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The World Record For Fastest Time To Drink A Capri Sun Is 16 Seconds

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How fast could you slurp up the juice in a Capri Sun pouch? Apparently, there’s a world record that’s been set, and it could be something within reach if you’re skilled enough.

The current world record was set during quarantine lockdowns by UK resident Declan Evans. Guinness has the official record set at 16.65 seconds, which includes the time needed to get the straw unattached from the pouch, unpackaged, stabbed into the pouch, and then used to drink the contents.

According to Food and Wine, it took Evans a few attempts, but he eventually beat the minimum time of 18 seconds needed to set the record.

Multiple folks in Guinness’s Facebook comments have commented that they already beat Evans’ time, but it’s unclear if those attempts were recorded on camera and submitted.

Nonetheless, there’s currently an opening to set a world record with a bit of nostalgia. If you can get that pesky straw off the Capri Sun pouch in time, that is.

Alcohol Drinks

You Can Now Enjoy Your Whiskey In A Capri Sun-Like Pouch

As as kid, we’d inhale those Capri Sun pouches after school or pretty much anytime we could get our hands on one. As an adult, however, seeing hard liquor like whiskey served in a similar pouch makes us cautiously excited.

Whisky Me is an alcoholic subscription service that allows you to try some of the world’s best whiskies without ever setting foot outside, reports BroBible. At $10 a month, 1.7 ounces of liquor is thrown into a pouch (not unlike the ones Capri Sun came in) and shipped to your doorstep.

The only major difference between the alcoholic pouches and the ones from our childhood is a twist-off top. Looks like the days of penetrating those pouches with a flimsy straw are gone.

Unfortunately, this service is only available in the United Kingdom for the time being. Fingers crossed we’ll see it expand to the US sometime soon. In the meantime, we’ll just stick to pouring our alcohol in a glass like a boring grownup.

Packaged Food

Capri Sun Goes Organic And It’s Still Not Healthy


We fondly  remember the days coming home from school and watching cartoons while sipping on an ice-cold pouch of Capri Sun. Ah, the ’90s, were no one cared about preservatives and fake flavoring because cigarettes were the high-level killer.

Somewhere around then, we grew up and learned Capri Sun wasn’t too healthy. However, that’s changing. The beverage brand released a new Organic line of drinks for kids.

It contains 66 percent juice and has zero artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. It comes in four flavors: Fruit Punch, Apple, Grape and Tropical Punch.

Huffington Post points out that the new line actually has more sodium, carbohydrates and sugar than the original beverage.

Definitely check the labels.

You can find the Organic Capri Sun in packs of 10 for about $4.29. Who knows, with parents more aware of artificial flavors and preservatives, maybe this line will take off.

Wonder if my boss has any Capri Suns stashed in the office fridge?


The Essential Food Guide to Surviving Comic Con

Comic Con kicks off this week which means over 100,000 nerds will converge on San Diego to celebrate all things geek. If you haven’t attended the convention before just know that it’s definitely not a vacation. It’s basically a mission for us nerds: spending hours in line waiting to get into a panel with your favorite television show, pushing through an ocean of people to get through the Gaslamp Quarter, and basically just being at the mercy of the destroyer of dreams better known as Hall H. In order to avoid potentially starving in line or mistakenly taking a bite of that Puppycat cosplayer who’s starting to look like a delectable fluffy marshmallow (nom nom nom), Chixelate, a blog dedicated to all things nerdy, has created the Ultimate Food Guide to Surviving Comic Con.


Pack Sandwiches


Super simple to make and even easier to pack, sandwiches will be your best friend at the con. The possibilities are endless, PB&J, Club, etc, you can make all your sandwiches ahead of time or just grab all your fixins and make them fresh daily.


Instant Coffee Crack


Caffeine is a non-negotiable for Comic Con. If you want to survive those 4am alarms to make to the infamous Hall H line by 6am (real talk even that early might be too late) you’re gonna need some of that liquid crack. The coffee locations (aka Starbucks)  in and around the convention center charge a grip more than their downtown counterparts, my advice is to skip the line and just BYOC. It’s just easier to buy a box of instant coffee packets which mix with water to make instant coffee. The humidity in San Diego is wicked so you might want to opt for instant ice coffee versus regular.




Regardless of how much caffeine you consume you’re probably going to crash at some point. Whether it’s in the middle of a panel or outside in line, the lack of sleep will come creeping up on you. In order to combat a case of the drowsies pack some of your favorite candy for a sugar rush. Personally, I’m a fan of sour gummy worms since they’re tart enough to shake you back into consciousness but gummy bears are my second go-to choice.


Instant Noodles


Not the greatest thing for you but it’ll do the job. Chances are your hotel room has a coffee maker which you can also use to heat up some water. If you’re looking to save some cash to splurge on some sweet SDCC exclusives but don’t want to completely sacrifice a warm meal, instant noodles are the way to go. Around a quarter a piece, you can get a flat of enough maruchan to last you the entire four-day con for probably $5-$6. If you really want to get fancy why not bring some hardboiled eggs, Sriracha, and some spam to get that college ramen feel.


Uncrustables, Just Like Ma Used to Pack


Sure, these things are marketed towards kids but you’re lying to yourself if you don’t love these things. PB&J’s just like mom used to make, but even better because it’s crustless. There’s even a peanut butter and honey one if you’re one of those weird kids who didn’t like jelly. These portable sandwiches are already individually packaged making them easy to throw into your backpack to munch on while you’re trolling the exhibition hall.


