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Popeyes Is Releasing New Hushpuppy Butterfly Shrimp


It looks like Popeyes is currently promoting an upcoming menu item that combines two of our guilty pleasures: fried shrimp and hushpuppies. The fast food chain is known for its Louisiana-style offerings which include fried chicken, fried seafood, sandwiches and side dishes.

According to GrubGrade, the restaurant is releasing an amalgam of hush puppies and butterfly shrimp. They’re calling it Hushpuppy Butterfly Shrimp. A hushpuppy is a savory dish made from cornmeal batter. The cornmeal is mixed with egg and seasonings, formed into a ball and then deep fried.

We’re assuming the butterfly shrimp batter will be made with the same hushpuppy cornmeal.

Expect to see the new menu item sometime in the near future. An order of the Hushpuppy Butterfly Shrimp dish will cost about $4.99.

Fast Food

Popeyes Combines Shrimp and Biscuits in Their New Entree


Popeyes has just added a new shrimp entree to their menu, specifically for biscuit lovers. Wait, does that sound right? Apparently, the new item combines the best parts of both foods and joins them together in a deep fryer.

The new item, Buttermilk Biscuit Butterfly Shrimp, is made with, you guessed it, butterfly shrimp marinated in Louisiana seasonings and soaked in a buttermilk biscuit batter. The shrimp, dripping with batter, are deep-fried until golden brown.

A combo of eight Butterfly Shrimp is available for $4.99 and comes with regular fries, a biscuit and a Blackened Tartar dipping sauce (its original tartar sauce with blackening seasonings added).

Popeyes has also added a new Spiced Pumpkin and Cream Cheese Pie. It consists of a crispy, golden-brown crust filled with creamy, spiced, pumpkin cream cheese.

H/T GrubGrade