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How Caffeine Keeps Us Awake, Explained In A Whimsical Animated Short

Have you ever wondered how the world’s most widely-used drug works? While some of us consume caffeinated beverages on a daily basis as if it were water, we don’t actually know what it does to keep us awake on our morning commute.

Ted-ED created a whimsical animated short that explains in detail the science behind caffeine.

The video (which can be seen above) explains the origins of the chemical, how it acts as a stimulant for the nervous system, and how caffeine blocks the body’s sleep-inducing molecule adenosine. Ted-Ed also goes into deeper detail on the positive and negative affects of the chemical stimulant.

So now the next time you’re about to down a hot cup of coffee, trying to keep awake after a night of restless sleep, you’ll know exactly that your body goes through once that first drop of coffee touches your lips.

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44 Airlines Reveal Exactly What Coffee They Serve On Flights

We never really thought about the different types of coffee that airlines would serve. The only times we really ask for a steamy cup of the caffeinated beverage is during the tail-end of red eye flights, and at this point any form of caffeine is more than welcome.

Dripped Coffee created a massive infographic that details the exact coffee brands served on 44 different commercial airlines from around the world.

If you’re one to be picky over the brands of coffee you fuel yourself with, definitely check out this infographic and adjust your airlines accordingly.

Grab yourself a cup of java, a few packets of sugar, and a splash of creamer and enjoy this beautifully designed infographic. It seems Nescafé and Illy are pretty popular internationally.

Coffee Served on 44 Airlines Around the World

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Elon Musk’s Former Caffeine Addiction Is Absolutely Terrifying

Photo: OnInnovation on Flickr

Apparently, being a genius billionaire entrepreneur like Elon Musk requires some serious levels of caffeine intake.

A 2007 report from Inc. recently uncovered by Business Insider reveals that while Musk was getting Tesla and SpaceX off the ground, he was working a grueling 100 hours a week and gutting through the entire process through the power of caffeine. On a regular day, he used to go through EIGHT cans of Diet Coke, plus a few large cups of coffee, every single day.

A regular can of Diet Coke has 42 mg of caffeine per can, meaning that on just the soda alone, Musk was consuming a whopping 334 mg every single day. And that’s before factoring in the large cups of coffee, each of which can have up to 410 milligrams of caffeine. Considering that adults are recommended to only ingest 400 mg of caffeine daily, it’s safe to say Musk was WAY over that limit.

For Elon, that caffeine intake amount was so bad that he felt like he was losing his peripheral vision because of how wired he was. Thank God he didn’t overdose on caffeine during that time, since it’s likely that he could have with all of that consumption. Nowadays, he’s done an about-face on intake, putting caffeine-free Diet Coke in the office to help his intake go down.

While we probably will never work for the same amount of time in a week that Elon Musk was back in 2007, we can all learn from him on one crucial life lesson: Don’t overdo it on the caffeine.

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Teen’s Death From Consuming Too Much To Caffeine Is A Warning To Us All

I know that caffeine is something that fuels a lot of us in this modern day and age, but you have to make sure to monitor and limit your intake of this substance. You don’t wanna end up like this teenager.

South Carolina high school sophomore Davis Cripe collapsed in the middle of class about a month ago and passed away at a local hospital. After a detailed autopsy, Richland County Coroner Gary Watts attributed Cripe’s death to a massive overdose of caffeine after the teenager consumed a large diet Mountain Dew, a latte, and an energy drink within two hours before he collapsed at school due to a “cardiac event.”

“It was so much caffeine at the time of his death, that it caused his arrhythmia,” Watts told WYFF 4 News.

Caffeine overdoses are definitely an issue in the United States, where caffeine sends 20,000 patients to the hospital per year, according to CBS News medical contributor Dr. David Agus. Based on our love of coffee and energy drinks to power us through a regular day, it’s pretty clear why this can happen.

Hopefully, Davis Cripe’s death sends out a message to everyone to be wary and cautious when consuming caffeine. Cripe’s father, Sean, gave his own two cents on what parents should do in light of his son’s tragic passing.

“Parents, please talk to your kids about the dangers of these energy drinks.”

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13 Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Coffee [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s 5 in the morning and you’re about to start your work day. The only problem is the Sandman is still whispering sweet nothings into your ear as you brush your teeth and prepare for that exhausting commute.

You need coffee.

