IKEA Is Giving Out Free Instructions On How To Build Proper Gingerbread Furniture

Photo courtesy of IKEA Canada

With the holidays quickly approaching this upcoming week, we’re expecting many gingerbread homes opening up for tiny little gingerbread folk to move into on Christmas morning. 

IKEA Canada, however, is taking the furnishing of those homes quite seriously. So much, in fact, that they’ve released step by step instructions on how to properly construct gingerbread furniture. 

Photo courtesy of IKEA Canada

You can create bookshelves, chairs, beds, rugs, and even a dining room set, entirely out of gingerbread. 

All you need to do is print out the instructions, whip up some gingerbread cookie dough, and start molding and gluing your pieces together. 

Those eager to try their hand at building IKEA gingerbread furniture can download the printable instructions here. As someone who has a hard enough time with regular IKEA furniture, however, I’ll sit this one out and watch my nieces and nephews enjoy the holiday activity.

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For One Day, In-N-Out Will Open A Burger Pop-Up In Canada

Here in the West Coast, we’ve been spoiled with the abundant avaliablilty of In-N-Out Burger. At a whim, I could merge into a drive-thru and order up a 3×3 with Animal Style fries in a matter of minutes. We sometimes forget that it’s just not that easy in other parts of the continent.

For places like Metro Vancouver, you’d have to wait once a year to sink your teeth into a glorious Double Double. Next month the Langley Good Times Cruise-In, a massive charity event for fans of retro cars, will once again play host to the California-based burger chain.

According to the Daily Hive, In-N-Out will travel to Canada to spend a day serving burgers to hungry car enthusiasts by food truck. Fans eager to try In-N-Out will be able to order burgers throughout the day of the event.

Unfortunately, they won’t get the full experience though. While the previous years offered the chain’s famous burgers, accoutrements such as their fresh-cut fries and milkshakes have yet to make an appearance. Still, here’s hoping.

Those living in, or near, Vancouver who have yet to try In-N-Out may want to mark their calendars. The burger chain will be around only on Sept. 18. Proceeds from the In-N-Out burger sales will be donated to the Cruise-In charities.

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Pissed Off Woman Craps In A Tim Hortons, Flings It At Employee [WATCH]

Imagine being so mad at a fast food restaurant that you literally shit on their dining room floor, pick it up with your bare hands, and rifle it toward a poor employee.

That’s what happened at this British Columbia Tim Hortons after an employee denied the woman restroom access, Monday, according to The Province.

As crazy as this all sounds, it was all caught on surveillance video.

The poor employee can be seen trying to calm down the woman, but to no avail. Even as she pulled down her pants, he calmly got on the phone to call the police.

Then shit got serious.

After finishing her business in the middle of the floor, she grabbed the fecal matter she just produced and aimed right at the employee’s head.


The woman was detained by Langley RCMP, then later released, and there have been no charges filed as of now.

The poor employee doesn’t get paid enough to put up with this crap, and while it’s not evident in the video, we can only hope she missed.

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Cocky Chef Cooks A Deer In Front Of Angry Protesters [WATCH]

With a restaurant name like Antler Kitchen & Bar, this place is almost too easy of a target for animal rights activists.

A group of protesters stood outside the Canadian restaurant owned by Michael Hunter, and it probably wasn’t the type of attention he wanted around his establishment.

Guests inside the restaurant posted videos of the protesters, and seemed more amused than bothered, but Hunter still took a proactive next step to try and shoo away the picketers —a step that probably mortified the activists.

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Hunter grabbed a huge slab of deer meat, laid it on a table near the window where the picketers stood, and just started carving away to cook himself a nice medium-rare steak for dinner.

The protesters, who held signs that read “murder,” and “animals are not ours to use” were visibly and audibly disgusted, claiming that the chef was doing something illegal by prepping the meat in the dining area.

Police officers arrived on scene, probably because there was a large group of people causing a ruckus, but nothing escalated.

The chef ended up finishing his meal, and eating it in front of all the protesters, like a true gangster.

Antler is known for its Canadian wild game meat such as venison, boar, duck, and rabbit, and according to the Daily Meal, reservations have skyrocketed since videos of the incident started circulating.

