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Starbucks Under Fire After Traces Of Poop Found In Ice At Multiple U.K. Locations

You might want to stay away from coffee shops in the U.K., as a BBC investigation found fecal matter in three of the most popular brewers there, including Starbucks.

After visiting 10 different Starbucks locations, the investigation found that three out of 10 ice samples at these locations contained traces of fecal bacteria.

They also tested the ice at Caffe Nero, finding fecal matter in seven out 10 samples, while finding bacteria in 30 percent of Costa Coffee’s ice.

Of course, as anyone who has taken even a basic statistics class can tell you, this is an extremely small sample size, but it at least highlights a problem we didn’t know existed.

This could just be a U.K. problem, but when a global name like Starbucks is involved, you can’t help but worry about how it affects your local Starbucks, especially after highly publicized E. Coli outbreaks over the years.

Starbucks said it will be doing a deep investigation of its own, so we should soon find out what the deal is.