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Tim Hortons Celebrates Easter With CADBURY EGG DONUTS

Easter is weeks away but Tim Hortons has already begun celebrating the spring holiday with the release of their newest donut. For fans of the time-honored Cadbury Mini Egg, this is a must-cop.

Tim Hortons locations across the United States have begun selling these new Cadbury Mini Egg Donuts.

The donuts are covered with white fondant, green sprinkles, and finished with a nest of three Cadbury Mini Eggs resting on top. Cadbury’s mini eggs are made with a rich and creamy milk chocolate and covered in a crispy candy shell that come in a variety of pastel colors.

Visually, it’s one of the coolest fast food donuts I’ve seen. Part of me, however, wishes these were also filled with Cadbury’s famous egg creme. But perhaps that’s a discussion for another Easter drop.

Those looking to sink their teeth into this Easter addition can find them at all Tim Hortons locations across the US through April 21.


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Eggs benedict is always a classy choice for breakfast. Ever thought about enjoying the same visual style, but in a sweet format? That’s what’s going on here with this ridiculous recreation consisting of a bottom layer of doughnut, a second layer of brownie and then a melty Creme Egg, topped with rich frosting and all of this settles next to a side of fried pound cake meant to make you think of grilled side potatoes. Never have I meant this more (atleast for today), but, GET. OUT. OF. HERE.