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Taco Bell Japan Just Launched An Okonomiyaki Burrito, Complete With Kewpie Mayo

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese street food experience unlike any other. The all-in-one “pancake,” complete with noodles, veggies, meat, and sauce, is a plethora of varying tastes and flavors that pop off all at once.

Taco Bell has taken that classic dish and put their own spin on it in a brand new, Osaka-exclusive Okonomiyaki Burrito.

okonomiyaki burritoPhoto courtesy of Taco Bell

The Okonomiyaki Burrito is a combination of Taco Bell ingredients and Japanese flavors, with a couple of unique sauces leading the way. As for the protein, Taco Bell opted for carnitas, which gets wrapped up with red tortilla strips, cabbage, cheddar cheese, okonomi sauce, and Kewpie mayo. Yes, we’re talking the legit one that comes with a hit of umami and a special creamy consistency.

Taco Bell’s take on the classic street food has been available since January 29th, when their second store in Osaka opened up. For now, it’s a limited-time item in the region, but folks in Tokyo may see it pop up there later this year as well.

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Grilled Cheese Meets Burrito In This Filipino Fusion Flavor Bomb

Flip Sigi has become one of the hallmark names for both Filipino food and fusion street eats in New York City. Their latest creation joins together grilled cheese sandwiches and the Filipino fusion burritos they’re known for.

Flip Sigi’s Filipino Grilled Cheese Burrito contains a massive deluge of gooey cheese that makes for some insane cheese pulls. That’s because there’s four different types that get melted inside of the burrito: Jack, cheddar, mozzarella, AND queso.

It’s not all just cheese inside, though. Flip Sigi finds a balance with a bit of crunch and snap. This comes in the form of crispy pieces of SPAM®️ Classic and longanisa, a garlicky sweet Filipino sausage, that are also inside the wrap. For a hit of freshness, there’s also tomato, jalapeno, scallions, and cilantro.

This burrito is sure to score you some insane cheese pull shots to inundate your Instagram feed with. But unlike those that just go for the visual appeal, the combination of SPAM®️ Classic, longanisa, and garnishes inside also makes Flip Sigi’s new item an absolute flavor bomb.

You can find the Filipino Grilled Cheese Burrito at Flip Sigi’s locations for the entire month of August as part of SPAM®️ Restaurant Month.

Created in partnership with SPAM®️.

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Restaurateurs Share What REALLY Happens After Their Dish Goes Viral

Every time a viral item hits social media, I brace myself for the inevitable barrage of texts, tags, and links. Hungry foodies will stop at nothing to get their hands (and IG feeds) on this unique dish. And for some reason, old Pete has to come along for the ride.

We’ve been fortunate enough to help ferry some of these items across the sea of social media.
Because there’s so much more to the simple fact that a viral item may help a restaurant take off,

I spoke to a few restaurant owners who have each had an item blow up overnight. Each concept was unique: a kabob burrito, a Mexican pop culture donut shop, a cotton candy burrito, and one of the first restaurants to throw Flamin’ Hot Cheetos onto a menu item.

Here’s what they had to say:

Kabob Burrito

You may best know Mini Kabob owner Armen Martirosyan by his nomme de guerre: Eat Bearded.

Mini Kabob is home to the one our favorite Middle Eastern restaurants in Los Angeles County but it was also the birthplace of his viral Ali Baba Kabob Burrito.

“The first time we created the burrito was with Instagrammer Grubfiend (Nick Fasone),” he told FOODBEAST. “It was a kabob burrito and after that we called it the Grubfiend Burrito.”

Trying to create a more marketable name, Foodbeast head of video and Lebanese Lothario Marc Kharrat came up with the Ali Baba Burrito, which Martirosyan loved.

“It’s funny because my dad calls my mom: Ali Baba. So that’s how the Ali Baba Burrito came to be.”

