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Truth & Tonic Is First Plant-Based Cafe On Las Vegas Strip

Photo Provided by Canyon Ranch

Las Vegas is notorious for many things. Aside from over indulgent gambling, city lights and raucous behavior, one cannot overlook the buffets. Vegas is buffet heaven. Add to that an innumerable amount of restaurants that satisfy any flavor preference, it’s pretty close to a foodie’s dreamland. That’s, erm, if the city ever slept. From cheap eats to fine dining casino treats, the place that seems to offer it all has surprisingly enough added something plant-based to their array of options.

Enter Canyon Ranch, an award winning leader in health and luxury spa getaways. Starting in 1979, Canyon Ranch has since expanded their integrative professional approach to wellness throughout the U.S. Their first Las Vegas location opened in 1999 at The Venetian® Resort. Since its launch, they’ve opened several culinary concepts within the city that further promote their 360° health based ethos. 

On January 17th, Canyon Ranch opened their latest brainchild, and first fully plant-based cafe on the Las Vegas Strip, Truth & Tonic. Noticing the uptick in veganism, one that’s reportedly grown 600% in the past three years, Truth & Tonic falls perfectly in line with Canyon Ranch’s wellness gospel. The cafe is headed by Executive Chef Pete Ghione and joins fellow Canyon Ranch restaurants CR CREAT and the aptly named Canyon Ranch Grill.

In hopes of “breaking down the barriers that typically divide vegan and non-vegan,” Chef Ghoine has curated a menu suited for anyone who enjoys tasty yet healthy eats. He shares the Truth & Tonic mission here: 

“By incorporating plant-based ingredients that are equally unexpected and satisfying to our menu, Truth & Tonic makes the overall journey to wellness a more desirable and enjoyable experience,” he says. “Our diet is an integral piece to one’s well-being and as the first fully vegan restaurant on The Strip, we are excited to bring this health-conscious option to our guests.”

With an all-day menu that ranges from roasted cauliflower dressed in house made caesar to a caramelized curry cauliflower, spinach, and toasted pine nuts frittatas made with “Just Egg,” Truth & Tonic is sure to be palate pleasing. Your next Vegas visit doesn’t have to end with a hangover. Before the drive of shame back, detox your night of sin with a stop by Truth & Tonic.

Photo Provided by Canyon Ranch

Pineapple Banana Rum French Toast And The Rest of Brunch at Canyon Ranch Las Vegas

caribbean french toast canyon ranch las vegas palazzo pineapple banana rum

Canyon Ranch Grill was stop number two on our Las Vegas food extravaganza, and to be honest you’re not just going to stumble upon this place while walking the strip. Nestled on the spa/pool level of the Palazzo hotel, you would have to be on a specific mission to the find the Ranch – but sometimes taking the road less traveled by makes all the difference.

Don’t forget to set your alarms after that long night of freeing tigers out of Mike Tyson’s zoo and being the best man at your work colleague’s drive through wedding, because the Ranch is only open for breakfast and lunch. So waking up at 3 PM, watching a $16 movie through your hotel TV and snacking on $12 peanuts won’t get you there before closing time (insert Semisonic lyric here).

Before we dove into the brunch specialties we wet the palette with Spinach & Artichoke with Homemade Lavosh and the Crispy Kale Chips with ranch.

canyon ranch kale chips

Kale seems to be creeping onto more and more menus these days. It’s almost like the healthy man’s Nutella. Or bacon.

spinach artichoke dip canyon ranch las vegas

We almost didn’t order the spinach and artichoke dip, since it’s on the menu of most every restaurant in the United States. But that would have been a mistake. The lavosh paired nicely, and left us excited for what was to come. Onto the main dishes:

canyon ranch sweet potato hash poached egg

The most innovative item turned out to be the Sweet Potato Hash served with ham and a poached egg. Plated in a tuna tartare fashion, this dish was a favorite among the group specifically for its combination of flavors. I was a bit stunned when looking back at the menu where the dish was listed at a mere 230 calories, a bit absurd for the amount of flavor involved.

The rum-flavored Caribbean French Toast topped with Bananas and Pineapple was a subtle twist on a classic breakfast item. Again, we were stunned at the caloric intake – with the french toast listed at 375 calories, yet still filled the stomach. Big eaters might be left with a yearning for more, but the un-American-like portions might be the look after 6 buffets.

Pictured above is the Sonoran Scramble, which includes tomato, corn, green chiles, chorizo, onion, garlic, avocado, cilantro, tortilla strips and cheddar cheese. There was a smoky, dare I say curry-like spice that we couldn’t put our finger on. While it made the taste original, we could sense that it would polarize eaters into a deeper love or distaste of the item. For us it was the former.

If you’re looking for a calorie-smart eatery that doesn’t skimp on the flavor CanyonRanch might just be for you. Breakfast and Lunch options range between $15-$20, allowing you to spend that extra cash doubling-down with that dealer showing 4. Every single breakfast item is listed below 400 calories and all lunch items are under 500. Make sure to make reservations and/or tell the elevator police that you’re headed to the spa.

Canyon Ranch Grill at the Palazzo
Off the 3rd Floor Suite Elevators
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 414-3600