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Hilarious Toilet Paper Cakes Are Now A Thing

toilet paper cake

Photo: @asap_dombroski

Due to recent overzealous hoarding during the covid-19 pandemic, toilet paper has been a rare find at the store these days — unless you look in the baked goods section. That’s because toilet paper-themed cakes have now begun to pop up at various groceries and bakeries everywhere.

The cheeky cakes have been spotted at Albertson’s locations in Southern California as well as a ShopRite supermarket in New Jersey. Bakeshops are also getting in on the trend, with spots like B.Candy in Corona Del Mar, CA making toilet paper mini cakes and Two Fat Cookies in Delray Beach, FL serving up toilet paper cupcakes.

“Our toilet paper cupcakes sold out like wildfire,” gushed Two Fat Cookies.

I guess even toilet paper cakes are getting snatched off of shelves with the quickness, too, then. Hopefully the re-stock will be a lot quicker than the real ones.

Spotted: Toilet Paper Cakes at an Albertson’s in Orange County, CA

With the pandemic gravely affecting business for many small establishments in the restaurant industry, many have had to get creative to stay afloat. In this case, these shops are offering some levity to the situation, because in these uncertain times, humor can go a long way to keep spirits encouraged.


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Your Favorite Childhood Snacks Just Grew Up At This Whimsical Bakehouse

Sometimes, all we need to bring us back to our youth is for a nostalgic flavor to unlock the memories of our childhoods.

That’s what Hollywood’s Cake Monkey is all about. The bakery is home to desserts that tug on your sentimental heartstrings with its menu of high-end desserts inspired by childhood snacks and miniature layer cakes.

Essentially, it’s all of your favorite retro snacks grown up.

We spoke to head baker and co-owner Elizabeth Belkind to learn more about her pastry-driven journey and what led her to Cake Monkey.

“I was born in Mexico City, and my family was originally from Russia and Poland.” she said. “We moved to the U.S. in 1982.”

At the University of Michigan, Belkind got a masters in Russian studies.

“I got to travel to Russia and was fascinated with the country and the culture, it was so different from what we know here. I got hooked, and for a while, I was obsessed with it. It was a huge journey of self-discovery, but also discovering a world that’s completely different from ours.”

This eventually led to her work helping re-settle immigrants and Holocaust survivors who immigrated to the U.S.

“It was different from what I’m doing now for sure,” she told FOODBEAST.

While a noble career path, it just wasn’t for her and Belkind left Michigan immediately after she graduated.

“I loved my work, but did not like being at a desk in an office,” she explained. “I decided to move to California and start anew in a career that was much more dynamic, and where my days would be spent creatively.”

That career, it turns out, was in food.

“I liked being on my feet and the rush of working in a kitchen,” she laughed.

Belkind went to culinary school and began working as a line cook at Campanile — her first job in food. There, she met Roxanna Jullapat (now of Friends and Family) who inspired her to take up pastries.

“Her station was right next to mine, and I would watch her every night.” said Belkind.

Watching Chef Julepat work awakened something in her and Belkind asked herself:

“Why in the world am I doing what I’m doing, grinding lobster shells and veal bones and stinking, and she’s doing something so different, fun, and luscious?”

Belkind requested to change stations soon after and trained under Kim Boyce, the then pastry chef at Campanile.

Cue the passage of time.

After leaving her first restaurant, Belkind spent the next few years honing her pastry skills, working as the pastry chef at Grace restaurant.

“We started a Wednesday night donut shop at Grace, where we would change the dessert menu to just donuts,” she said.

“It was a humongous hit,” she told us. “It really helped put my name out there. It kind of became my trademark all of a sudden —  I was making donuts and kind of like American nostalgic desserts.”

When she left Grace, Belkind came across an ad on Craigslist that said:

Wanted: Chef who must love cake.

Already looking to start her own businesses and having saved up some money, Belkind answered the ad where she met her future partner Lisa Olin.

Six months after meeting, the two started Cake Monkey.

The idea behind Cake Monkey was thanks to Olin, who wanted to highlight refined pastries inspired by childhood snacks. Belkind, who was known for her creativity and elegance in pastry work, was tasked with bringing those snacks to life — a task which she pretty much nailed.

Popular items include: Pop Pies (a take on Pop-Tarts), Big O’s (Oreos), Miniature Cakes, El Rollos (Ho-Hos) and Inside Out S’mores.

