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Domino’s Just Created The Ultimate Delivery Car With A Built-In Oven

When you have a pizza delivered, it just isn’t has hot as it would be coming fresh out of the oven. That’s the dissappointing reality of not wanting to leave the house. Domino’s, however, has devised a brilliant plan to fix this minor issue.

They’re gonna throw ovens in the delivery cars.

The DXP (Delivery Expert) is a specially designed pizza delivery vehicle. Created to help drivers carry out their deliveries with greater ease and efficiency, the car has a variety of features that help enhance the pizza ordering experience for patrons.

This includes a built-in warming oven that keeps pizza and other foods as hot as they left the store. Practically every seat, save the driver’s, is stripped. This leaves more room for larger pizza orders.

The car also features a puddle light that projects the Domino’s logo on the ground wherever it goes. Y’know, in case you couldn’t already tell. Finally, there’s an On-Star navigation system in each DXP that prevents driver’s from getting lost.

Sadly, delivery drivers will still have to use their own cars for the time being. Only a few DXP cars have been produced so far. Think of it as Captain America during the war, a symbol of innovation.

Photo: PRNewswire

Fast Food

Papa John’s Iconic Camaro Was Stolen In Detroit


Someone stole the iconic Papa John’s Camaro over the weekend, reports USA Today. Yep, the very same one that can be seen in a fair amount of the pizza chain’s commercials.

The tale of Papa John’s Pizza is really a rags-to-riches story. In 1983, John Schnatter sold his 1971 Camaro Z28 for some money to start his pizza business. He got $2,500 for the car and set off to build his dream of a pizza company.

Eventually, Schnatter found his original car and bought it back for about $250,000. Chump change if you’re the head of a massive pizza empire. Especially for something with such a sentimental value.

Schnatter  had driven it to Detroit for a car show over the weekend. He woke up Sunday morning to find it missing. After calling they authorities, the car was found in the driveay of an abandoned home by a landscaper who recognized the iconic design.

Other than a missing plate and a bent license plate holder, the car remained unscathed.

Also, there was an Altoid wedged between the steering wheel. Animals.


Visa And Pizza Hut Want Us To Order Pizzas With Our Cars

51049893 Visa_car_dashboard_02b

Visa, Pizza Hut and management consulting firm Accenture announced the new frontier in laziness at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona this week.

You can pay with your smartphone and your smartwatch, but what about your smartcar?

Later this year, these companies are pilot-testing a new ordering system in Northern California that involves minimal human interaction. Customers can order pizza from their connected car on their way to a participating Pizza Hut using a feature called Interactive Voice Control (IVR — really, this is their official acronym). This feature allows you to place your order, hands-free, using your Visa Checkout account.

But it doesn’t end there.

Once in a parking spot designated for pickup, Bluetooth sensors and Beacon technology will notify the Pizza Hut staff that they can bring the order out to the car. Because walking is hard.

The concept car, designed by the three companies, is being demonstrated at MWC today.

Fast Food

KFC Releases Unique Take-Out Containers Made to Fit Your Car’s Cup Holder


KFC is catering to our never-ending quest for convenience and has “officially upgraded snacking” with their new KFC Go Cups. The method behind this Go-Cup madness? Apparently, according to this infographic via KFC, the chain thinks America’s cup holders aren’t reaching their full potential.


Yes, the struggle is real. Looking to solve this national crisis, KFC created the Go Cup — plastic take-out containers featuring a cup designed to fit snugly in most cup holders, allowing for easy in-car, on-the-go grubbing.


Guests will be able to customize their Go Cups with seasoned potato wedges alongside one of the five options: a piece of Original Recipe Boneless chicken, a Chicken Little sandwich, two Extra Crispy Tenders, three Hot Wings or four Original Recipe Bites. A divider found inside the Go Cup keeps the chicken separate from the wedges and the entire shebang will set you back $2.49.



Japan Invents In-Car Rice Cooker, So Folks Can Finally Eat a Proper Meal On The Go


The hardest part of being a commuter is always being hungry. Sure you could drop by the drive-thru again, but wouldn’t you rather have a nice, hot, home-cooked meal?

The Takeru-kun is a new in-car rice cooker capable of making two bowls of rice for white grain-lovers on the go. Designed by Japan Professional Network, the TK plugs into any 12-volt electrical car socket and is fitted with special insulation that not only lets the rice cook in just 25 minutes and but also keeps it warmer longer, according to Rocket News.

‘Course, the instructions say not to use the Takeru while the car is in motion, so you’ll probably wanna hang onto those chips for long drives up to Yosemite. But that hour you spend totally not moving on your way into work? Go ahead and rice it up*. Just watch out for the steam.

Takeru-Kun In-Car Rice Cooker: $50 @ JPN

H/T + PicThx Rocket News


*Totally joking. Don’t be like us. You will hurt yourself.


Coffee Powered Car Sets Record


The BBC has reported that a coffee powered car was driven at 66 mph and has set a land record.The car, Carpaccino, was at Elvington Airfield near York when driver Martin Bacon hit the record speed.

The vehicle runs off of a process called gasification, which burns dried pellets of coffee grounds. The gas that results in the reaction, fuels the vehicle. According to Bacon, the exhaust smells like a “house fire” not coffee. The record has yet to be verified by Guinness World Records.



Jack Daniel’s Car Engine

Well, the engine isn’t made of a Jack Daniel’s bottle, obviously. In fact, this post should have more aptly been titled — Jack Daniel’s Coolant System. Onward — I don’t know the first thing about cars, but when someone spotted this baby with no hood and a Jack Daniel’s bottle serving as the coolant container, they snapped a photo realizing that someone had achieved foodie-car nirvana.

I wish I had more car-banter to attach to these photographs, but the person who submitted it said the car might have been an old school Chevy Camaro. Any car buffs out there want to take further guesses by the look of the engine?


Bacon Air Freshener

The few times I go to get my car washed, the first question they typically ask me is what scent I want my car to smell like after the wash. Well, sadly, bacon isn’t one of those choices, so this air freshener is the perfect gift for my vehicle. What could be better then getting in my car everyday and having it smell like Earth’s candy? ($2.95 @ Neatoshop)