Craving: Bacon S'mores


As mentioned earlier, our camping trip allowed us to test many different combinations of food. Here we’re looking at the construction of two different bacon-centric s’mores. One with crispy bacon, roasted marshmallow and a couple sticks of Hershey’s chocolate. The other s’more is about to be decorated with equal ingredients, with the exception of swapping out the Hershey’s chocolate for an entire Reeses peanut butter cup. Eat on? Bacon S’mores. Tell your friends.


Pic of the Day: Marc The Lumberjack


Earlier this week, Taylor took me and the rest of the guys out for a nice couple days of camping up on Big Bear Lake. Here’s one of our self made food endeavors, a thick juicy steak, cooked over a camp fire and spread with a nice spinach parmesan dip. Of course, Marc’s meat would look like this. Eat on family. Eat on.