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Watch Chris Evans Depressingly Eat Burgers Off A Toilet In This Hilarious Fake Trailer

When the leader of the Avengers is not out saving the world from Nazis and otherworldly creatures, he’s on Jimmy Kimmel Live showing off his acting chops.

Captain America himself, Chris Evans, debuted a trailer of his latest film about a “Broken, pathetic shell of a man,” who apparently spends his days eating burgers off his toilet seat.

Well, it was a fake trailer, as Evans pointed at a random audience member, said he had been following him around for six weeks, and really immersed himself in his role as “Dennis.”

Although it was a spoof, the trailer looked pretty damn interesting, as we can all relate to being so depressed, that we eat cheeseburgers on the toilet while tears stream down our faces. No? No one else has done that? Maybe Drake? Whatever.

Beer Hit-Or-Miss

Man Dresses Up As Batman And Steals 2 Cases Of Beer [WATCH]

Working three years in a grocery store, I saw my fair share of beer thieves trying to walk out with cart-fulls of Budweisers and Coronas. A lot of times we’d catch them, politely telling them, ‘Hey, I don’t think you paid for that,’ and take the cart back, but surely, there were several times they got away.

In the latest instance of beer-thievery Police need a little help finding a someone who was caught on surveillance totally breaking the comic book rules and cross-dressing as both a Marvel and DC character. This man wore a Batman suit, a Captain America mask, and casually walked out of a New York convenience store, holding two 18-packs of beer, according to WIVB News 4.

The man was described by police as white, 5-foot-9, and in his twenties, but that description’s probably not much help unless the dude walks around with his Cap mask on.

He really needs work on his sneaky Batman skills, though, because the camera got a pretty good shot of him. So far, he has managed to stay away from the police, so he’s got that vigilante part down.


Eat Captain America’s Shield Turned Huevos Rancheros For Breakfast


So, maybe it’s a little ironic that it would be Captain America’s iconic stars-and-stripes shield that gets turned into the Mexican breakfast staple, but that hardly matters, because look how cool this is!

It’s the standard huevos rancheros, plus a little ingenuity.  And also food coloring. Salsa, cheese, beans, an egg, a tortilla, and bam. You’ve got a box-office-shattering breakfast on your table. Now all you need is a Chris Evans to enjoy it with. Best of luck on that last part. In the meantime, check out the full recipe at Kitchen Overlord.

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The Foodie Avengers: What Superheroes Would Look Like If Big Companies Sponsored Them

The Monster Hulk Energy Drink and McIron Man

In a world where you can’t even enjoy a YouTube video anymore without having to watch at least five seconds of an advertisement, an Italian art director shows us his vision of a world where our favorite superheroes are sponsored and branded.

Roberto Vergati Santos’ idea is not that far-fetched. You already see brands such as Coca-Cola and Red Bull plastered on athletes’ uniforms and they can just as easily be plastered on a hero’s uniform for the right price.

Of all the heroes that were featured, The Avengers in particular had a foodie theme attached to them.

Iron Man blowing up McDonald's.
I’m not sure why Iron Man would blow up his sponsor while repping them (second photo), but he looks pretty relaxed as he enjoys his Happy Meal.

Team Coke
As awesome as this scene was, it’s a little hard to take Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow seriously in their Coke-branded outfits.
Tatted Hulk
This is probably what the Hulk would look like if he was a sponsored bodybuilder. As you probably guessed, Monster would swoop on the opportunity.
It looks like Thor didn’t get a multi-million dollar deal with anyone, but he’s the god of thunder, so I think he’ll be all right. Check out Santos’ other pictures here, including some DC rivals.

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Marvel Pint Glasses

If all my beverages were served in Marvel-themed glasses, I’d be one happy camper! I apparently still relate to a 12 year-old boy.

In all seriousness though, if you have any love for the Marvel Universe, or just a love for fine beer glasses, then go ahead and grab these Avenger pint glasses. Choose from Captain America, Iron Man or the whole Avengers crew to gear up for the upcoming Avengers movie arriving in 2012. $10

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Fast Food

Dunkin’ Donuts Announces Captain America-themed Products

In the brand’s first-ever movie partnership, Dunkin’ Donuts took today to announce its multi-product line of Captain America consumables. In support of the Marvel Studios film Captain America: The First Avenger, the brand has followed a patriotic theme in the creation of these three new products.

The Captain America Coolatta, is a cherry-flavored frozen beverage that comes in a special limited-edition collectible First Avenger Tri-Cup, an interesting three-chamber cup that allows you to fill up on three different Coolatta flavors within the same cup. Also part of the lineup is a Captain America Donut, the brand’s first-ever star-shaped donut, and a Stars & Stripes Donut, both topped with patriotic red, white and blue sprinkles.