This isn’t the first time Antler has seen protesters, as animal activists have proudly posted their displeasure in the past.

There is some serious shi.. hellhole out there I could’ve mentioned that @antlerkitchenbar menu looks like a scene from “Hannibal” but that’s not the point. Today while protesting we encountered quite an amount of people saying “Oh, but they’re selling wild meat which they’ve hunted, so it’s sustainable, better for the environment blah, blah, blah” Well, I have some news for you. No one hunted (or should I say “harvested”?) this meat. It’s illegal in Ontario to serve wild game in restaurants, so ALL these deers and boars were actually farmed. Yes, there is such a thing like deer, elk etc. farms and they’re not in any way different than, let’s say, beef farms. Animals are raised there as a livestock and killed for their meat while they’re only 1-2 years old. O, and they also serve rabbits and foie gras. Foie gras, Carl. In 2018. Did I say this place is a hellhole? #antlerkitchenbar #animalabusers

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When asked why he did it, Hunter told the Globe and Mail he was offended by the protesters acts, and decided to simply fight fire with fire.

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KFC Canada Wants You To Wrap Your Mouth Around This Waffle Double Down

We’ve tried fried chicken and waffle sandwiches before, but never one where the fried chicken pieces are the buns. Yes, exactly like the infamous KFC Double Down.

Brand Eating reports that KFC Canada is doing their own take on the iconic pairing of chicken and waffles with a new Waffle Double Down.

The Canadian exclusive sandwich features a Belgian waffle resting between two pieces of fried chicken and served with a special maple aioli sauce. Luckily, it doesn’t come with cheese because that may just be too much for us.

Fried chicken lover and fellow FOODBEAST Reach Guinto said:

“Sounds like a breakfast a lumberjack would wake up to.”

He’s not wrong. I could see myself enjoying this with some black coffee in my best red flannel shirt.

Residents of Canada can find the limited-time Double Down beginning March 26 where it will be available at participating KFC locations.

Wonder if any version of the Double Down will return to the US? Lowkey miss that ridiculous sandwich.

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13 McFlurry Flavors the US is Sorely Missing Out On

The McFlurry is arguably the best thing at McDonald’s as it combines ice cream, usually some sort of chocolate, and if you do it right, zero guilt. Yeah, everyone’s always trying to tell you to eat healthy, or whatever, but sometimes you have to just treat yo self. While we’ve learned to love the delicious Oreo and M&M’s McFlurry here in the U.S., it seems like the rest of the world really goes all out with its McFlurry flavors. Don’t believe me? Check out 13 insane McFlurry flavors you cannot get in the U.S.  


Chocolate Orange McFlurry – UK

Not quite sure how I feel about a citrusy fruit flavor mixed with my ice cream, but the U.K. seems to make it work with this Chocolate Orange McFlurry. Not only do they use Terry’s Chocolate Orange pieces, they also add a chocolate orange sauce in there, too.  


Chocolate Fudge Brownie McFlurry – Ireland

Ireland has done a Chocolate Fudge Brownie McFlurry, which sounds amazing. Brownies a la mode are always a winning combo, so just imagine bits of fudge brownie mixed into a McFlurry. Yes Ronald McDonald, take all my money!


Pirulin McFlurry – Venezuela

You’re probably not familiar with Pirulin, but simply put, it’s a hazelnut filled-wafer, and in Argentina, they’ll put those bad boys in a McFlurry. It’s almost like a crunchy Nutella wafer mixed with McFlurry ice cream. Yes, please.


Tiramisu McFlurry – Netherlands

Dat McFlurry❤ #tiramisumcflurry #mcflurry #mcdonalds #icecream #food

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Ice cream, coffee, and chocolate syrup. Is there any more perfect of a combination? You’d think Italy would have been all over this, but the beautiful creation can actually be found in the Netherlands.


Cadbury Creme McFlurry – Ireland, UK, Australia

I’ve been waiting all year for you. #Cadburymcflurry

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Cadbury eggs are a favorite around Easter time, and in spots like Ireland, the UK, and Australia they put those creamy little eggs inside McFlurries. The classic white and orange fondant filling, along with the chocolate shell sounds like a pretty good combo with the popular cold treat.