Have you ever wondered why your brain automatically craves coffee so much more than any other caffeinated alternative? Dripped Coffee created an infographic that details 13 specific reasons why people need to have their coffee fix to start the day, including quick pick me ups as well as long-lasting health benefits.

Check out the infographic below. If you want to read more about these 13 benefits in detail, you can check them out here.

13 Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Coffee

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8 Weird Ways To Get Your Caffeine Buzz

Let’s be honest with ourselves, there are some mornings when your venti latte just isn’t enough. So what do you do when you need to be in high gear and your body just isn’t up for it? The obvious answer: consume more caffeine. Like air, food, and water, caffeine is a daily staple for many of us, and the results can be disastrous if you try to face the workday without your trusty cup of java. But if you’re looking to nix the coffee breath from your third (or fourth, or fifth) cup o’ joe, sometimes you have to think outside the mug. Put the espresso shot down and try one of these eight bizarre ways to get your caffeine fix instead.

Beef Jerky

This caffeinated snack couldn’t have a better name. This “Perky Jerky” (brilliance) has 150 milligrams of caffeine per bag, which is more than enough to get you through your 2 PM slump. Plus, at only $5.99 a bag, you’re essentially spending what you would on your Starbucks order, let’s be real. This jerky isn’t just a boost of the good stuff, it’s also a lean, protein-enriched snack that will keep you full and focused throughout your day.


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Most caffeine-heads are no stranger to caffeinated gum, the most popular on the marketing being Jolt chewing gum. A six-pack of these little wonders is a pricey $10.20, but those six pieces of gum are equivalent to 36 cups of coffee… if 36 cups of coffee were injected right into your bloodstream and gave you minty fresh breath. We think it evens out in the long run.


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It’s official, caffeine is now a fashion statement. The popular Indiegogo campaign for the first ever caffeinated bracelet, called Joule, wrapped up to great success. Joule is a tech startup based out of Canada and (considering it raised almost $75,000 during its campaign) will soon be bringing its wonders internationally. Essentially, this bracelet is a big caffeine patch that administers caffeine right into your bloodstream, all while looking trendy and saving you 20 minutes of waiting in the coffeehouse line. And at only $55 dollars a pop, there is nothing wrong with that people. Nothing wrong at all.


Looking for a light mid-day snack or something to keep you awake during a late-night movie? Your regular buttered popcorn is all well and good, but why not opt for some supercharged popcorn instead? That’s right, there is such a thing as caffeinated popcorn. And now everything is right with the world. The popcorn, called BioFUEL, offers regular caffeinated varieties for $3.49 or supercharged caffeinated varieties for $3.99. They also offer a kids’ decaffeinated popcorn for $2.99… which would mean it’s just regular popcorn. Nice try.

Jelly Beans

This sweet snack will never be the same once you get your hands on Extreme Sports Beans Jelly Beans. As if jelly beans weren’t already addictive enough. Meant for pre- and post-workouts, you can choose from watermelon and cherry flavors to gorge yourself on. A regular pack is $24.99 or you can bulk up with a double pack for $47.99. I’m anxiously waiting for them to expand to blueberry and buttered popcorn flavors.


This one probably has you rolling your eyes. Between the natural caffeine from the chocolate and the rush from the sugar, a dessert like a brownie will obviously get you a little buzz. But these brownies aren’t in the business of “a little buzz.” They mean business. Called A Snack to the Face (again BRILLIANT), these brownies are infused with “pharmaceutical-grade caffeine” and are sold in batches of a half dozen at only $17. A dessert with a cup of coffee baked into it? Umm, I’ll take all of them, please.

Gummi Bears

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Cute and squishy gummi bears with a serious kick. Grown up gummi bears, if you will. These Energy Gummi Bears, which come in citrus or berry, are packed with B and C vitamins, anti-oxidants, natural caffeine sources, and protein. Not only do you get your daily dose of caffeine, but you get a slew of other amazing health benefits, plus the always-fun experience of eating gummi bears.


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Too busy drinking coffee to brush your teeth? Too busy brushing your teeth to have your morning coffee? You don’t have to choose anymore! Now you can actually get a caffeine rush while brushing your teeth. This is the beginning of a beautiful new era for the multitaskers among us. Power Toothpaste, the first caffeinated toothpaste, just wrapped up a successful Indiegogo campaign in early March of last year, raising over 103% of what they intended on raising. Caffeine that not only gives you a high, but cleans your teeth, too? Sign us up.

