Dive Bar Owner Writes An Epic Comeback To A Yelper’s 1-Star Review


The owner of The Iron Horse Bar and Restaurant in New York City recently wrote out an eloquent letter to a 1-star Yelper to teach them an important lesson about dive bars — don’t go to them if you are really looking for a quiet place and fancy food.

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The reviewer, “Megan B.”, wrote a negative review of The Iron Horse after her visit for a “quiet drink”. At a dive bar. At 3:00 in the afternoon.


The bar’s owner, “Zbigniew S.”, decided to defend his establishment while pointing out that clearly, based on Megan B’s past Yelp reviews, The Iron Horse was not the elegant and quiet establishment she is so used to.


Zbigniew S’s ended his response with a sly invitation for a drink — which is pretty much all anyone should expect a dive bar for providing without fail.

Written by the staff at NextShark, h/t: Reddit

Easter Sadist Kills Marshmallow Peeps with Fire, Burning Hot Balls of Nickel


You hate eggs, you don’t have kids, but you still want to celebrate Easter. Do you C) set some Peeps on FIRE?

In honor of the most pasteled-out holiday ever, YouTuber carsandwater decided to use his talents for dropping red hot balls of nickel onto shit to destroy a few helpless marshmallows. And let us just say, it. is. awesome. Who would have known the strange satisfaction you can get from watching adorable marshmallow birds curdle away into burnt and unrecognizable puddles of goop?

And if that’s still not enough Easter schadenfreude for you, carsandwater also sets the Peeps on fire, uses them for kindling in a trash can, and fuses them on the grill. Catch the video below to see the Easter-themed sadism in all its glory. You were the kid who used magnifying glasses to kill ants. You know you want to.


This Heat Sensitive Cup Will Help Prevent That Awful Burnt Tongue Feeling By Booping Your Nose First

If you don’t know what a “boop” is, chances are you’ve been doing it or have seen it done for years without ever knowing what it’s actually called.

This, ladies and gents, is a boop:

It’s adorable.

It’s the cutest thing ever.

It’s literally impossible not to smile while witnessing.

But before this post gets too cray, let me get back to the point.


The point is, a group of designers from Singapore have just designed a heat sensitive cup concept that will literally boop your nose as a warning that the drink your silly little head is trying to consume is still much too hot to drink, according to Design Taxi.


The Nohotcup, they’re calling it, and its lid features a circular section of heat-sensitive material that expands into a dome when heated. Once the drink’s temperature drops below 30°C, the dome flattens out, indicating the liquid inside is finally safe to drink and won’t make your taste buds feel like sandpaper.

Now isn’t that sweet?

H/T + PicThx Design Taxi, Buzzfeed


Magical Healing Oral Strips – Soothing Relief for the Next Time You Burn Your Tongue

Come on, you know it’s going to happen. Either you’ll forget or think, “It can’t be that hot,” and before you know it, the top of your tongue will feel like a brillo pad and the rest of your coffee or pizza or cup noodles will be, sadly, tasteless.

Well, scientists are getting real tired of your sh*t, and have taken it upon themselves to develop a new dissolvable oral strip that will provide instant relief for burns caused by eating hot things much too quickly. (I mean, is it really that hard to wait a minute?)

Akin to breath freshening strips, the new strips can be applied directly to nearly any affected area in the mouth and are non-toxic, dissolving quickly for immediate pain relief and to promote healing. No word yet on whether the strips will be commercialized or available for purchase any time soon.

Good news though, lead researcher Jason McConville and his team are now working on creating a stronger strip to treat more “severe” burns which have persisted for more than 2 days.

Chronic tongue burners rejoice, you sick, sadistic freaks.

[Via Geekologie]


Greasy Bacon Tattoo

This guy really loves bacon. Then again, I might just have to get a piece of bacon tattooed next to my cheeseburger. Because no matter how many times I fight with bacon, she and I always make up. No matter how many times she burns me I always forgive her. Bacon, I love you.


How To Fry an Egg on the Sidewalk

It is seriously too hot out right now. I just took a shower with the coldest water I could get, chugged a frozen Coca Cola, and have my feet in ice water with 3 fans around me… and I’m still sweating. But what’s a better way to take advantage of the heat, than to go fry an egg on a sidewalk? If you didn’t know how, now you do.