It’s been quite a journey for Belkind since beginning her first job on the line. With her own team at Cake Monkey, Belkind told us her absolute favorite thing about coming into work.

“I love when I see my team excelling at what they’re doing and nailing the product,” she says. “It’s such a struggle to communicate your idea to someone else and have someone execute it perfectly and when it happens, it’s the best thing ever.”

Cake Monkey is currently based out of Los Angeles, with a production facility located in North Hollywood. Belkind says a second storefront is soon to open in Westlake Village. If you’re ever looking to rekindle the wistful tastes of your adolescence, you need to check Cake Monkey out.

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Milk Bar’s Weekend Pop-Up Gives Us A Taste Of The New LA Location

Earlier this year, Los Angeles received some fantastic news as chef Christina Tosi announced that she would be opening a new West Coast location of her Milk Bar concept.

Milk Bar gained notoriety in New York nearly a decade ago for its innovative desserts like crack pie, compost cookies, and ice cream made with cereal milk.

Over the weekend, a pop-up was held in LA giving us a glimpse at what’s the come this following year.

In a collaboration with Jon & Vinny’s, Milk Bar held their first-ever LA pop up in the backyard of the Italian eatery.

Guests got to try desserts they wouldn’t normally be able to get their hands on here in Southern California, with Tosi herself there to talk about her menu.

It was divine.

Milk Bar then moved closer to downtown on Saturday and Sunday and set up shop at the popular 29 Rooms and Smorgasburg LA where a larger crowd was able to try Tosi’s dessert menu.

With Milk Bar’s first-ever California popup wrapped, residents now have something to tide them over a bit until the brick-and-morter spot officially opens up in the not-too-distant future.

Until then, Chef Tosi is welcome back anytime.

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Irish People Try American Pancakes For The First Time [WATCH]

The problem with American pancakes is that once you crave them, you’ll stop at nothing to get your hands on some. Once you take those first few fluffy bites drenched in maple syrup, however, you find yourself stuffed and can’t carry on any further. Or maybe that’s just us.

As part of a balanced breakfast, the folks over at Facts got a group of Irish folks together to try different kinds of American pancakes for the first time. Pancakes variations include blueberry, red velvet, strawberry cheesecake, and bacon & maple syrup.

Watch them try American pancakes in the below video:

Irish pancakes are described as more like crepes in the video, much thinner than their US counterparts. In other words, the US breakfast dish may be a tad more filling.

Check out the video above to see how the panel reacts to the different types of American pancakes. Actually, pancakes don’t sound too bad right now. Hopefully I can eat more than a couple bites before throwing in the towel, though.

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Volcano Cakes Are The Latest Food Trend Taking Over Instagram Feeds

A post shared by Nawar’s Bakery (@nawarsbakery) on

One of my favorite scenes in the rom-com classic My Big Fat Greek Wedding is when Maria, the mother, is presented with a bundt cake. Not knowing what to do with the hole in the middle, she eventually fills it with a potted flower. While decorations are creative, I hypothesize that if Maria knew about these volcano cakes, she would’ve made one instead.

A post shared by foodyfetish (@foodyfetish) on

Volcano cakes are currently a major food trend on Instagram. Instagrammers have been sharing videos of these explosive cakes opening up to reveal a gooey surprise in the center.

You can make your own by filling the center of a bundt cake (or similar cakes) with a chocolate or caramel sauce. Decorate the cake to hide that there’s a hole in the middle, then cut into it and let the food porn flow.

These cakes are going so viral because you don’t expect the center to collapse until the last possible second. It’s a clever disguise that takes viewers by surprise, which accounts for how they’ve been going viral so quickly.

While it’s not entirely clear where the trend began, videos of the cakes can be traced to as far back as late May. Viral videos of volcano cakes appeared a couple of weeks ago, though, so that’s likely when the mania really began.

It’s definitely a fun food porn fad, and not overly colorful as the unicorn or rainbow food trends have been. I’m definitely down with these decadent cakes taking over my Instagram feed for a while.

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This Is The World’s First Edible ‘Operation’ Board Game And It Actually Works

Playing Milton Bradley’s popular Operation board game was an ordeal for us as a kid. Not only were our hands constantly shaking, but we got pretty squeamish at anything related to surgery. The thought of sticking pliers into a grown man’s abdomen for the purpose of entertainment just didn’t sit well with us.

