The Burgerrito is Exactly What it Sounds Like


Food inception is a fairly recent culinary craze that’s got us drooling all over. From Oreo Cookie breaded deep-fried ice cream to Pie Cakes, it’s all deliciously satisfying. But it’s not all sweet stuff, as Food In My Beard‘s Dan proves with his monstrous Burgerrito.


As if burritos aren’t filling enough, this monster creation packs in all the essentials of a burger inside the classic Mexican dish — caramelized onions + rice and beans, a burger patty, Chihuahua cheese, lots of chipotle sauce and guac, all topped with tomato-lettuce salsa and wrapped inside a tortilla. Let that bad boy sink in.

Feast your eyes upon lunchtime perfection.

Picthx The Food In My Beard