Trail Mix AKA M&M’s Mixed with Some Other Stuff


Salty, sweet, and ultimately makes you feel better about eating candy since it’s mixed with healthy-ish stuff, trail mix is a great snack to have on hand. Sure, there’s legitimately healthy mixes with dried fruits, seeds, and nuts but ain’t no body got time for that. Gimme that Monster Mix chock full of M&M’s, almonds, and peanuts any day. Notice I skipped over the raisins because they’re gross and don’t belong in there.




Lunchables aren’t super filling on their own so you might need to pack a few to fill yourself up throughout the day but with so many different options, that shouldn’t be hard. Bonus, they usually come with a drink and candy of some sort. Side note: the lunch meat ones are WAY easier to eat in the panels than the pizza ones. Don’t be that geek trying to build your three little pizzas in the confines of your seat. Do that shiz outside in line.


Brotein Bars


Nah bro, we don’t even lift. Just in case you can’t grab a meal between panels, or just don’t want to drop $10 on a mediocre hot dog, protein bars are a perfect way to fill that hunger since chances are you’ll be stuck at the convention center for over 12 hours a day. I told you this wasn’t a vacation.


Water – This is Not an Option


In case you didn’t know, water is the most important thing to keep on hand while at SDCC. If you bring a reusable bottle you can refill it as you please within the convention center and inside most panel halls. But if you’ll be outside in line for hours trying to get into Hall H or Ballroom 20 (aka all 100,000+ of us) it’s even more crucial for you to stay hydrated. The humidity is a bitch this time of the year and will make you want to die around 9AM. If you’re sick of water why not spruce it up with some of those concentrated water flavorer things, like MYO, Gatorade, or Crystal Light.


Swanky Beer ‘Briefcase’ Carries 4-Pack in Capri Sun Pouches


If you ever have the urge to carry beer around like some kind of blood smuggler, look no further than the Leuven. Created by Korean designer Wonchan Lee, it’s a minimalist, eco-friendly alternative to traditional cardboard or plastic ringed six packs, that allows you to carry four vacuum-sealed PET bags of beer in a way that probably seems way more futuristic than it actually is.

More a frame than a briefcase, the Leuven concept was developed to create a contrasting aesthetic between the clear pouches and black container, and explore new possibilities for beverage package design. In other words, just ’cause it looks cool.

“Differentiation is probably the most important factor in packaging these days as packaging is often the only way to appeal and compete with other products on the shelf,” Lee wrote in his product description, “it has to stand out among others.”


Still, it’s hip, it’s minimalist, it’s green, and if it ever comes to market, it’ll probably also be wildly overpriced. Why wouldn’t we be in?



Capri Sun’s New ‘Clear Bottom’ Pouches Help You Spot Mold Before You Drink


Capri Sun, the everykid’s go-to spirit in the metallic blue pouch, also happens to be free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. And while this would normally be a good thing, it also means the drink is notoriously susceptible to mold. Thanks to a nifty new packaging update, however, both kids and parents will be able to see the contents of the space-age juice bags before they come anywhere near their or their children’s precious mouths.

Beginning this month, Capri Sun is introducing a new clear-bottomed juice pack, along with a new tagline that lets folks know they can “See the goodness before it’s gulped.” According to Ad Age, the update came after about a year of development and plenty of concern from parents on social media over the safety of their children’s juice drinks.

“The level to which things are accentuated in social media, it really changed the way we wanted to engage with moms,” Greg Guidotti, a senior director at Kraft Foods, told Ad Age, “We’ve spent a lot of time speaking to the consumer-response groups. We want to offer empathy and offer it with transparency.”

Of course the mold, which develops from the normal process of fermentation due to Capri Sun’s preservative-free formula, is said to present little to no health risks if consumed. Still, better safe (and not totally grossed out) than sorry.

Picthx Capri Sun


Would You Drink Beer Out of a Capri Sun Packet?


(Yes – the answer is yes.)

Here’s the thing. I know plenty of fully-grown men who still drink Capri Suns. Granted, these same men also live with their parents and haven’t been on actual dates in a while, but the perfection of a Capri Sun’s packaging still stands. Beverage pouches are just better. You can bring them pretty much anywhere and don’t have to worry about any carbonated liquids sloshing around and causing a huge mess. There’s a reason they give these things to kids. And what are drunken adults but giant, accountable kids?

BeerPouch bills itself as the “first flexible beverage pouch made for ALL beverages, particularly sparkling or carbonated beverages,” and it’s the perfect alternative to glass growlers. Capable of holding 64 ounces, each BeerPouch runs for only $10, eliminates oxygen and light damage and folds up for easy storage — assuming you don’t just fill it up again once you’re done chugging your Allagash.

Sadly, fully-loaded BeerPouches are only available from breweries who’ve already made the switch. But you can purchase 10 beer pouches for $60 at And since they’re twist-cap, you also can’t stick a straw in them like the good old days. But you’re a grown-up now and no one can tell you not to drink out of the spout.


H/T + PicThx FWF


DID YOU KNOW: Apparently, Finding Mold in Capri Sun is Normal

capri sun

Almost nothing can turn a stomach quite like finding mold in your supposedly good food or drink. Many mothers are discovering this quease-worthy fact when approached by their children who claim their Capri Sun tastes funny. The fruit drink beloved by elementary schoolers and praised by parents for lack of preservatives has a small kicker, fermentation. The promise of no preservatives allows for the possibility of fermentation, as well as mold to grow, if air find its way into packaging.

This surprising little fact is mentioned on the packaging itself, stating that the mold is not harmful to your health, physical health that is. The same cannot be said for the mental aversion you’ll have after sucking up a glob of delicious mold. (Excuse me, I think I just threw up a little in my mouth) Chances are you’ll never come across this phenomenon, but just in case you pop a straw into the pouch and it tastes a little off, no need to chance your mental state by playing scientist, just throw it away.

H/T + PicThx Snopes