stores now and will remain there through July 31.



Free Holiday Drink at Peet’s Coffee with Any Food Purchase


Who: Peet’s Coffee & Tea.

What: Upon presenting a coupon, customers receive a free 12-ounce holiday drink with the purchase of any food item or baked good. The choices applicable are the Eggnog Latte, Peppermint Hot Cocoa, Peppermint Mocha, Pumpkin Latte, Cinnamon Hazelnut Latte, Sea Salt Caramel Mocha and Steamed Milk with flavored syrup.

Where: Any participating Peet’s Coffee & Tea location.

When: The giveaway deal with be available through Wednesday, November 26, for anyone who wants needs to load up on coffee before Thanksgiving.

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