Human Flesh — What Does it Taste Like? Is it the New Bacon?

So after all these years, we’ve finally found something that’s been trending more than bacon: People Meat.

With the nation still in shock over the recent acts of cannibalism in the past few weeks, one of the more recent stories involves Canadian resident Luka Rocco Magnotta who was arrested after he posted a video of himself killing Jun Lin, a 33-year-old student, performing sexual acts on the body, and then sending different parts of Lin’s body through the mail to various political parties. What’s worse, the video showed Magnotta performing what looked like cannibalism on Lin.

Then there was that story of the Florida man who had 80 percent of his face eaten off by a butt-naked crazy guy. Though thankfully, it sounds like he’ll recover from the attack. But it leads you to wonder, with all these incidents popping up, does human meat taste like?

Apparently veal.

According to Slate,  William Buehler Seabrook a journalist and traveler who wrote the book Jungle Ways that was published in 1931, gave us the most descriptive account of the taste of human flesh to date. According to Seabrook, human flesh looks very close to beef when it’s raw, and when cooked, would turn gray similar to lamb or veal. Seabrook said that the meat would smell like beef when cooking and was so close to veal, that an undeveloped palate could not tell the difference between the two.

Seabrook, who travelled the world, has interacted with many different tribes who practiced cannibalism. Seabrook himself has tried the taste of human flesh from a deceased hospital patient in France.

So there you have it. Has your curiosity on human flesh wavered or peaked?

(via: Slate and The Star)