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Camouflage Gum Backpack

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need gum fast, make sure you pull out your Camouflage Gum Backpack! Your reserve gum will come in handy when out on special operations like dinners and dates when you might need it the most! While we spotted this at a local liquor store, we did rummage around the web and find out you can pick them up on the cheap over at Shindigz. Enjoy!


Butch Bakery New York Cupcakes

Dude, I love cupcakes. Bro, cupcakes are girly, but they don’t have to be. Man, you need to get those pink sprinkles off of my cupcake. If you live in New York you can keep your masculinity levels up but still enjoy the finer things in life, like cupcakes. Butch Bakery makes guy-approved cupcakes like the Driller (maple cake, covered in back and loaded with milk-chocolate ganache) and Rum & Coke (rum soaked vanilla cake with cola bavarian cream) (Thx ButchBakery)