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Whole Rabbit Pastrami Is Just One Of The Custom Meats This Butcher Can Create

Old-school butcher shops are sadly a dying breed in the United States. Those that you can still find out there, though, are true masters of meat, taking any animal in front of them and transforming them into tasty, mouthwatering cuts.

Such is the case with Claudiu Giorgioni, the owner and butcher at Goodies in the Pantry in Orange, California. His shop, which is part butchery, part boutique market, has quickly become renowned in the community for all of the custom charcuterie and masterful cuts he puts together. You request it, he’ll make it — including pastrami out of whole animals.

Giorgioni, who is from Romania, makes pastrami out of just about any meat, with one of his signatures being a pork tenderloin wrapped in wild boar belly. One of the most unconventional ones he makes, though, is whole rabbit pastrami. The entire process takes a few days, but what results is a mouthwatering, aromatic meat centerpiece.

The amount of care and attention that goes into each meat Giorgioni crafts is admirable. It’s all in the little details, from growing his own wild garlic to flavor his cure with to his secret spice blend. A whole small animal like a rabbit takes three to four days to cure, and it is then smoked with hickory and cherry wood for three hours. The result is a tender, ambrosial meat with a perfectly dosed punch of smoky flavor.

While you can get the rabbit served whole, Giorgioni can also make a different dishes from it. His butcher shop doubles as a lunch counter with a variety of sandwiches and specialty dishes on offer. Serving it up as a charcuterie board, complete with cheeses and other cured meats he has in store, is a solid choice. So is the rabbit fricassee, which takes various cuts of rabbit and puts them into a creamy stew with bacon and mushrooms.

Finding someone who still breaks down the whole animals, makes their own in-house charcuterie, and will cook it all up for you is hard to come by these days. Giorgioni, however, is keeping that style of artisanship alive with the butcher craft he’s learned, the lunches he serves, and the meat he cures.

You can see more about Goodies in the Pantry, the rabbit pastrami, and Giorgioni himself in the above Foodbeast ‘News Bites’ video.

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Monthly Meat Subscription Will Give You Free Bacon For Life, Here’s How

Is there such a thing as too much bacon? If you’re my doctor, yes. My inner lover of salted pork, however, keeps rescheduling that yearly check up. Until I find some sensible middle ground, I’ll be forever enticed by Lady Bacon’s saline kiss.

ButcherBox is giving a lifetime’s worth of free bacon to anyone who signs up for a monthly subscription to the meat delivery service. I’ll hold for a moment while you grab a napkin.

According to ButcherBox, the bacon supply is sourced from slow-growing, minimally process pigs — uncured, nitrate-free, and sugar free. Alright guys, quit twisting my arm.

Here’s what you’ll have to do though:

Subscribe to any type of ButcherBox from June 6 through the end of the month. Every month, you’ll get a free pack of bacon as long as you keep that subscription.

Those who cancel that subscription, however, will void their monthly bacon.

Anyone in need of a steady supply of meat can choose from a variety of different boxes or create their own custom meat chest to be delivered monthly. If you’re NOT just in this for the bacon, here’s what you’ll be able to choose from when you subscribe:

Patrons can mix and match meats, request add-ons like sausage or burgers, and can probably never set foot inside an authentic butcher shop again. Though, Gordon Ramsay might have a few words with you.

Happy frying, everyone.


How To Butcher An Entire Cow Cut By Cut [WATCH]

The cow is a versatile creature, as you can use practically every part of the animal in some food capacity. Have you ever wondered, however, what it takes to get those immaculate cuts of beef?

Bon appetit created a video that follows butcher Jason Yang from Fleishers Craft Butchery as he breaks down every part of a cow, explaining exactly how each part is used.

He points out the most popular beef cuts that include brisket, rib eye, chuck eye, steals, and flat irons. To get to these cuts, Yang slices and hacks his way through four sections of the cow: Round, loin, rib, and chuck.

Check out the extremely informative video to see exactly where the beef from your local butcher comes from, and the amount of work it took to get you that perfect cut. While we’re fascinated with meat as well as the butchering process, this video was a little bittersweet after watching Netflix’s Okja.

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Saltbae Just Became The Internet’s Sexiest Butcher Overnight

Throughout any given day, most of us have a tendency to spend free time checking Instagram or scrolling through Twitter. In doing so, you may have recently seen a video of a long-haired Johnny Depp looking-dude, wearing sunglasses while gently massaging, and slicing through large pieces of meat with artful skill and precision.