Wrapped within the flatbread known as lavash are a medley of hummus, rice, chicken thigh or beef shish, homemade salad, garlic sriracha sauce and sumac.

“The Ali Baba Burrito is basically a Middle Eastern Dish in a burrito.”


As soon as the video dropped, people came in waves.

“Last year when the video went up, we had a three-hour wait every Sunday. We were making about 80-90 burritos in the hour and a half that Mini Kabob offered them. It was a little too much.”

Mini Kabob lives up to its name, with about 225 square feet and a 120 square feet kitchen. Martirosyan knew about two weeks into selling the viral burrito that this just wasn’t going to work. Instead of taking down the popular item, however, he created a new business around it.

Thus, Mid East Tacos was born.

The fusion concept can be found at Smorgasburg Los Angeles every Sunday. Martirosyan is currently working on more taco products to add to his already popular menu. Though most who come for the Ali Baba Burrito will have enough on their plate dodging Mr. Sandman on the drive home.

Donas Donut Shop

“It happened on a Wednesday that you guys posted the video on your Facebook Page,” Donas co-owner David Vasquez recalls.

Donas is so much more than a donut shop. “It’s a whimsical little slice of Latino culture tucked away in Downey, CA. As fellow Foodbeast Isai Rocha puts it,

“Donas also serves as a gateway into the nostalgic memories of Mexicans who grew up with Selena, El Santo, or Abuelita hot chocolate.”

Well, it seems everyone with a sweet tooth headed straight to Donas after the video dropped.

“People just kept showing up nonstop all day. It just stayed like that where every morning we would get a line, people would come in throughout the day, and we would sell out.”

“The first Sunday since the video launched was really difficult to be honest,” co-owner Ashley Vasquez admitted. “At that point, we were only making a batch of 200 donuts a day. In the afternoon we would have a baker come in and make us a few extra ones, but the first four or five days we wouldn’t have another batch coming out.

She explained that Donas is churning out more volume, making more sales, but paying that back in labor costs.

A post shared by Anthony (@antoes) on

Donas recently had to shorten their hours from closing at 10pm to 6pm. They’ve begun training a second baker to help produce a new batch of donuts for the later hours.

“We’re not just saying ‘hey, we’re sold out,” and that’s it. We’re working really hard to meet demand. We’re only meeting demand because we’ve decreased our hours.”

Ashley, David, and the partners of Donas are still working to train new staff to meet the newfound popularity of their colorful donuts. If you’re looking to get your hands on one, like the vibrant Selena Donut, you may want to get in line early, just to be safe.

Cotton Candy Burrito

“When it went viral, it was hilarious because the wife didn’t hear anything that night, got up the next morning and went to Sugar Sugar and saw that customers were already lined up at the door.”

Martin Lacombe, owner of Sugar Sugar in Sarnia, Canada, recalls his wife calling him and asking: “What the hell did you do?”

You may remember a video launching on Foodbeast last summer featuring a cotton candy burrito stuffed with scoops of ice cream and finished with Unicorn dust (edible glitter).

When it posted last summer, Lacombe’s cotton candy burrito did gangbusters, eventually reaching 30 million Facebook views since launch.

“It’s a huge honor when someone drives three or four hours for something you’ve created. It was really overwhelming for me, because I couldn’t believe people were doing that.”

Located in Sarnia, the shop is two and a half hours from Toronto and an hour from Detroit.

Last summer, when the Foodbeast video launched, Sugar Sugar would sell about 200 ice cream burritos a day. Unlike Armen’s burritos from Mini Kabob, Lacombe’s assembly process was much simpler to execute being a quick-serve ice cream parlor.

A post shared by Rachel Gladwish (@rachgladwish) on

Lacombe says it only takes about 35 seconds to make a shell, everything after that can easily be done in seconds – scooping the ice cream and assembling the burrito.

“Ice cream’s easily servable, and if there’s a line outside the door and they’re waiting a long time, it’s usually a good problem to have.”

