This Thanksgiving, Avoid Family Interrogations with Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes


Remember when you were little and Thanksgiving was just about the turkey and stuffing? Now it seems that every third Thursday of November when you return to the dinner table, between forkfuls of cranberry sauce and yams, you now have to explain, again, why you didn’t fulfill your family’s dream of becoming a doctor/lawyer/engineer. Well, Thanksgiving 2012 is going to be different. This year you’ll be bringing a dessert that’ll  cause even your family to hurrah in your decision to join the circus.

Four words: Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes.

Guinness never looked so good poured into a bowl of chocolate, sugar and flour. But while the alcohol from the Guinness is cooked out, the lovely lady over at Smitten Kitchen made a hole in her cupcakes to fill with Irish whiskey ganache and topped them with Baileys frosting for good measure. These chocolate whiskey & beer cupcakes have nothing on your run-of-the mill boxed cupcakes. Because, let’s be real, alcoholic treats are always more fun to make, tastier and more amusing to eat.

Hell, bring the new girlfriend over. These cupcakes are going to make the whole family click their heels.

via Smitten Kitchen