Christmas Beverage Flavored Cupcakes

Christmas Dinner Flavored Cupcakes - Brown Sugar Ham, Fruitcake Cupcake, Spiked Egg Nog, Tomato Soup

Tiffini Soforenko from LA Bakeshop Yummy Cupcakes has created a Christmas Beverage 4-Pack of cupcakes including (from very left clockwise) Hot Chocolate Cupcake, Ski Lodge Cupcake, Hot Buttered Rum Cupcake and a Spiked Egg Nog Cupcake. AKA Yum City.

Yummy Cupcakes also has a Christmas Dinner 4-Pack (not pictured) that includes a Brown Sugar Ham Cupcake, Spiked Egg Nog Cupcake, Tomato Soup Cupcake and the Fruitcake Cupcake. Based on the online menu, prices range from $3.25-$5.25 per cupcake.