Now You Can Buy Candy Crush Candies in Real Life


Healthy perceptions of reality are so overrated.

Now, some might claim it’s important that kids grow up knowing the difference between the digital and physical, between attacking produce in a video game and attacking it in a grocery store, but to those folks, we say: BAH.

New York-based candy company Dylan’s Candy Bar recently unveiled a line of Candy Crush-themed chocolates, Swedish fish, and gummies inspired by the popular Bejeweled-esque smartphone game. Now you can hone your sweet pattern-recognition skills long after you’ve killed your phone battery.

candycrush2 candycrush5 candycrush4 candycrush3

The Candy Crush Candies come in four varieties: chocolate Color Bombs, Jelly Fish gummies, Mixed Fruit gummies, and Sour Fruit gummies.

They are available online from Dylan’s Candy Bar, $4 each or $15 for all four.

H/T + PicThx Design Taxi