Dip Your Fries In This Ketchup And Mayo Ice Cream

Many people like dipping their fries in ketchup or mayonnaise.  Some may even dip their French fries in ice cream or a milkshake on occasion.

One ice cream shop just took the dipping a step further with Ketchup and Mayo ice cream. The bizzare flavor is the work of a Freezer Burn, a Phillipino ice cream shop.  The ice cream is even served up with fries.

The shop is owned by Miko Aspiras, an award-winning chef. He designed the Ketchup and Mayo ice cream and all the other flavors along with his creative partner, Kristine Lotilla. The dessert place only has eight flavors currently, narrowed down to favorites from a list of 45. But the flavors are anything but average, the most “normal,” dark chocolate, is served up with churros for dipping. This is part of the composed dessert menu where each flavor is paired with a hot dessert.

You can also get the flavors individually on cones or in pints.  


Other flavors, include, corn and cheese, maple bacon, cookies And junk food, browned butter pecan,  mint straciatella, and butter flavored ice cream. Each of these flavors also has a unique name, like G’Day Mate for the butter flavor.

The ice cream shop will also be adding a new, presumably just as bizarre, flavor each month.