Pineapple Oreo McFlurry – Colombia

Yes, pineapple on pizza has been a hot debate for a while, but how do you feel about pineapple in ice cream? Colombia didn’t stop at the chunks of pineapple though, as they wanted to contrast the flavor with bits of Oreo.


Stroopwafel McFlurry – Netherlands

The Dutch treat, Stroopwafel, is a thin and crispy waffle biscuit that’s got a decadent caramel filling. They’re already addicting by themselves, but having them in a McFlurry just might be a crime. Yet in the Netherlands, this just translates to another way to treat yoself proper.


Galak McFlurry – Venezuela

Galak is probably another chocolate you’re not familiar with, but it’s made by Nestle and is found other countries such as Canada, Ireland, and Venezuela. This beautiful McFlurry has been spotted in Venezuela, and has pieces of the white chocolate to make us Americans all the more jealous.


Dulce de Leche McFlurry – Venezuela

One of the things I will miss the most… #DulceDeLecheMcflurry #Toddy

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OK, if you haven’t noticed by now, Venezuela’s McFlurry game is way more advanced than anything we have in the U.S. Dulce de leche is like a Latin American caramel that’s a little thicker, and has a slightly bolder taste. It tastes amazing combined with ice cream and cookie crumbles, so McD’s really found a sweet spot here.


Green Tea McFlurry – Malaysia

#greenteamcflurry 😍

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Green tea flavors have become all the rage over the last couple of years, so it should come as no surprise that there is a McFlurry version. McDonald’s in Malaysia took advantage of the world’s obsession with green tea and made this dream a reality.


Red Velvet Oreo McFlurry – Canada

We sometimes forget about red velvet until it’s February as the flavor represents Valentine’s love for some reason. Well, McDonald’s Canada takes full advantage of the the general population’s love for red velvet, and adds Oreos to it.


Bubblegum Squash McFlurry – Australia, New Zealand

The Bubblegum Squash McFlurry came and went like a thief in the night, and while it might sound like a questionable flavor, the Aussies must have liked it. There was even a petition to bring back the limited time flavor. Knowing McDonald’s, it will be back at some point, then take it away like the teases they are.


Prestigio McFlurry – Brazil

Hmmmm❤🍦 #mcflurryprestigio

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Prestigio is a Nestle chocolate that’s stuffed with coconut, almost like a Mounds bar or Almond Joy. Brazil mixed mini pieces of those chocolates into this McFlurry, because as we’ve learned, you can pretty much put anything into a McFlurry and it’ll probably give you a mouthgasm. Ugh, the FOMO is real with this flavor.

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For One Day, Tim Hortons Is Serving A Poutine Donut In The United States

Photo: Tim Hortons

Things are about to get a little more Canadian here in the United States — at least for one day.

In honor of Canada’s 150th Anniversary, US locations of Tim Hortons will be serving a donut that draws inspiration from our neighbor to the north.

The Poutine Donut is the chain’s signature Honey Dip Donut topped with potato wedges, gravy, and cheese curds. It will be available for about $1.49, depending on the region.

Other Canadian-inspired items include Maple Timbits (donut holes) and a Maple Bacon Iced Capp (frozen coffee). That’s a lot of maple.

Unfortunately, you can only get the exclusive donut on July 1. This means if you’re near a Tim Hortons and you’re a fan of poutine, don’t sleep on it.

Hopefully, if proven popular, Tim Hortons may think about adding the poutine donut to the menu, or at least extending its run of availability beyond a single day.

Culture Video

This Animated Short About Father & Daughter Cheesemakers Will Tug At Your Heartstrings

Slow acoustic covers of popular, upbeat songs somehow always make our hearts swell. Just as most dairy products do the same for our stomachs… but I digress.

A recent short film created by Dairy Farmers of Canada, titled Mia & Morton, tells the story of a father and daughter duo of cheesemakers.

Set to the tune of Rose Cousins’ acoustic piano cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop,” the short captures the spirit of a Pixar film without actually being Pixar. Without any dialogue, it highlights the father-daughter relationship and how Mia strives to become a cheesemaker like her father, though at the same time wanting to forge her own path.

We won’t spoil the rest for you, but if you have a few minutes during your day, we highly recommend you check out the heartwarming short film.

It’s pretty damn beautiful.