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Adidas Originals and M&M’S Inspired Forum Lo 84 Sneakers Launch Today

The second drop in a collboration with Adidas Originals and M&M’S are six new M&M’S inspired colorways for the Forum Lo 84 launch today, May 10th.

All of the six (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Brown, and Orange) colorways from the classic M&M’S cast is here with their own sneakers. If you didn’t know, yes, you do need to capitalize the colors when referring to M&MS.

Did you know that the colors of the M&M’S were their names?! I mean…I did obviously, but was just checking to see if you did too.

Adidas Originals having candy-based shoes isn’t out of the park for the brand at all, given their history of unique collaborations and partnerships across the industry. These M&M’s-inspired colorways allow for a lot of outfit diversity and with the Lo 84 silhouette being clean and iconic, it’s a shoe that can be used in multiple occasions.

Something like their collaboration with Kerwin Frost, for example, is definitely intended to be statement pieces.

The M&M’s Lo 84’s come in a special edition box, feature premium leather uppers and printed characters in its sock liners.


Find Out The Most Popular Valentine’s Candy by State


Candy has always been a big part of celebrating Valentine’s Day, and depending on where you’re from in the United States, the kind with which you celebrate does matter.

According to a new study from, we can see each U.S. state’s favorite Valentine’s candy via the interactive infographic above.

Check out the study in the link above, which also has some sweet factoids about Valentine’s Day candy, the resurgence of Conversation Hearts, and the top three candies from each state.

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Instacart Study Reveals The Most Popular Halloween Candies In America

Spooky season has arrived and with that comes a deluge of snacks, sweets, and treats all geared to ring in the vibes for Halloween. But have you ever wondered which treats are the favorites throughout the country?

A recent study conducted by Instacart and The Harris Poll, entitled The Great Halloween Candy Debate, surveyed responses from more than 2,000 Americans nationwide to reveal how consumers feel about their favorite candies.

As seen in the infographic above, the most popular candies in America are a varied bunch, ranging from Red Vines dominating the West Coast to Twizzlers being a Midwest favorite. Other findings in the study show which candies are the top cravings in the country:

Check out all the results of this study on The Great Halloween Candy Debate.

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Walmart Exclusively Selling A Huge 488-Piece Halloween Candy Box

hershey's halloween candy treasure box

Halloween and candy are as inevitable a duo as death and taxes. It’s the surest of things, really. To ensure that our world’s keep turning and our spooky treats keep coming, Walmart is exclusively selling a hulking 488-piece Treasure Box of Hershey’s chocolates and sweets.

All the usual sweet suspects are in there: Kit Kat, Rolo, Reese’s, Hershey Kisses, Jolly Ranchers, and Twizzlers. A whole box retails for $29.98, a deal considering the amount of goodies you’re getting.

Grab a box and for sure you’ll have enough treats to give out on October 31.

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New Light And Fluffy Starburst Airs Are Coming Soon

Not to be confused with the latest exclusive sneaker drop, Starburst Airs are a new iteration of Starburst candy that boasts “softy & squishy” features.

New Starburst Airs are a gummy candy that are aerated, which is what contributes to the light and fluffy texture of it. Pillowy bites of Starburst Airs will begin hitting shelves at select retailers this fall, with nationwide availability beginning in 2022.

Available flavors include strawberry, lemon, orange and cherry in Original packs, and sour kiwi, strawberry, pineapple, passion fruit and mango in Sour Tropical packs.

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This TikTok of Candy Being Pulled is Your Oddly Satisfying Clip of The Day


The candy puller strikes again! ##candymaking ##hammondscandies ##tiktokcomida

♬ zach and amy – loki!

I’ve just about watched this TikTok clip an unhealthy amount of times since scrolling upon it today. I mean, just look at it, it’s mesmerizing. So easy to get googly eyed at this incandescent mass of candy being pulled into a stunning metamorphosis before our very eyes.

The clip above is courtesy of Hammond’s Candies, a Denver-based confectionary that’s beloved for handmade candies like lollipops, marshmallows, caramel, chocolate, and more.

From the looks of this TikTok clip, they’re doing things right and keeping in mind that we always eat with our eyes first.

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Trying to Scam Da Baby With Candy Isn’t As Easy As Stealing Candy From A Baby


These kids try to scam DaBaby! 😂 was he being fair to them? ##dababy ##candy ##scam

♬ original sound – No Jumper Podcast

If you think you’re going to scam Da Baby out of a couple hundred dollars for some candy, then you really have to rethink your hustler, player. As seen in the now viral clip above, two youngsters try to play the rapper with a box of candy for $200 only for Da Baby to activate some basic math in his head and call cap on their shenanigans.

Jay-Z once famously said that you “can’t knock the hustle,” but when the hustle gets caught lacking in the mathematical department, then that hustle shall be rightfully knocked.

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Truly and Sugarfina Debut World’s First Hard-Seltzer Infused Candy

Truly x Sugarfina.

The hard seltzer industry has quickly filled itself up to the brim within the past few years, as the market has become crowded with options, yet with little uniqueness. Truly, a leader in the hard seltzer game, has linked with luxury candy brand, Sugarfina, to inject some creativity into the flat market.

This collaboration between Truly and Sugarfina has resulted in the world’s first ever hard seltzer-infused candy. Though non-alcoholic, the limited edition, Truly-infused gummy bears are now available in four fruity flavors: Watermelon Kiwi, Pineapple, Mango, and Passion Fruit.

The collection is available now on and includes a Candy Bento Box® for $30.00, plus individual Candy Cubes® for $8.95.