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This Dessert Lasagna Is A Whole ‘Why Not’ Vibe We Support

Photo: c0smikat

Phyllo dough, lime cheesecake, cherry compote, bourbon caramel with pistachios, and topped with white chocolate.

– c0smikat

The above reads like the most delicious incantation, ingredients to an undeniable concoction of sweets that defy norms and transform a lasagna as we know it into a veritable dessert buffet.

This dessert lasagna, created by popular Twitch food & drink streamer and creator c0smikat, is no stranger to the Foodbeast radar, as she’s a fierce challenger on the live cooking competition, Kitchen League, and holds multiple wins in Food Fight — all on Twitch.

And with brilliant ideas like this dessert lasagna, she’ll continue to be a popular choice for high level food creations on Twitch.