Lacombe did admit, however, he had one major regret from all this.

“The only shame and only regret that I have out of all of this is if my shop was sitting on Youngstreet in Downtown Toronto, I’d be a millionaire by now.”

Hot Cheetos Mac and Cheese

Back in 2012, the world was introduced to one of the first viral restaurant foods around: The Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Mac and Cheese.

Steve Massin, the owner of The Attic on Broadway in Long Beach, CA, fondly recalls the debut of his iconic novelty dish.

Massin asked himself:

“How do I want to make my mac and cheese fun? It just seemed to me like all of the options out there were pretty much the same — You had your bread crumb topping. It was a lot of the same kind of mac and cheese. I wanted to do something fun and different on a dish that everybody loved.”

Originally it started as Mac and cheese with Goldfish crumbles on top. One day Massin asked himself what would be a good contrast to this dish — what do people love?

“Where I come from a lot of times food was so serious, as it should be, but we took something that had really good quality in it and put something fun on top. Just to show how fun it could be.”

A post shared by Jerry Saenz (@americafckyeah) on

Twenty million views on BuzzFeed and many other videos later and the rest was history. The Attic sold 200 macs a day after that video came out.

“People loved it. I can probably count on one hand how many people said they didn’t like it, and that’s after many many mac and cheeses sold.”

The dish brought a lot of people to the restaurant who maybe wouldn’t visit otherwise if they didn’t see it on a viral video or a social media platform that drove them in.

“I think at the end of the day, It was really good for us.”

While he wouldn’t call it a negative, Massin says a lot of people know The Attic as the Mac and Cheetos place now.

“There’s so much more to the restaurant than mac and Cheetos. That was just something that we put on the menu as an appetizer just to be fun.”

Like it or not, social media is here to stay. For these restauranteurs, we found out exactly what happened to them when their concept went viral. The power of social media isn’t only geared towards unconventional menu items, however. Some fun and engaging coverage on a regular basis can reach customers further than any paid advertisement. Having a Instagram-worthy item go viral doesn’t hurt though. Chili Cheese Churros, anyone?

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This ’10-Pound Burrito’ Is Probably Way More Than 10 Pounds

We’re no strangers to big burritos here at Foodbeast, but this monster is on a whole new level, weighing in at an astonishing 10 pounds, and being stuffed with every single meat that L.A.’s Tacos El Venado has to offer.

This thing goes beyond the typical carne asada, and al pastor, as it includes suadero (beef brisket), tripas (tripe), chorizo, cabeza (beef cheek), lengua (beef tongue), pollo, buche (pork stomach), and cueritos (pork skin).

They call the mix of all those meats a “desmadre,” and it fills every square inch of this child-sized burrito.

Of course, the burrito is also filled with rice, beans and all the veggie fixings, but let’s be real, we’re here for the meat. And if you’re not valiant enough to try all those different meats, you can always be a square and customize it however you want.

Even though they call this the 10-Pound Burrito, there’s reason to believe they’re being modest, as even though they don’t have a scale, the heft of each piece is pretty sizable.

A post shared by TACOS EL VENADO (@tacoselvenado) on

Tacos El Venado has been around since 2013, and while they’ve become a staple in the Los Angeles taco scene, this burrito is bound to make even more noise, and unfortunately make that wait in line a little longer.

This is one of those where you have to gather up the whole squad, at least 7 to 10 of you, depending how hungry you are, just to tear this beast apart.

If you’re up for the challenge, or think you know someone who’d be crazy enough to tackle this all on their own, good luck. If anything, it definitely makes for a ‘Gram-worthy post, whether you finish it or not.

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Domino’s Korea Is Stuffing These ‘Pizza Burritos’ With Wagyu Beef

I enjoy a fair amount of food fusions. Al pastor pizzas are meant to be enjoyed by at least two slices, a Benedict burger is a proven cure for hangovers, and Shawarma fries are an unparalleled conversation starter.

