This Terrifying Elsa Cake Probably Ruined A Little Girl’s Birthday Party


With the popularity of Frozen, Elsa-shaped cakes are probably one of the most requested by little girls around the world, but once in a while, the baker probably says, “Screw it,” and pulls this frightening decoration.

A Reddit user posted the photo below, saying they expected the cake shown on the left. What they actually got resembled the sausage lady in Beerfest, or the lunch lady that intimidated you all through third and fourth grade.


Thankfully, it wasn’t a store-bought cake, but was baked with the help of a tutorial site called McGreevy Cakes.

Sure, baking cakes beyond the standard rectangular ones you find at the Kroger bakery can be challenging, but whoever baked this one probably should have hit the reset button.

While the attempt was valiant, next time just fork over the extra cash for a cake that won’t scare the crap out of an entire party of six-year-olds.

h/t mashable