How To Make A S’MORES CONE Without Sweating Yourself


S’mores enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that you can now enjoy the campfire treat in a cone.

All you have to do is fill an ice cream cone with chocolate and marshmallows. When selecting your cone, try to find a waffle cone since it’s sturdier than the normal ones. Wrap everything in Reynolds Wrap to keep you S’mores Cone from falling apart and throw it over the heat for a few minutes.

Then, you simply unwrap your foil and enjoy your delicious S’mores Cone. More s’mores recipes can also be found here.


‘Banana Boat’ Puts Chocolate and Marshmallows in a Split Banana, Roasted Over an Open Fire



Yes, I Would Like to Sleep in a Giant Croissant – Thanks Japan!


Sometimes I wonder how journalism works in Japan. In J-school (the first J), you’re taught each story has to answer the five basic W’s: who, what, when, where and why, but after a while, isn’t it easier to stop asking and simply understand it’s “because Japan, that’s why”?


Japanese mail order company Felissimo is currently selling sleeping bags that look like bread and pastries and omelets for reasons probably having to do with Japan’s obvious obsession with cute things and less to do with a latent national desire to transform into desserts (we’re guessing).


Guaranteed to envelop you in a “feeling of happiness and fluffy,” these sleeping breads come in four different varieties, from toast pillows with red “jam” blankets to a swirly cornet sleeping bag with a brown “chocolate” blanket.

The entire four-piece collection is now available from Felissimo for ¥16,000 ($162).

Now if only they came out with a “Cronut” edition.

H/T + PicThx Design Taxi


Food Tents — Now You Can Sleep In a Sandwich, If You Want

If you’re going camping, there’s no need to not keep your style at an all time high. The UK-based design-forward brand Field Candy has a beautiful series of food tents, several of which scream out “awesome, now I’m hungry again.”

Everything from a giant sandwich, to a wedge of cheese your outdoor sleeping options just got the ultimate foodie treatment. These tents don’t come cheap, all of which priced over $600, they are made from fine materials and have a wealth of features including breathable cotton, extra strong pegs, a heavy duty zip, a large porch for beer and wet boots and awesome rain resistance in a spacious two person tent.

I always wanted to take a nap between two humongous pieces of toast. Am I alone on this?


Coleman Portable Propane Coffeemaker

If you’re going to be doing some camping this summer, or plan on brewing some coffee without access to a stove or outlet, this portable propane coffee maker has you covered. The unit operates on a single 16.4 oz propane cylinder and starts with the push of a button. The casing is an authentic stainless steel and gets up to 4,500 BTU for effective heating, getting you fresh brewed coffee in an advertised 18 minutes. Can run up to 4.4 hours on one 16.4 oz propane cylinder, making approximately 10 cups. ($89.99 @ Coleman)


Campfire Orange Cakes

Campfire Orange Cakes

Summer is upon us. Thousands upon thousands of foodies will partake in camping or beach activities this summer and FOODBEAST wants you to be the life of the campfire/bonfire. After the burgers and wieners are sitting in your friends’ bellies, someone will ask, “What’s for dessert?” And one of your friends will reply, ‘S’mores!’ and pull out the classic bag of marshmellows.

This is your chance to shine! You rise up from the smoke in your face from the campfire (even when the wind shifts right as you change your seat) and you bring a glorious new dessert to the outdoors! Forget ‘placing the mallow on the graham’ (you’re killing me smalls reference) for one night and return to the classic another day.

These campfire orange cakes were brought to you by Emily of Today’s Letters. Thanks Em!

1 box of Pillsbury Classic Yellow Cake Mix
1 cup of water
1/3 cup of oil
3 eggs
10-12 oranges (we used 2 and discarded the extra batter)

Campfire Orange Cake Ingredients

1. Using a knife, slice off the tops of the oranges about a half inch from the top. Be sure and save the tops since they will be used later on.

Campfire Orange Cake Sliced Orange

2. Hollow out the oranges like you would a pumpkin by scooping out the pulp with a spoon. (You can save this to eat or use to make fresh OJ). After preparing the cake batter according to directions, fill the oranges 3/4 full with the batter.

Cake Batter Orange

3. Place the tops back on the oranges and carefully wrap them in heavy duty Aluminum Foil.

4. Place the oranges directly into the campfire and cook for 15-20 minutes, rotating once or twice to ensure even cooking.

Orange Cake Campfire

5. Remove from the fire and check to see if they are fully cooked.



Kanz Presents: Field Kitchens

If you’re a camper or a next-level FOODBEAST, you’ll probably find some use with Kanz‘ line of Field Kitchens. No need to think too hard on this product, pretty much everything you need to cook up a storm is available in this compact carry package. The package is made of deep drawn marine-quality aluminum panels for light weight and high impact strength. The unit comes with optional legs that turn it into a free standing unit and a strong aluminum lid that can be folded back and doubles as a wind screen and serving tray. Comes in several varieties and has a myriad of available accessories (like an Ice Box), it definitely allows for growth into a nice portable kitchen system. ($595+ @ Kanz)



MSR 4 Flex System Cook Set


After going camping for the first time in my entire life not more than a few weeks ago, I realized the importance of bringing some cooking equipment along. The main issue came a long with how it would fit, especially when you’re camping and trying to travel light. With this MSR Flex 4 System Cookset you get 4 deep dish plates, 4 insulated mugs, a 3.2 liter nonstick DuraLite DX pot, a 5.3 liter hard anodized pot, 2 strainer lids and a removable pot handle. The best part of this entire kit as that everything breaks down and finds its way into the largest pot, which susbequently can fit in your duffel bag, weighs a grand total of less than 4 lbs and leaves room for the other necessities you’re going to need on your trip. Available for $160 on REI. Eat on campers. Eat on. (Thx CM)