Burritos, of all canvases, have the most potential to deliver that payload of flavor — all the ingredients and sauces getting to know each other within that tortilla exterior like the passengers of an overbooked Southwest flight.

BrandEating reports that Domino’s Pizza locations in Korea are offering a couple of baked burritos they’re calling Pizza Wraps.

The two options available are the Double Cheese Wagyu and Pulled Chicken.

Domino’s Double Cheese Wagyu is stuffed with wagyu beef, bacon, and arrabbiata sauce, Romano cheese, cream cheese, mozzarella cheese, a brie cheese sauce, red onion, and green peppers.

Shit, that’s a lot of cheese.

The Pulled Chicken burrito boasts pulled chicken, mozzarella cheese, a béchamel cream sauce, a raclette cheese sauce, red onions, and green peppers.

Seriously, I can feel my arteries filling with cheese sauce just reading the description.

As I write this, marveling at how much dairy a fast food chain can pack into a single item, fellow Foodbeast Constantine (the veritable godfather of cheese) stands behind me reading over my shoulder.

“You know what would make these better? If they were pizza-topped pizza burritos.”

You should write them a letter, man.

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Del Taco Queso Blanco Is The Chain’s Latest Game Changing Item

Del Taco has been one of the leading innovators in fast food for decades, continuously dropping unique menu items perfect for late nights or early mornings. The chain is about to change the game again with their new, premium Del Taco Queso Blanco and Queso Crunch Taco, both hitting stores on August 31.

As the restaurant bids adieu to nacho cheese from the menu, fans will now have a chance to add premium Del Taco Queso Blanco – a creamy dipping sauce made with real cheese, real milk, and jalapeños – as a go-to side for meal customization.

del taco queso blanco

However, that’s not the only new addition to the menu, as Del Taco is also introducing a new line of exciting and crave-able Queso Blanco menu items, that Barry Westrum, Del Taco’s Chief Marketing Officer, anticipates will surely become fan favorites.  

“Queso Blanco represents Del Taco’s continued innovation within the premium ingredient space, a strategy that has led to strong results for the brand,” Westrum said. “Queso Blanco will replace Del Taco’s nacho cheese, a step that aligns with Del Taco’s guest promise to serve quality and flavorful menu items at an unbeatable value.”

del taco queso blanco

They’re starting strong with the Queso Crunch Taco, which is the “Del” Taco kicked up to another level of deliciousness – picture a crunchy taco shell layered with seasoned beef, crisp lettuce, hand-grated cheddar cheese, and fresh diced tomatoes wrapped in a warm flour tortilla with a layer of creamy Queso Blanco in between.

del taco queso blanco

With that said, Del Taco’s riding the Queso Blanco wave even further, with Queso Loaded Nachos, the Queso Bean Burrito, and their famous Crinkle Cut Queso Fries that will be served at Del Taco’s more than 550 locations nationwide.

Head into your nearest location to try this cheesy goodness ASAP!

Photos by Peter Pham

Created in partnership with Del Taco

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Fiery Corn Dog-Stuffed Burrito Is The Stuff Of Festival Food Dreams

If a chili dog and a corn dog had a love child inside of a tortilla, that would be the perfect description for this sinfully hearty corn dog burrito.

The burrito’s location, LinX in Orange County, CA, is no stranger to crafting bold and brash culinary masterpieces. They already hit one out of the park with a heart-stopping burger that’ll give you one of the best food comas of your life. The squad at LinX has constructed another masterpiece with their Corn Dog Wrap, perfectly orchestrating the flavors of corn dog, chili, roasted jalapenos, cheese, and onion into a portable and tasty gut buster.

While it may sound like a sloppy glutton’s paradise on paper, the Corn Dog Wrap is an Instagram-worthy showstopper that balances flavors perfectly. You have to see how it looks in the video above, because when you do, you’ll be convinced that this burrito is worthy of both your Instagram feed and your appetite.

