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Cakesters Are Back After 10 Years In Nutter Butter and OREO Flavors

It’s been about a decade since the public has seen Cakesters on store shelves, but thankfully Nabisco listened to the calls for their return. And who could blame them? Ten years of craving the soft-baked take on Nabisco’s traditional cookies is a long time.

Cakesters are officially back and will be available in Nutter Butter and OREO varieties. Both of their respective flavors are baked into the soft cookie and luscious creme filling, ensuring in an indulgent, snackable bite.

Cakesters will be a permanent addition to the OREO and NUTTER BUTTER portfolios and available nationwide beginning in 2022. If you’re understandably not trying to wait that long for them, go follow OREO on social for launch updates and the chance to win an exclusive, early Cakesters sample before they arrive next year.