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Sweet & Salty Popcorn Is A Nonstop Party In Your Mouth

Often, truly exciting food comes in the form of an unexpected combo. Think chicken and waffles, cured meat and fresh fruit, or that oft-debated little bit of bacon that elbows its way into the syrup on a breakfast platter. The simplicity is key. Sometimes, delectability comes purely down to throwing together two foods that embody a flavor profile, like sweet and salty in the case of the aforementioned dishes. 

This, I think, is why one of my recent favorites, Cretors Cheese & Caramel Mix Popcorn, is so mind-blowingly addictive.

I’ll be honest, too, usually I’m not one for flavoured popcorn. Butter and salt is all this guy needs. But, a mix of cheese and caramel? That’s interesting enough to intrigue even the most seasoned popcorn veteran.

But beyond the fact cheese/caramel duo in and of itself is quite striking. This stuff is  amazing because Cretors is doing it right. Their tagline is “Handcrafted Small-Batch Popcorn,” a mantra that they fully live up to.

For the crucial details, the small-batch caramel is handcrafted in copper kettles, creating a complex taste, perfectly walking the line between luxurious and subtle. The cheddar, however, is not to be outdone, having been sourced from high-quality sharp cheddar cheese. Every plush kernel is evenly layered with caramel or cheese, the two flavors eventually intermingling into one explosive tasting experience. There’s a reason this is Cretors #1 selling flavor.

You can find bags of this mix, along with the rest of Cretors variety of popcorns, at most grocery stores. Go ahead and cop multiple. It’ll save you the trip once you find yourself polishing off the whole bag before you know what’s happened. 

Created in partnership with Cretors Popcorn.


Caramel Coated Cheetos > Popcorn, Obviously


Your average popcorn tin usually comprises three flavors: plain, caramel and cheese. And while the plain batch is pretty much there just to keep production costs down, the other two are a revelation, hampered only by their inability to bless snackers with both their miraculous tastes at the same time.

(Short of blasphemously dipping our cheese-dusted fingers into mounds of caramel, that is.)

Well, entertain such sinful thoughts no longer. Here to satisfy all our cheesy, caramelly cravings is instructables user Pueo, with a recipe for Caramel Coated Cheetos. Not really a snack and not really a dessert, the only thing missing from this flash of inspiration is an option to use Flamin’ Hots instead of Puffs. Because spicy + sweet? Always a win.

Catch the full recipe and photos here.

H/T Nerdalicious + Picthx Pueo