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Turn Your Cap’n Crunch Into An Amazing Fruity French Toast

When it’s not tearing up the roof of your mouth, Cap’n Crunch is pretty amazing, so imagine the upgrade when made in French toast form.

Making French Toast Cap’n Crunch is pretty simple and should definitely be integrated into your morning, at some point. All you need is Cap’n Crunch, eggs, milk, sugar, syrup, white powder, and bread.

Start off by blending 3 cups of Cap’n Crunch. Then you make a batter by whisking together 5 eggs, 3 tbsp of milk, and 1 tsp of sugar.

Like most French toast recipes, you then dip your white bread into the egg batter first, followed by a drop into your blended plate of Cap’n Crunch flakes.

Next, pan fry it in about a tbsp of cooking oil until golden brown, then top it with maple syrup, and powdered sugar and you’ve got yourself a plate of French Toast Cap’n Crunch.

If you really want to kick it up a notch, add some whipped cream, strawberries, and even some Crunch Berries, to ensure that it’s really IG-worthy by the time you’re done.

Peep the video below and give it a whirl, matey.


This Chicken Katsu Recipe Has A Cap’n Crunch Twist That’s Unbelievable

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 6.13.16 PM

If you’ve never tried to make chicken katsu, the Japanese, breaded chicken dish, maybe it’ll be a good idea to dive in with the Cap’n.

Perry Santanachote from Thrillist food thew down this Cap’n Crunch-coated Katsu recipe, and did so with a pretty easy preparation process.

There’s no heavy lifting involved and no crazy ingredients. It looks like a pretty standard breaded chicken recipe, except the panko flake coat is replaced with Cap’n Crunch cereal.

Santanachote recommends throwing the breaded chicken on a bed of white rice and although she doesn’t provide a Tonkatsu sauce recipe, some store-bought sauce will probably do the trick.

This cereal remix sounds like an absolute must if you’re in the mood to experiment.

Check out the full recipe on Thrillist.

picthx thrillist


How To Make Cap’n Crunch Truffles [WATCH]

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 1.16.52 PM



If you only eat Cap’n Crunch in a milk-filled bowl, you’re not using it to its full potential.

If you’re up for some outside-the-cereal-box experimentation, these Cap’n Crunch Truffles easy to make, and are more satisfying than sailing the 7 seas (That’s what Cap’n Crunch does, right?).

Inspired by the Domestic Rebel’, we threw down these balls with nothing more than some Cap’n Crunch, cream cheese frosting, powdered milk and melted white chocolate.

After blending up 3 cups of cereal, you add 1tbsp of powdered milk, 1/2 tbsp of salt, and 12 ounces of the cream cheese frosting.

After mixing all the ingredients together, you roll your mix into ping pong-sized balls, set them on a baking pan and put them to refrigerate for about 2 hours.

While the balls are chilling in the fridge, you start making the white chocolate coat.

We used a bag of white chocolate chips and just microwaved them until they melted.

Once your balls are cool, you dip them in the melted chocolate and refrigerate for another 20 minutes until the chocolate hardens.

Take them out of the fridge and enjoy these little dessert bombs.

If you’re more of a visual learner, and would enjoy listening to a happy-go-lucky orchestra play while cereal gets blended into a hypnotizing vortex, check out our video below:

Fast Food

Taco Bell’s Wacky CAP’N CRUNCH DONUTS Will Be Available Nationally


A few months back, we announced that Taco Bell was testing a new breakfast donut in the form of their Cap’n Crunch Delights. The idea of such an out-of-the-box concept made national headlines as the fast food chain begun to test them at a Bakersfield location in California.

Now, Taco Bell has announced that their new donuts will be available nationally for all patrons to get their hands on. The donut balls are coated with Cap’n Crunch cereal and filled with a sweet and gooey milk icing. Starting June 2, patrons themselves can get their hands on said gooey milk icing.

An order of two Cap’n Crunch Delights will go for $1, four for $1.69, or a dozen for $4.49. They’ll be at all available Taco Bell locations across the nation.


Fast Food

EXCLUSIVE: Taco Bell Testing Cap’n Crunch Donut Holes Stuffed with Milk Icing


Taco Bell recently invited us over to their test kitchen to try a top-secret new dessert they plan to release. That said, here are our own photos of the new Cap’n Crunch Delights going into test immediately.

Made with Cap’n Crunch Berries cereal and a warm, gooey milk icing, the Delights are the newest addition to Taco Bell’s dessert lineup.


We took intimate steps to get familiar with the sweet new product. Essentially a deep-fried ball of sweet dough, the Delights are filled with the sugary cream and dusted with more Cap’n Crunch.

It’s pretty much fast food cereal:


The Cap’n Crunch Delights will be available for purchase at units in Bakersfield, California in sets of two for $1 or a dozen for $4.49. Needless to say, we were sticky with excitement.

Photos by Peter Pham

Packaged Food

Cap’n Crunch Drops a New Sprinkled Donut Crunch Cereal


After last year’s scandal (see: Cap’n Crunch is a Liar and a Fraud), it seems that the Cap’n is attempting to redeem himself with a rather ambitious new cereal. The new dessert-breakfast features sweetened corn and oat bits covered in the signature multicolored sprinkles of your classic frosted donut.

No word on how this newcomer actually tastes but we have high hopes. Just don’t try to pull another fast one on us Cap’n and none of that Froot Loops-all-taste-the-same nonsense. We want bona fide donut-flavored cereal and nothing but.

H/T The Impulsive Buy


4-Year-Old Creates the World’s Most Epic Breakfast Cereal


The folks over Thrillist recently consulted the expertise of a 4-year-old in order to create “the ultimate breakfast cereal.” To create this Frankenstein concoction, all the best parts were delicately picked out of four different cereals. A box of Lucky Charms was pillaged for just the marshmallows, the “reds” taken from Froot Loops, the Honey Bunches pried (and the Oats left for dead), and the berries picked from a box of Crunch Berries. The whole shebang was eaten with a half-gallon of just Cinnamon Toast Crunch leftover milk — which is arguably the best part of that particular cereal.


We bet health food nuts are having a field day with this but c’mon, ya’ll are just mad you didn’t think about it first.

Check out the full story over at Thrillist.


Leftovers: Crunchgate Continues, James Bond Was Wrong & Other Top Stories

oreo pancakes

Last week we hit some major nostagia with 16 Things That Taste Just Like Your Asian American Childhood, peek the story for favorites such as Pocky and White Rabbit. And just yesterday, Cap’n Crunch, yes the actual four-fingered cartoon character, held a press conference defending his title as “Captain.” While you’re sifting through your bowl of Crunch Berries and sipping your Calpico, learn how to make these DIY Oreo Ice Cubes. They’ll change your life, promise, kinda.

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