There’s a new version of the iconic board game, however, that’s a little sweeter to swallow than its plastic predecessor.

Food scientist Ann Reardon from YouTube series How To Cook That, created a fully-functioning Operation cake that kids can both play with and eat. She uses a plethora of sweet ingredients including chocolate, cake, jam, and Twizzlers to bring this classic game to life.

During the creation of the sugary pastime, Reardon wires the cake to replicate the voices and buzzing sounds Operation is famous for. The wiring, obviously, is the only part of the dessert that shouldn’t be eaten.

Check out the video to see exactly how to make an edible cake version of Operation. Maybe if we had this when we were younger we would enjoy playing it a little more.

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There’s A Dessert Fest In LA This Weekend And It’s A Sugar Filled Paradise

Got a sugar-thirsty sweet tooth? Don’t we all.

Time Out L.A. is taking advantage of those who are forever down for desserts with their Dessert Fest happening this Sunday, April 30. Attendees will have access to some of LA’s most tempting treats, all in one sitting.

The Time Out L.A. editors asked eight local restaurants and bakeries to serve up their most popular desserts for the event, and thus, Sunday they will be doing just that at Studio 11. The participating vendors include: Magnolia Bakery, Ococoa, Lady M Cake Boutique, Erin McKenna’s Bakery, SpireWorks, The Walrus and the Hedgehog, Wanderlust Creamery, and Pop Champagne Bar & Restaurant.

Magnolia Bakery

Kate Wertheimer, Editor at Time Out Los Angeles, says:

“At Time Out we’re dedicated to discovering the best of the city—whether that’s bars, theater, comedy, art or the very best dishes. L.A. has some great restaurants that are getting super creative with their desserts—whether baked, fried or frozen—so to celebrate our favorite sweet treats, we’re crowning L.A.’s very best. I promise that this will be every foodies’ perfect day filled with delicious, decadent goodness, and a few surprises, too.”

The Walrus and the Hedgehog


Tickets are between $25-$35 and will get you tastings from each participating restaurant plus two complementary beers from Peroni Nastro Azzurro.

For more information and to book your ticket, visit:

Check out more of the goodies from the Fest below:

Magnolia Bakery


POP Champagne Bar

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These Mirror Glaze Cakes Reflect On The Inner Sweet Tooth In All Of Us

Mirror, mirror glaze, on the wall… who’s the flyest cake of them all?

Probably this one. I mean it’s like the marble flooring of the cake world.

What is it that goes on internally within ourselves that makes these perfectly glazed desserts to get us all googley-eyed and say: “Oooooh, shiny!”

While it looks like a master-class technique of dessert decorating, the steps to producing your own Instagram model of cakes is not all that difficult. All it takes is a timely pour of liquid gelatin and some creativity (and I guess some dope lighting).

Two-Tier Turnaround

The only thing this glaze pour is missing is the slow motion capture and some 90’s love-making R&B music (Cue Ginuwine).

A Whale-Executed Cake

Whale, whale, whale! What have we here… everything you could ever want in this nautical themed glaze pour, plus whale more. Okay I’ll stop with the lame puns before this article capsizes.

Sapphire Specialty

A post shared by @glanez_cake on

Remember what I said about sick lighting? The perfect lighting on this cake just accentuates the glossiness, making the dessert a real gem.

Moana Vibes

A post shared by Vua-Lá (@vualabakery) on

The first thing I thought of after seeing this was the ending of Moana, where that giant Earth goddess comes through and makes everything green again. But this is better than the movie… cause this one’s edible.

Galactic Glaze

This is your brain on drugs. Or it’s just a cool cake.

Emoji of a Wave

I’m pretty sure this tastes as good as a John Mayer song sounds — or more appropriate than using the wave emoji in your next text message.

Lifesavers Creme-Savers or Cake?

A post shared by Анна (@anitasun27) on

Google it. I miss those things. Lifesavers is fucking up by not bringing those back into existence. But it may be for the best since I’ve deduced that they were more than likely the cause of my many cavities back in the day.

Trap Tasty

A post shared by James Negus (@jjnegus) on

Whipped up in the kitchen probably by Future, this Lean-flavor… kidding. I’m pretty sure it’s blackberry.