Someone Drilled A Secret 9-Story Deep Wine Cellar Into A Cliff And Now You Can Buy It For $3 Million


How many bottles of wine do you have sitting at home? Four? Fourteen? Well, if you purchase an underground wine cellar in Tasmania, you’ll have enough space to keep 14,000. It’ll only cost you a cool $3 million.

A businessman is currently selling his 22-acre property set on a clifftop in Australia and while the property might look sparse at first – on the surface it only includes a shed and the stunning view – upon closer inspection you’ll discover a very insane wine cellar. Check out the secret stone door…


…which will lead you to 9-story deep tunnel plunging underground, where a winding staircase leads you to a wine geek’s dream.


You (and 31 friends) can sip chalices of wine at a banquet table that looks like it came straight out of Game of Thrones


Don’t feel like being social? Hole up in the stone-walled storage space and sip bottle after bottle of wine – though you’ll have to head above ground to the shed in order to use the facilities.


The man who owns the wine cellar initially wanted to build a spectacular residence on the property. However, he eventually decided not to go through with the building plans – probably because he was spending too much time in his cellar sipping vino. And really, can we blame him? This waterfront wine haven is breathtaking.


But as stunning as the property is, buyers are currently being deterred by the hefty price tag.

We think if the owner throws in a few bottles of wine (which are sadly not actually included with the property), we may be swayed to relocate our offices.

Interested in purchasing? Buy it here.

Originally posted on VinePair