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Oreo Cakesters Return At The Last Blockbuster Video

Photo courtesy of OREO

Does anyone else remember Oreo Cakesters? They came out back in 2007 and were essentially a cake version of Oreos.

While the Oreo Cakesters were discontinued only a few years after their debut, the confection is making a quiet comeback and what better way to experience said comeback than by partnering up with the Last Blockbuster.

Blockbuster patrons were surprised Jan. 7, with the redesign of the store’s marquee, co-branding Oreo Cakesters. Within the store, the walls are covered with Cakester-themed movie posters and Cakesters were served to customers in retro VHS-style packaging.

Photo courtesy of OREO

But you don’t have to travel to the last Blockbuster to get your hands on some. Cakesters officially hits retailers’ shelves this week.

Man, I remember many summer nights where all I had were a few bags of Cakesters and some Blockbuster rentals.
The memories.

Photo courtesy of OREO