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This Decadent Gold-Covered Apple Costs $700 And Is Served With A Pour Of Louis XIII

We’ve often heard that eating an apple a day will keep your primary care provider at bay. While that may not be the case with Jane Q’s outlandishly decadent Golden Apple, it’s still an experience you may not want to miss out on.

Jane Q, a cafe and coffee bar located inside Hollywood’s Kimpton Everly Hotel, is serving an apple one would find straight out of a fairy tale.

The $700 apple is cored and filled with a rich white chocolate ganache. Executive Chef Bryan Podgorski then coats the apple in a luscious salted caramel before carefully adding gold leaf by hand. The dessert is then served on a wooden base inside a glass cloche and paired with a 1.5-ounce pour of Louis XIII cognac.

While over-the-top, the item was designed for guests to treat themselves.

If you plan on snacking on Jane Q’s Golden Apple, make sure to give the cafe at least 48 hours notice. Each apple takes quite a while to craft.


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Because peanuts are just so passé, Nick Chipman of Dude Foods decided he’d trade everyone’s favorite crunchy legume for Oreo’s new limited edition, Target-exclusive Caramel Apple flavor cookies. The process, Chipman writes, was simple. After trekking through three different Target locations to find the treats, it was just a matter of dipping some pommes in caramel and coating them in crushed up Oreo bits.

Of course, because the cookies are both caramel and apple flavored (and because they’re, well, cookies), the sugar here can probably get a bit overwhelming. But that’s what the fruit’s for right? #Healthychoices.