Ottoman steak 🔪

A video posted by nusr_et (@nusr_et) on

Considering the handsome butcher’s looks, and the sensual way he slapped and salted his meat, social media quickly exploded with memes, creating the hashtag ‘Saltbae.’ However, the majority of people had no idea the knife-wielding heartthrob was probably the most popular butcher on Instagram.

With 1 million Instagram followers, Nusret Gokce is the Turkish butcher behind the sunglasses. He owns six Nusr-et Steakhouse locations — yes, all named after himself —  around the globe. Judging by his Instagram photos, he is no stranger to culinary success, posing in photos with Antonio Banderas, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Tommy Hilfiger. Even Bruno Mars tweeted about him recently. 

With only the phrase, “Türkiye Dubai Abudahbi Yakında Dünya,” which translates to, “Turkey Dubai Abudahbi Soon World” on his Instagram bio, Nusret’s social media activity shows exactly why the world is falling head over heels for #Saltbae. Sporting a chiseled physique, along with some pretty impressive knife-handling skills,  Saltbae has literally become a real-life meme character for 2017.

Ucani kacani dedi🔪

A video posted by nusr_et (@nusr_et) on

We all know it’s important to have an intimate relationship with our food and Nusret sets the perfect example.

İşte kuzu kuzu geldim dedi

A video posted by nusr_et (@nusr_et) on

While he doesn’t speak much, watching Nusret prepare meat is like watching someone perfectly execute the Tango — but more deliciously. His meat slapping is usually followed up with his signature elbow out, wrist up salt sprinkle, which has now become a new emoji.

While few may have understood the magnitude of Nusret’s culinary prowess, Saltbae has become immortalized through memes and tweets, further enshrining him into our digital hearts forever.

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This Butcher Teaches You How To Break Down Alligator Meat Step-by-Step [GRAPHIC]

It takes years of practice and dedication to become a butcher. Between knowing the meat you’re working with like the back of your hand and having enough strength to guide a knife through flesh without ruining the meat, butchery is no easy task. Though some butchers make it look easy enough.

In many ways, The Florida Sportsman has shown us such, after they released a controversial video showing a butcher skinning, cleaning, deboning, and filleting an alligator. While the video garnered many views, its “Like” bar was split nearly 50/50 with tens of thousands of people either enjoying the content or hating it. There’s definitely a fascinating utility to the video, regardless of one’s stance on the subject matter.

Check out the 10-minute step-by-step video above. Y’know, in case you ever need to know how to prepare an alligator sometime in the near future.

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Watch This Butcher Cut Whole Lambs With Robotic Precision

It’s crazy to see the amount of skill and experience butchers have in regards to their craft. Whether it’s cutting up an entire cow in the street, or using a band saw to slice through an entire sounder of swine, the mastery is clear.

In this insane video, we see a butcher perform quick cuts of meat with extreme precision. Titled CARNICERO NIVEL DIOS, the video loosely translates to God-level butcher.

Pretty bold claim, right?

Using an electric table saw, the butchery master grabs some whole lambs and starts sending them through the blade without a second guess. Parts then go flying with astonishingly none of the butcher’s fingers included.

We’re left wondering if any of that process is purely from muscle memory. He doesn’t take any time to think about where he wants to cut… he just moves.

I mean, really, don’t try this at home, folks.

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Gordon Ramsay Teaches Butchers How To Cook The Perfect Steak [WATCH]

While the concept of the perfect steak is always based on one’s personal preference, we’d like to think chef Gordon Ramsay has a pretty good idea what works. In his latest video, Ramsay teaches a group of amateur butchers how to cook a perfect steak.

While visiting his hometown in Scotland, Ramsay sets out to see if his grandfather’s old butcher shop is still around. During his return, he was disappointed to see the demise of the humble butcher shop. Most folks he spoke with get their meat from supermarket chains and the youths no longer aspire to take up the noble profession.

Ramsay goes to the a local college that offers a butchery course. There, he meets a group of young teenage butchers that are learning the butchery trade. Knowing how to cut a perfect steak isn’t enough, though. You gotta know how to cook it.

The chef shows these amateur butchers the key basics to cooking steak. Check out the video.


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