Coffee Gummies

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Ever taken a spill with your coffee in hand? This shudder-inducing thought was the inspiration for Go Cubes, coffee gummies that was just recently funded on Indiegogo. These gummies come in three different flavors (Pure Drip, Mocha, and Latte) and are already killing it with pre-sales. So if gummy bears and coffee are tied for your two favorite snacks, you need to stock up on these magic cubes RN.

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7 Things That Tell You You’re Way Too Dependent On Caffeine

Some people get their energy from positive people or good vibes. You, however, are not one of those people, because you get your energy in the form of any and everything caffeinated. Tea, coffee, chocolate, soda — you’re an addict and you aren’t afraid to admit it. Here are a few ways to know that you’re way too dependent on caff— er, we mean, here are a few ways to know that you’re a caffeine enthusiast!

You drink coffee, tea, or both — neither is NOT an option.

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Coffee connoisseurs get upset when people say they prefer tea over coffee. Tea tasters roll their eyes at coffee enthusiasts, categorizing them all into basic PSL lovers. Caffeine fiends, however, love any and all drinks. Whether their caffeine comes in the form of a bean or a leaf, caffeine-free drinks are just not acceptable. Seriously though, when’s the last time we’ve had just plain water? Yikes.

You drink coffee more as a routine, not because you need it.

Wake up, press the snooze button a few times, brush teeth, turn on coffee machine, get dressed, drink coffee, start the day. Your morning routine without coffee is a thing of the past, and you need to go through the motions of pouring yourself a cup and inhaling that coffee smell to really get your day going. Does the caffeine help physically? Who knows. Does it help mentally? ABSOLUTELY.

Withdrawals occur anytime you haven’t had caffeine, even if it’s just for ten minutes.

Moments in the day that you don’t have sugar or coffee in your hands are moments of weakness. Without caffeine, even for a few minutes, your life begins spiraling downwards and your withdrawals range anywhere between irritable AF to crashing on your desk for a few minutes. You basically need caffeine just to stay alive.

You can drink an energy drink and then take a nap easily.

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To some, energy drinks save lives. They can take a few chugs of a Monster and be set for a cram session for their final the next day. For you, however, energy drinks are just another beverage choice to go along with your afternoon snack or evening meal. You’re just a Rockstar when it comes to drinking energy drinks, and most people think you’re wingin’ it #redbull.

You travel with your own Keurig pods in your purse.

You swear this is just because you have your own preferred flavor of choice, but we all know that’s a lie. You keep a Keurig coffee (or tea!) pod in your bag for any and all caffeine emergencies, but you also constitute “1:15pm” as a caffeine emergency. You dream of finding a random Keurig and popping your emergency pod in there, because that thought is more realistic to you than imagining a day without caffeine.

Some people like shots of alcohol. You prefer yours in the form of espresso.

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You might have partied hard in college, handle pulling for days, drinking mysterious concoctions out of red cups, and taking shot after shot of cheap vodka. However, you’re (sort of) an adult now, and the only shots that you’re interested in are espresso. The best part about these shots is that you don’t need to drink them at a party setting for it to be socially acceptable. As Lil Jon once might have exclaimed, “Espresso SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS, EVERYBOOODAAAY!”

Your barista gives you your extra shots for free because you’ve already paid for a lifetime supply of them with all the drinks you’ve bought.

Extra shots in your drinks are a bit pricey but 200% necessary. However, you visit the coffee shop more times than you visit your parents within a year, and you’re basically in a committed relationship with your barista. After your 100th consecutive drink with your extra three shots of espresso, your barista doesn’t even charge you.

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Wake Up, Turn Up: New Alcoholic Cold Brew Is Coming In May

It seems like alcohol and coffee collaborations are quickly becoming the hot new trend this year. We reported a few months ago that Jack Daniels whiskey-flavored coffee was available for folks to buy and brew at home. More recently, wine-infused coffee was also making a debut in Napa, CA, this year.

Now, we’re getting the first-ever alcoholic cold brew.

Bad Larry’s Cold Hard Coffee is set to hit stores in the midwest United States this May. The alcoholic cold brew coffee in a can will boast 6% ABV (Alcohol by Volume) as well as 180mg of caffeine. The beverage is said to be the first-ever amalgam of cold brew coffee and alcohol that can be purchased at grocery retailers.

The coffee was sourced from local coffee brewer Blackeye Roasting Co. and was steeped for more than 16 hours and infused with nitrogen before undergoing the canning process.

You can find the beverage at participating beverage retailers in the midwest United States beginning this May.