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Rapper Rick Ross Swears Checkers Has The ‘Best Burger In The Game’

It’s hard to argue food with a man who has made hit records talking about his belly, so when Rick Ross proclaims a food as the best, you’ve gotta listen.

In a Bro Bible video where Ross talked about his upbringing in Carol City, Florida, the rapper reminisced on the days when he and his boys would hang out at Checkers, eat a bunch of burgers and fries, and have memorable conversations. That’s why Ross went back to his hometown and bought the old Checkers on his block.

“Twenty years later, I’m in a financial position where, whatever I want to have, I can have it,” Ross said in the short video documentary. “I want checkers.”

I think we can all relate to Ross on this one, regardless of what your favorite burger. Here in California, our go-to spot is In-N-Out, and regardless of your opinion of the burger, between the childhood memories, and delicious burgers, I’ll swear to the death the In-N-Out’s the best.

So big ups to Ricky Rozay for staying humble, even through his fame, and going back to his hood to catch some burgers with the homies.

h/t brobible