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Wienerschnitzel Is Now Selling Their Chili In A Can

There’s just something so addicting about fast food chili that makes me order it by the bowl, add some shredded cheese, and eat it straight with a spoon. If you’re one to devour Wienerschnitzel’s chili sauce, regardless of hot-dog shaped vessel, you can now get your hands on the hearty fast food stew by the can.

Wienerschnitzel is offering their iconic chili sauce in shelf-stable cans that you can order online. The 15-0unce cans are now sold online through Wienerschnitzel’s website and cost $5 each. Each can serves about seven people, or one really hungry chili lover.

You can eat the chili sauce by itself, or throw it on any food you think needs an added touch of chili — hot dogs, burgers, French fries. Personally, I would love a homemade breakfast burrito packed with Wienerschnitzel’s chili sauce.

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Fireman’s Brew Debuts A New IPA, Their First New Beer In Nearly A Decade


Fireman’s Brew, a popular LA-based craft beer company, just announced they will introduce a new beer for the first time in nearly a decade. The new brew will be a Fireman’s take on West Coast-style India Pale Ale.

The new Fireman’s IPA will feature a blend of Cascade, Columbus, Chinook, and Galena hops. With the introduction of the new IPA, Fireman’s Brew will also offer their product in new 16-oz cans.

Rob Nowaczyk, founder of Fireman’s Brew, said that the can will allow for greater access to activities once deemed impossible. Customers can now have the craft beer at concerts, tailgates, and other locations deemed “off-limits” for glassware. The beer will also be available at California-based venues like Dodger Stadium for those looking to enjoy an IPA while watching the game.

You can find the new IPA brew in late September at Total Wine & More locations and expect a nationwide release in Winter 2016.


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This ‘Cake In A Can’ Might Be The Prettiest, Most Convenient Dessert You’ll See

Patrons of BOA Steakhouse on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, CA, can now order a very convenient dessert they won’t have to wait around for someone to box up. The restaurant’s head pastry chef Joseph Kim created a dish he proudly calls ‘Cake In A Can’, which is exactly what it sounds like.
Cake In A Can features a carrot cake baked and assembled in a pristine tin can. Each component is stacked carefully and constructed as it’s made to order.
Chef Kim says he wanted to create a whimsical dessert for his menu.
BOA’s ‘Cake In A Can’ is covered with a cream cheese icing and decorated with chopped walnuts and micro greens to create a clever illustration of unpicked carrots in the ground.
Fellow Foodbeast Reach, who took the cake in a can home, had this to say about the novelty:
 I thought it was super convenient and really added to the novelty factor.
The dessert is a permanent staple of BOA, though the type of cake offered will be swapped out seasonally.
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Popeyes Now has Beer Can Chicken, Comes with Creamy Dip Sauce


For anyone that’s a fan of Beer Can Chicken, Popeyes is adding a new menu item inspired by the boozy poultry dish. Though sadly, we don’t think there were any actual beers used in the making of said chicken.

According to Popeyes, Beer Can chicken is all-white meat chicken breast that’s been partially cut into tenders. Bear claw, anyone? The meat is marinated slowly in a traditional beer can blend of seasons that include butter, lemon zest, rosemary, garlic and cayenne. The chicken is then hand-battered, breaded and deep-fried.

The Beer Can chicken is available at all participating Popeyes locations for $3.99 an order. This includes a biscuit, fries and a Creamy Cayenne dipping sauce. No word yet on how long the Beer Can Chicken is set to stay on the menu, but it’s looking like it’ll stay comfy at Popeyes at least through the fall.

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Aerosol Spray Cake Batter Is Like Miracle Cheez Whiz


Mama always said not to lick the spoon. She didn’t say anything about eating straight from the can.

As a school project back in 2013, Harvard student John McCallum was seeking out ways to “eat more cake” when he noticed someone spraying whipped cream from a can, reports the Boston Globe. The inspiration was instantaneous. McCallum decided to test if the accelerant used in aerosol cans could also be used to raise cakes without baking soda or baking powder, effectively creating instant cake batter Cheez-Whiz.

And here we are.

Sadly, McCallum went with the name Spray Cake instead of Cake Whiz, but the results from his months-long research and development are still pretty damn magical. Unlike traditional cake batter, Spray Cake can be made in the microwave in only a minute, and in as big or small portions as you’d like. It also apparently has the same mouthfeel as cakes baked in traditional ovens.

Now if you’d please excuse us, we’re gonna go spray this all over our cookie dough ice cream.

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Churro in a Can Exists and Nothing Else Matters.

churro in a can 600

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Beer Can Handle For Aluminum-Phobes

Beer Handle

Have you ever opened an ice cold beer on a hot day and realize that your hands are just too damn freezing to keep holding on to it? Maybe you need to man the hell up and drink your beer, or maybe you need one of these beer can handles to help you out. Arguably, it could make your drinking experience a little classier, not to mention avoid the entire condensation process.

The handle is available online for just 5 bucks a pop. Grab one and you could soon be drinking your beer like a boss.

Beer Can Handle, $5 @Fancy


Coca Cola Creates Hot Ginger Ale in a Can


When the weather gets cooler, you’ll pretty much buy anything that comes with orange and red, leaf-themed packaging. At least, that’s what Coca-Cola Japan is hoping. They’ve created “hot” Canada Dry Ginger Ale in a can, which comes in autumn-colored packaging. It also features some fancy tech to keep the drink carbonated while it heats up, an impressive feat that took the company four years to develop.

The drink itself sounds pretty tasty, like a fizzy, gingery hot toddy, with extra ginger and spices to make the recipe more suitable for cold weather. Hot Ginger Ale will be released in Japan on October 21 for 120 yen (US$1.20) a can, a little late in the game for fall specials (after all, the Pumpkin Spice Latte is already available).

So, tell us, would you try Hot Ginger Ale in a can

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