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Plant-Based Chicken Nuggets Are Coming To School Cafeterias Nationwide

When kids across the United States walk into their school cafeterias to start the 2019-2020 school year, many may find plant-based chicken nuggets as a brand new meal option.

Photo courtesy of Don Lee Farms

Don Lee Farms, one of the top three suppliers of protein for school lunch programs, is adding the vegan chicken substitute to its offerings. They serve most major and many small school districts in the United States, with the total they supply numbering in the thousands. Their decision to start incorporating plant-based nuggets came as both an option for sustainability and cost. “In most cases, our price for these items are at or below what chicken nuggets cost schools today,” president Donald Goodman said in a statement.

These nuggets are apparently comparable in taste and texture to real chicken nuggets, and give schools a plant-based option kids already love that is more environmentally friendly and even cheaper than meat. Given how important it is for vegan replicas to become cheaper than the real thing, the fact that a processed meat like chicken nuggets has a cheaper plant-based substitute now is monumental.

Schools will be able to purchase the plant-based nuggets to add to their cafeteria menus starting this summer.

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Footage Of This Nasty, Chunky Milk Will Remind You How Terrible School Lunches Are

If you miss your high school cafeteria lunches, you’re either insane, or somehow had decent lunches served for you. If you’re like most normal people, you remember how gross, soggy, and barely edible the food used to be.

It seems like that trend hasn’t slowed down, as a video of some gloppy chocolate milk has gone viral, leaving people sick to their stomach.

You’d think the milk would be the one safe haven of the lunch options, but apparently not, as a high schooler in Catskill, New York took video of his chunky milk.

The video removed the original credit, probably to keep the kid from getting in trouble, but the footage is out there, and it’s gross.

The Reddit post claims that the school has done nothing about it, but hopefully the health department was called, so at the very least, they can make sure everything is square at the school. And maybe we should encourage kids to be more proactive about this, they don’t deserve to be eating this nastiness. Somebody should call the health department–maybe that somebody is you, here’s the number for Greene County Health Dept 518-719-3600. No, seriously, that’s the number. I’m sure they’d love to hear everyone’s concern.

Schools should be serving decent food. Period.


NY Elementary School Cafeteria Goes 100% Vegetarian

vegetarian school

Public School 244 is the first elementary school in New York to adopt an all-vegetarian menu, with animal-welfare group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals saying it might be the first veggie-only public elementary school in the nation.

Of course, the transition didn’t happen overnight. When the school opened in 2008, the cafeteria began serving vegetarian meals three days a week.

“We then started to try out recipes with small groups of students, see what they liked, see what they didn’t like,” the school’s Principal and Co-Founder Bob Groff told ABC News. The recipes turned out to be a hit, according to Groff, and the feedback from students encouraged the staff to expand meat-free meals to four days a week. Eventually, the school adopted an all-vegetarian menu in January.

So what’s for lunch? The kids get an array of creative and healthy options from tofu vegetable wraps to black bean and cheddar quesadillas with a side of salsa and roasted red potatoes. No questionable mystery meat or cardboard Cheez Whiz pizza here.

Of course, if the students don’t dig the new grub, they’re still welcome to bring their own lunches containing meat. Phew.

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