Trader Joe’s Celebrates The Holiday With Candy Cane Covered Chocolate Almonds

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The lauded Candy Cane is arguably one of the most iconic confections during the Christmas season. Sorry, gingerbread fans. 

To kick off the spirit of the holidays, Trader Joe’s has added a refreshing new snack that comes in the form of Candy Cane Chocolate Covered Almonds

Spotted by Patty of @traderjoesaficionado, the sweet new snack has hit Trader Joe’s shelves. It features roasted almonds dipped in dark chocolate, covered again in white chocolate, and coated with candy cane bits. 

Fans of the prolific candy cane will definitely want to check these out next time they’re at a Trader Joe’s. With everything going on in the world, the holiday season doesn’t feel as magical as in previous years. Still, hopefully, these will help close the gap a little. 

Stay safe and happy holidays, everyone. 

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Sausage-Flavored Candy Canes And Wrapping Paper Are Here, Courtesy Of Jimmy Dean

Last year, Jimmy Dean decided to make Christmas gifts smell like breakfast with their new sausage-scented wrapping paper. This year, they’ve brought it back due to high demand, but also added their meaty aroma to another holiday staple: candy canes.

The iconic peppermint candies won’t have the usual flavors of mint and sugar, but will instead taste like a Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage. With intriguing candy cane flavors ranging from mac and cheese to clam being the rage last year, it was only a matter of time before another holiday gimmick flavor like this one came along.

UPDATE: Foodbeast recently had the chance to try the sausage candy canes for ourselves. It’s still a sweet candy cane, with a strong maple flavor with hints of bacon. If maple bacon candy canes are up your alley, the flavors on this are pretty similar.

To obtain your own set of three candy canes, you have to participate in something called the Jimmy Dean Recipe Gift Exchange. If you cook a recipe using Jimmy Dean sausage and upload it to their website, you can select the sausage-flavored candy canes as a thank you gift in return.

For those looking for something a little less out-of-the-box, there is last year’s viral sausage-scented wrapping paper, a sweet and savory lip balm, and cowboy slipper boots also available.

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Here Is Where Legend Says The Candy Cane Came From

We’re sitting here with a piping cup of cocoa, a partially dissolved candy cane resting inside. As we stir it in slowly, a thought forms from the deepest nook in this marshmallow we call a brain:

Where did the iconic candy cane originate from?


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According to Richard and AnnaKate Hartel’s book Candy Bites: The Science of Sweets, the Christmas candy is believed to have been created in Germany around 1670 — or so the legend goes.

In the ancient city of Cologne, it’s said a church choirmaster would give the children in his choir long sticks of hard candy with a crook at the end to keep them quiet during the longer than normal Christmas services. The shape of the candy may have been inspired by a shepherd’s staff, reminding the children of the shepherds who visited baby Jesus on the first Christmas.

Candy Cane 01

Photo: Peter Pham

Stories Behind the Great Traditions of Christmas, by Ace Collins, says that the iconic red stripes didn’t arrive until a couple hundred years later. In the 1920s, a candy maker from Georgia figured out how to hand-twist colors into candy canes. The candy itself, according to the book, represented the Holy Trinity: white for purity, red for Jesus’ redeeming blood, and the shape representing the shepherd’s staff.

Then, as the holiday candy became more and more popular, other candy makers began to emulate the seasonal sweet.

Here’s how a candy cane is made

So as you sit there this winter, sucking on the tail end of a candy cane, take a second to appreciate where your Christmas candy came from.

By the same token, we wonder if that Ruby Chocolate they just discovered will be this iconic in the centuries to come?

Candy Cane 02

Bearded boy sucks on candy cane | Photo: Peter Pham
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Wienerschnitzel Adds Candy Cane Shakes To Squash That Chili Dog Breath


With Christmas only a few short weeks away, Wienerschnitzel just added a new holiday beverage to the menu. This comes in the sweet, colorful form of the Tastee Freez Candy Cane Shake.