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This California Style Burrito Is Stuffed With Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers

Every Californian is familiar with the California Burrito. Still, that’s not going to stop Tabañero Hot Sauce and Miami-based influencer, Fatgirl Hedonist from trying to make a better version. And they just might have, thanks to The Tabasutra Series.

The standard assets of a California Burrito are still evident here, with a bed of warm, salty french fries tucked into the delicious combination of meat, sour cream, guacamole, rice and beans. But, still where’s the spice, where’s the creativity?  

That’s where bacon-wrapped jalapeño poppers come in. By incorporating freshly grilled chicken breast, a roasted black bean salsa, corn, tomatoes, fries, sliced avocado, and shredded cheddar cheese, this is a true California burrito — Tabasutra Style.

In order to remain true to the Tabasutra concept and match this burrito’s spicy aesthetic, The Rattlesnake was the Tabasutra position used to match the fiery bite of this California-style jalapeño popper-stuffed burrito.

Think you can handle the fuego? Try the recipe for yourself.


2 extra large flour tortillas 

1/2 c shredded sharp cheddar cheese

1 c your favorite frozen French fries, cooked

1/2 avocado, sliced  

For the grilled chicken

1 boneless skinless chicken breast

1/2 tsp chili powder

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1/2 tsp kosher salt

1/4 tsp black pepper

1 tbsp olive oil

For the corn & black bean salsa

1/4 c frozen roasted corn, cooked

1/4 c canned black beans, well drained

1/2 small onion, chopped

1 small tomato, chopped

Pinch of salt

Juice from half a lime

1 tbsp of minced cilantro

1 tsp of Tabañero hot sauce (or 2 tsp if you want it extra spicy)

For the bacon-wrapped jalapeños

4 slices thick cut bacon

4 large jalapeños halved lengthwise, with seeds removed

1/3 c cream cheese, thawed to room temperature

1/4 c shredded mozzarella cheese

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1/2 tsp of Tabañero hot sauce

Step 1

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Sprinkle the chili powder, garlic salt and black pepper over both sides of the chicken breast. In a non-stick pan over medium-high heat, add olive oil. Once the oil is hot, put the chicken breast in the pan. Cook for about 4 minutes on each side until it has cooked all the way through.

Step 2

While your chicken is cooking, make your corn and black bean salsa. In a medium bowl, combine all ingredients and mix gently until everything is well blended. Once done, set it aside.

Step 3

Once your chicken breast is fully cooked, pull it out of the pan and let it breathe before slicing. While your chicken is “breathing,” start working on those jalapeño poppers. In a small bowl, mix cream cheese, mozzarella, garlic powder and hot sauce. Using a spoon, scoop the cheese mixture into each jalapeño half and then put the jalapeño back together. Wrap each jalapeño in a slice of bacon.

Step 4

Once you’ve filled and wrapped all four jalapeños, place them in a medium-sized non-stick pan at medium heat. Turn the jalapeños gently to make sure they don’t fall apart. Once the bacon has been fully cooked all around the jalapeños, take them out of the pan.

Step 5

Now it’s time to assemble the burrito! Place one tortilla over one piece of aluminum foil. Place half of sliced chicken breast down and then place 1/4 cup of cheddar cheese. On top of the cheese, place 1/2 cup of cooked French fries and then half of your sliced avocado. On top of the avocado slices, pile on your corn and black bean salsa. Last (but not least) place two bacon wrapped jalapeños.

Think this burrito doesn’t have enough heat? Throw in some extra Tabañero hot sauce over the top before wrapping it up.

Step 6

Repeat the same exact process for the second burrito. Carefully roll up your burritos and then wrap them in the aluminum foil; place the burrito in the oven for 8 minutes to make sure the cheese melts.

Photos by Foodbeast

Created in partnership with Tabañero