Sexy Underwear-Wearing Peaches Will Make You All Kinds of Uncomfortable


There’s no denying the fuzzy, subtle cleft of a peach can sometimes look a little, ahem, suggestive, but leave it to Asia to take it to the next level, by tossing some sexy panties on those cheeky sonumbitches.

A novelty souvenir for the upcoming Qixi Festival in Nanjing, “Ripe Fruit” peaches reportedly come from the Yangshan, Wuxi region of China, an area renown for its lingerie industry, according to Kotaku. Delicately placed in a satin-lined gift box, each butt peach comes with its own set of sheer and lacy underwear. Seriously, these things are trying harder than I do on a Friday night. A set of nine goes for 498 yuan or approximately $80 USD.


Supposedly the peaches from Wuxi taste pretty good, which is almost enough to justify the price. What you decide to do with the tiny leftover lingerie is up to you. We won’t judge.

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Buttocks-Shaped Mooncakes Make a Cheeky Gift


Check out those hot buns.

Here’s an interesting way to kick off the Mid-Autumn Festival: butt-shaped mooncakes, anyone? Edging on more awkward than adorable, these booty buns ironically were made at Hong Kong-based shop, Goods of Desire. You can’t make this stuff up.

Available in designs such as “Mind The Gap”, “Cover-Up” and “Full Monty,” these naughty pastries are taking the term mooncakes to the extreme, and a box of four will run you $41. Did we mention the buns are filled?

No word on what exactly these buns are filled with but we’re hoping it’s red bean. Dear god please let it be red bean.

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Edible Anus Chocolate Gives a New, Uncomfortable Meaning to ‘Brown-Nosing’


Meet your anus. He might not get much attention during your day-to-day, but this fancy, artisan, preservative-free Belgian chocolate from the UK totally looks like him. I mean, I’m guessing.

Dubbed the “Edible Anus,” this totally cracked-out treat is handmade and preservative free, made using a mold “crafted from the posterior” of the company’s “stunning butt model.” Which means you are literally eating out of somebody’s ass.

It’s not all bad though. Imagine giving a pack of these to your dad for Father’s day, or your favorite professor for graduation. If you’re going to be a brown-noser, you should do it shamelessly, tastefully. Go on, don’t be an arse.

Available in white, milk chocolate and dark chocolate, as well as a new special edition silver version @


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Clergyman Gets a Potato Stuck Up His Butt While ‘Hanging Curtains Naked’


Here’s how I imagine the conversation between the 50-year-old vicar from Sheffeld, England and his nurse must have gone:

“What exactly were you doing when you found the potato *there*?”


Your Prize-Winning Posterior Could Land You A Burger Discount

Didn’t quite make the cut for ‘Best Looking’ in your high school yearbook? That’s okay- just stop by Twisted Root, a local Texas burger chain, and they may handsomely reward you for your magnificent assets.

The restaurant serves up at least 20 different kinds of two cent discounts, including ‘Best Butt’,  to those they find worthy of the title. The restaurant is known for their comical service of assigning customers with celebrity or cartoon names, when they place their order.  I wonder if they give a discount for best hair? I would go for that- my hair is where I keep all my secrets. Anyways…

So if you’re in the Dallas area, why not stop by for a burger and maybe an ego stroke?
(P.S. Am I the only one who finds the ‘Meat is Murder, Tasty Tasty Murder’ tagline hysterical?)

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