Red Wine Helps Kill Cancer Cells, New Study Reports


We already know drinking red wine in moderation can do the ol’ body good. This is due in large part to the compound resveratrol, which science has reduced to a handy little pill. But Dr. Michael Nicholl of the University of Missouri is taking the compound’s benefits one step further and researching its ability to kill cancer cells.

His work found that radiation in conjunction with large doses of resveratrol might help wipe out cancer cells. “When resveratrol is given, [cancer cells’] normal recovery is taken away,” he told The Times. That, in turn, allows radiation to concentrate its power on ridding the body of the disease. So it’s not necessarily the compound itself that kills off cancer; it’s combining it with radiation that could prove lethal to these cells.

However, this is just one part of the puzzle and there are side-effects to taking oral resveratrol supplements, including intestinal distress, bloating and diarrhea. Much more research needs to be done to support the findings, but it does present a hopeful future for cancer therapy.

H/T LA Times