Cadbury’s Creme Egg Cafe Is Opening And Its ALL Creme Egg Dishes

Cadbury, the chocolate and candy company, born and raised in the UK since 1879, is about to give everybody in London diabetes with their new Creme Egg Cafe opening on January 22.

The cafe will be a pop-up, meaning it will only be around for a short time. Cadbury plans to close its doors on March 6, though reopening them again in another location at a later date is not out of the question.

The cafe will be comprised of three floors, each offering a glimpse into the world of Cadbury and its endless possibilities.

The first floor will be simple, selling Creme Egg Toasties for people on the go or simply trying to fuel up on some creamy, chocolatey sugar before work. For those who don’t know, a toastie is basically the British version of a panini. Traditionally, the edges of the toastie are grilled into each other in order to seal the contents within the sandwich, keeping the contents warm and your fingers clean(er).

The second floor will feature the main restaurant, offering all creme egg-based dishes along with tables that can be reserved, and should be, considering how packed the restaurant will be from open to close. Walk-ins will be allowed, but availability will be an issue, so they are not recommended.

The third and final floor will simply be a ball pit for people to splash around in when life gets them down. Frankly, it’s a genius move by Cadbury, since people will now have a place to expel all the energy they’ll have after eating any of the sugar-packed meals available to them.

I think I speak for many when I say that I’ve never been more egg-cited for a restaurant than I am now.

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Watch Ed Sheeran Serenade Adorable Kitties In A Cat Cafe


Last year, English musician Ed Sheeran took a trip to Japan. There, he visited one of the cat cafes that have been growing in popularity. What better venue for such a superstar than a room full of cats?

Overwhelmed with the amount of cuteness that surrounded him, Sheeran whipped out his guitar and began to perform his famous song “Thinking Out Loud” to the group of cats. The confused felines began to scurry away in fear.

Check out Sheeran’s Japan trip in the video below featuring his experience in the cat cafe. He starts playing around 03:54.

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THIS IS NOT A DRILL: There Is Now A My Little Pony Café And It’s Awesome

my little pony latte

My Little Pony has recently built a crazy cult following, so it was only a matter of time before a restaurant was built in its honor, offering little pony snacks and coffee.

The My Little Pony Café opened up, in Japan of course, because Japan gets all the cool cafés, like the Super Mario Café and the Pikachu Café.

The colorful Café in Harajuku offers unique menu items such as Kalua pork and orange pancakes, Marshmallow, banana and chocolate pancakes, Milky Rainbow Parfaits, and of course, a My Little Pony Latte.

The decor is also pleasing to the pony fan’s eye, as there are My Little Pony murals, tables and toys featuring the new generation’s favorite characters, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy.

Teaming with My Little Pony in this endeavor is Umajo, a horse-racing club that caters to women only. So Bronies might be looked down on if they try to invade the restaurant.

Check out the Tweets below as fans are already excited and planning to visit the glitter-filled coffee shop:


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There’s A Super Mario Cafe Opening In Japan


In honor of the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., Japan is opening a Mario-themed restaurant in Tokyo. However, unlike most novelty cafes, this one will only be around for a couple short weeks.

In a collaboration with Tower Records, the cafe will feature a variety of menu items inspired by the iconic video game. Among them are a Super Star Rice Omelet, Bowser’s Taco Rice, Ground Stage Waffle, Block Tiramisu, Princess Peach Panna Cotta, Piranha Plant Soda and a Mario Latte.

Sure it’s gimmicky, but some of these dishes look pretty delicious.

The pop-up will be being June 22 and will run through July 5. Anyone in the Tokyo area be sure to check it out, the next one might not happen for another 30 years.



KFC Japan Launching New Restaurant That Serves Kentucky Fried… Coffee?

kfc coffee shop

It seems like KFC wants to be your official coffee source now. Because being your chicken spot just wasn’t enough.

According to Kotaku, a KFC in Kobe, Japan, will be opening a coffee shop called the Colonel’s Cafe. It will try to make you feel like you’re at a Starbucks that conveniently lets you order a two-piece and a biscuit.

Among the things that will be offered at the cafe will be French press espressos, pancakes, ice cream, New York cheesecake and, well, chicken.

KFC has scheduled a launch for November 28, and you might as well start calling it Kentucky Fried Coffee now, because you know it’s coming.

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North America Opens its First Cat Café, Coffee and Cuteness Ensues


So, cat cafés are becoming a thing. It all started in Tokyo, where cat cafés have curiously become commonplace. Then a spot opened up in London for cat lovers to break bread with their feline companions. Now it has made its way to North America with a spot called “Le Café des Chats” opening its doors in Montreal.

Eater reported that cat enthusiasts flocked to the café’s grand opening this weekend to drink coffee, eat pastries and spend some quality time surrounded by 12 adopted cats that were brought in by the café. The Montreal café said the cats were vaccinated, insured, neutered and micro-chipped (illuminati shit), as the kitties were allowed to roam free around the restaurant.

As the cat café trend grows around the world, there are actually plans to open some in the United States such as “Kittea” in San Francisco and “The Cat Cafe” in San Diego. There was a pop-up cat cafe in New York last April, but it was only open for a week.

With cat cafés starting to pop up everywhere, crazy cat ladies can fulfill their dreams of drinking tea, opening up a good book and cuddling with a kitty in a public restaurant. And it will all seem normal. Kind of.

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Man Arrested for Breaking into Restaurant and Making Crab Cakes


When you really need to make crab cakes, you really need to make crab cakes. Even if it means breaking in somewhere to do so. Stephen Quinn, 40, broke into a restaurant Thursday in Rehoboth Beach, Del. The incident occurred early Thursday at Planet X Cafe around 1:30 a.m., reports DelmarvaNow.

After receiving reports of someone breaking the restaurant’s glass doors, officers arrived to discover Quinn cooking crab cakes and holding a bottle of wine, presumably stolen to pair with his meal. Quinn took off when he saw the officers, but was apprehended in the alley behind the restaurant. He faces charges of burglary, theft of under $1,500, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. He was sent to Sussex Correctional Institution after failing to post bail set at $2,000, and  will attend a preliminary hearing on Aug. 8.

Goddamn, now I want crab cakes. Where’s my crowbar?

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There Are Reptile Cafes in Japan and Handwashing is Strongly Encouraged


Most people lose their appetites when they hear that a snake or salamander is crawling around near them. Not Japan, though. While it seems taboo in most places around the world, the country is the home to more than one Reptile Cafe. One in particular is the Yokohama Subtropic Teahouse.

For those unfamiliar with a reptile cafe, because who is, the locations serve a variety of things ranging from alcohol to food. Customers can order drinks, non-alcoholic or otherwise, and interact with the reptiles, Kotaku reports. Though, they strongly mention that if you’re to pick up a reptile from its cage, you’ll also run the risk of salmonella. In other words, eat first or just order reptile food to feed the critters.

I’m sure there’s a McDonald’s somewhere down the street.





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