Show You Mean Meaty Business With These Beef Jerky Business Cards


We’ve already seen a business card that doubles as a grater but these beef jerky business cards are a game changer.

Just imagine the look you’ll get when you slyly hand over an edible business card instead of the drab glossy standard. Yup, that’s sure to make a tasty first impression.

Created by the aptly named company Meat Cards, these business cards are literally slabs of beef jerky laser etched with your contact information. The jerky is completely edible and lasts up to one year before perishing. These innovative business cards are sure to get you noticed but don’t be too bummed if you don’t get a call back, your acquaintance must have devoured your info, whoops.

Besides business cards Meat Cards also prints birthday cards and postcards. Pricing is currently negotiable all their etched beef products. No word on if other flavors are being offered other than straight up beef but teriyaki or peppered could really let someone know you mean business…delicious, meaty business.

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This Business Card Doubles as a Cheese Grater

In case you were wondering what the appropriate way to promote a new cheese shop was, here’s your answer: Network with a business card that doubles as a mini cheese grater. Genius.

This clever idea was developed by ad agency JWT for Bon Vivant, a cheese shop located in Brazil. The agency describes the process of bringing this grater card to life:

We wanted something that represented the owner’s passion for the product he sells. Then an idea of a single piece came up: a grater business card. The business card grates all kinds of cheese, becoming a nice gift.

It’s probably a good thing they went the grater route, I can’t imagine printing their info on some slices of sharp cheddar would have worked as well. Plus, as an added bonus, this “card” comes with a protective sleeve, so as not to destroy a cheese connoisseur’s fancy wallet.

Check out the video below to see the grater in action.

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The 'FOOD' Douche Card


This should have been invented a long time ago, probably around the year hair gel for men was created, or when Ed Hardy started. Technically this is the Douche Card, but I added my own twist to it to relate to a recent post; The Making of a Food Douche. Are you tired of arguing with complete morons? Tired of getting into bar fights over stupid, pointless shit. Now you can avoid all of that with one simple business card. Simply hand it to the asshole in question and walk away. Problem solved. Purchase your own stack here. (Thx Coolmaterial)