BOGO Bacon Insider at Jack in the Box


Who: Jack in the Box
What: Buy one Bacon Insider get one free with this coupon
Where: At all participating Jack in the Box locations
When: Coupon is valid though June 4th


Buy One Get One Free at Jamba Juice This Weekend

jamba coupon

Who: Jamba Juice
What: Buy one get one free on all smoothies and juices with this coupon
Where: All participating Jamba Juice locations, check to see if your local Jamba Juice is participating here
When: Now through Monday, May 25


McDonald’s Testing Horchata Frappes in Southern California


Horchata is a kind of cinnamon-flavored almond-rice milk, popular throughout Spain and Latin America, that tastes pretty much like drinking liquid churros. Now, just about two and a half hours north of the border, it seems a Los Angeles McDonald’s wants to make the sweet-sweet-nothing even more addictive, by loading it up with coffee and whipped cream.

GrubGrade reports a new Horchata Frappe was spotted in Los Angeles as part of McDonald’s McCafe Social Hour for buy-one-get-one McCafé Beverages, everyday from 2 – 5 p.m. Funnily enough, Starbucks just wrapped its own half-price happy hour, with at least one location in Santa Ana also offering a Horchata-flavored Frap. No offense SBux, but I think I would rather have fries with that.

Picthx GrubGrade


Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: BOGO Any Drink for Valentine’s Day


Here’s a fast food Valentine’s Day deal you might actually enjoy/won’t make you look like the worst boy or girlfriend in the world. (McDonald’s for Valentine’s? Really?)

On Friday, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is cashing in on all the couple-themed lovin’ by offering a buy one get one free deal for any drink on the menu. Go splitsies with your boo or best gal friend, or simply shower some extra affection on your absolute favorite person in the world: you.

The offer is only applicable Friday, February 14.

CB&TL + U = <3 5EVA


[DEAL] White Castle Celebrates Hump Day With a BOGO Chicken Slider

Hump Day is but a synonym for a Wednesday — the middle of the work week, if you will. I take it sexually, but for most, they take it…well, sexually. Or, getting over that “hump” in the week. Regardless, White Castle is taking advantage of your midweek blues by offering up a Buy One Get One deal on their Chicken Sliders. The deal takes place via their Facebook page, and requires you to click through and print out the coupon.

The options include a selection of either a Chicken Breast or a Bacon Cheddar w/ BBQ. The coupons are one to a customer, for a limited time only (the offer ends the 25th of August). Go ahead and get it while the getting’s good!