Chili dog patrons can chug this to their heart’s content as they down hot dog after hot dog. The peppermint-flavored Freez is topped with whipped cream and served with a mini candy cane.

According to Wienerschnitzel, the Candy Cane Shake is supposed to compliment their chili dogs. Though, let’s face it, pretty much anything can compliment a chili cheese dog.

The holiday-edition beverage is only available for a limited time.


These Peppermint Shot Glasses Are Completely Edible [WATCH]


Peppermint Shot Glasses by Cheri of TheWateringMouth

The same genius mind who brought you Mini Pumpkin Pie Shots and Toasted Marshmallow Shot Glasses continues making a name for herself with her latest edible alcohol receptacle: Peppermint Shot Glasses.

Cheri of TheWateringMouth explains in her video explanation (see below) that her shots are made by melting down peppermint candies into mini sheets and letting them melt and cool off around the silhouette of a an actual shot glass:


The result of this experimentation and hard work? A shot glass that tastes like a peppermint candy when you sip and can be consumed whole after your debauchery has concluded.

Here’s how to make them for the reading impaired and visually stimulated:


Bake Up Sriracha-Twisted Candy Cane Cookies


If you’ve already stocked up on a lifetime supply of Sriracha due to the impending Srirachapocalypse, then get ready to make these Sriracha candy cane cookies for Santa. It’s the least you could do, especially if he’s hustling down the chimney to bring you presents.

The recipe, over at Nerdalicious, replaces sweet peppermint with spicy sauce in the classic twisted cookie. Two separate cookie doughs, one a plain white sugar cookie and the other a red spiced dough, are twisted together into canes and baked.

The result? The cookies are sweet and spicy, with the classic pungent smell from our favorite hot sauce. However, may we suggest sprinkling in crushed Sriracha candy canes for texture and some Sriracha frosting for an extra kick?  We’re sure Santa would love them too.

H/T + Picthx Nerdalicious

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Candy Cane Blizzard Returns to Dairy Queen


Since Christmas is only a few weeks away, Dairy Queen is bringing back their Candy Cane Chill Blizzard Treat for it’s annual run throughout the month of December. The seasonal item is  available as a regular Blizzard, a Blizzard in a chocolate waffle cone, or a Royal Shake.

The Candy Cane Chill packs candy cane pieces and chopped up chunks of chocolate blended into soft-serve vanilla ice cream. However, while Candy Cane is a delicious holiday favorite, I’d love to see them mix it up a bit with some new candy cane flavors. SweetTarts Candy Canes are at the top of my Christmas list. Maybe next year, Santa will deliver.

Picthx DQ

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White Chocolate Peppermint M&M’s Taste Like The Holiday Season

white chocolate m&m

Halloween has come and gone and we’re already being bombarded with Christmas. With stores adorned with candy canes, winter wonderlands and yes, even Christmas trees (in November?!), it’s enough to give a shopper a case of pre-holiday shopping stress. At least there’s one benefit to all this early holiday nonsense, seasonal candies.

These White Chocolate Peppermint M&M’s have already been spotted on Target shelves. Personally I’m more partial to milk chocolate pairing with mint but to each their own. Plus, white chocolate isn’t even really chocolate so really aren’t you just getting peppermint M&M’s? Marvo, Editor at The Impulsive Buy, describes his experience with these candy cane wannabes:

When I bite into a White Chocolate Peppermint M&M’s, I get the sensation that I’ve just stepped out of the shower and into a freezer. My nipples perk out and other body parts perk in. Every hair on my body stands up and every muscle in my body twitches uncontrollably in response to the cold environment. Then, when I can feel my organs failing, I think to myself, “So this is what it’s like to die on Mount Everest.”

Maybe this seasonal flavor is more than a Christmas gimmick, either way these White Chocolate Peppermint M&M’s can be found exclusively at Target.

H/T + PicThx The Impulsive Buy