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Drake Eats Some Garbage Sushi, Forced To Cancel Show In Amsterdam

I don’t know what Amsterdam’s reputation with sushi is, but Drake gave it a shot for lunch and paid dearly for it.

According to TMZ, Drake had to cancel his Amsterdam show Tuesday after eating some “bad sushi.”

Apparently the sushi tore up Drake’s stomach so badly that he had to get immediate medical attention and could not go on stage for the 17,000 fans who waited 75 minutes before being told the rapper would not be performing.

The crowd was obviously upset, booing the hell out of the woman who was the bearer of bad news:

They even angrily threw stuff on stage:


To make matters worse, this is reportedly the 3rd time Drake has canceled a show in Amsterdam in the last three months. It’s almost like the universe doesn’t want him to perform there.

That, or maybe there is some truth to the tabloid rumors that Drake got too high to perform. It seems like that source has zero credibility, BUT, how is Drake going to roll into Amsterdam — the capital of dankness — get “sick,” and use the most generic, “it was bad sushi” excuse? That’s the adult equivalent of “My dog ate my homework.” Try to say that at work, and your manager’s going to look at you like you’re a lying sack of shit.

I’m sure he had a nice tummy ache, but the whole situation does sound a little sus.

Regardless, Drake’s going to give it another shot Wednesday night, and hopefully he stays away from seafood.

featured picture of sushi by Devour Power